Top Ten Worst Types of People In School


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81 Teachers that give homework on weekends

Those heartless monsters...

82 Conformists

They have absolutely no imagination of their own. Totally stupid and annoying

Have no clue

83 Partners who won't let you do anything
84 Swifties
85 Bigots
86 Mean teachers

I don't know where they think they have the right to do what they please and treat their students like crap. They're there to help the student get an education, not bully them.

Why are they teaching kids anyway? - NikoX

IKR! they'll blame everyone for something two people did

87 Trouble makers
88 That one kid that gets you in trouble V 3 Comments
89 Control Freaks

People who want everything their way and force you to do what they want, and if you don't they'll scream, and cry, and say mean things about you

What the HELL are control freaks?

90 Hetalians

Sometimes we can't help but laugh in History Class. Spain invaded Florida.


This is some bull. We do not hurt anyone, so piss off.

We don't bug anyone! - Pegasister12

But I'm a Hetalian... I don't giggle and snort during history class and I don't think that a history book is a yaoi fanfiction. (Actually, I hate yaoi which is why I hate most of the fandom.) I respect history and I know that history wan't full of extremely hot anime men doing random things. What have we ever done to you? We don't TRY to hurt people! Just ignore those Hetaboos that people talk about. They're a super small (but loud) part of the fandom.

V 2 Comments
91 Dumb People

Dumb people on the internet are worse!

92 People who condone bad behavior in other people

Keep smoking please - username34

93 Simpleminded People

At least they aren't annoying. I'd take hanging out with Simple Minded people over Popular Girls and Jocks any day.

94 Annoying People V 1 Comment
95 Divas
96 Fashionistas
97 Homosexuals

Obvious homophobe put this on here.

A stupid homophobe but this on here. I support gay and lesbian rights. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

Seriously, they are ' ANNOYING. They go say you're the GAY if you said the HOMO'S THE GAY. - SwampertBABY

I have nothing against gay's, just DO NOT hit on me about it.

V 1 Comment
98 People who call inanimate objects gay

I actually know someone who does this, every time they do I just think, what the actual freak.

They are annoying. - NikoX


99 People who think being mean is cool
100 Weeaboos

My high school? LITERALLY OVERFILLED with weeaboos. - naFrovivuS

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