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81 Metalheads

Who the hell put this on here?! Metalheads are awesome they're WAY better than those popular guys who are ginna have a dead end job with they're girlfriend since high school and have barely enough money to pay for his 5 screaming kids. Oh so you think metalheads are all emo and that they're satanists with no friends! Well I'm a metalhead yes I get bullied yes I'm not popular and no I'm not a satanist or emo. I would love to see whoever put this on there and force them into the shoes of a metalhead who gets bullied all the time.

We are a proud people. DON'T MESS WITH US!

Metal heads are awesome... Much better than crazy FANGIRLS. - Pony

Who put this here?! - NikoX

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82 Trouble makers
83 Girly Girls

THIS. They crowd around the mirror doing their makeup when people need to wash their hands.

They insult our gender - Icegirl119

Just because someone has a fun girly personality doesn't mean that they "insult our gender". Some girls like to actually be girly. - Mellbell

Girly Girls. Ugh. They just freak out over a little tiny ANT at recess. One time, I was playing with my friends and recess, and this girly girl came by and was like "AHHH! ANT! WHY AREN'T YOU STOPPING IT!? " And we were like, "Dude, chill, it's an ant." And she huffed and was like, "You idiots! I'm not a dude! " And just walked off. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

84 Kids who are jerks yet still teacher favorites

I have a classmate like that. He's as annoying as hell, I want to slap him!

85 Snooty People

There are five snooty girls in my class and they think that they're better than everyone else and that they can get away with anything and lie and steal and bully others

True, I know a private school in my town where 98% of girls are snooty

86 Teachers that give homework on weekends

Those heartless monsters...

My nicest teachers give homework on weekends and my strictest ones rarely give me any at all. It is rigged. - 445956

87 Conformists

They have absolutely no imagination of their own. Totally stupid and annoying

Have no clue

88 Autistic People

Psychopaths voted for this. - JakePlaid

Yes yes I know they can't help it but when somebody is cringing you to death with awkward voices and stupid jokes, you really feel bad for yourself.


89 Partners who won't let you do anything
90 Swifties
91 Bigots
92 People who provoke people's anger

There this dude in my class (Not to be racist but he's black) and he provokes a lot of people at school and it's really repetitive

As a great saying goes, "Asar, talo". That means, the one who gets provoked loses.

93 Mean teachers

I don't know where they think they have the right to do what they please and treat their students like crap. They're there to help the student get an education, not bully them.

Being a mean teacher is not allowed. They are just strict. - 445956

Why are they teaching kids anyway? - NikoX

IKR! they'll blame everyone for something two people did

94 Rebels

That person in the bottom comment, Rebels are AWESOME! Suicide IS a problem in Middle & High schools today...Have some respect DAMN

My friend thinks he's a rebel, when he's just calling the teacher a dumbass because he got angry when me and him weren't paying attention. - username34

What types of rebels? Those ones who stand up for their rights?

What moron would vote for THIS? - Goatworlds

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95 That one kid that gets you in trouble V 3 Comments
96 Control Freaks

People who want everything their way and force you to do what they want, and if you don't they'll scream, and cry, and say mean things about you

What the HELL are control freaks?

97 Hetalians

Sometimes we can't help but laugh in History Class. Spain invaded Florida.


This is some bull. We do not hurt anyone, so piss off.

We don't bug anyone! - Pegasister12

But I'm a Hetalian... I don't giggle and snort during history class and I don't think that a history book is a yaoi fanfiction. (Actually, I hate yaoi which is why I hate most of the fandom.) I respect history and I know that history wan't full of extremely hot anime men doing random things. What have we ever done to you? We don't TRY to hurt people! Just ignore those Hetaboos that people talk about. They're a super small (but loud) part of the fandom.

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98 Horny People

Cameras were set up all around my school solely for the reason that people were having sex all around school. I'm not even kidding. There's this one place that doesn't have a camera and you need to know how to pick locks to get to it. There have been many times which people have gotten caught in that one place alone, it's disgusting

Dang, that sounds so crazy! I bet there must be LOTS of interesting stories behind all that stupidity. Thankfully my school doesn't have that problem. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I remember in 7th grade this girl's older brother in 8th grade tried to get a bj in the library. The stupidest part is that the library at my school is open on 3 sides, so if you walk down a certain hallway you would see them. Obviously they got caught, and I remember thinking to myself how dumb he was. In the same year a guy in 8th got a bj, except it was in the bathroom like any sensible person would get it. Now, I don't condone this type of stuff, but if you're going to do something as retarded as that at least put 3 seconds of thought into it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That explains all of the pregnant girls I have at my school.

No wonder they're so many pregnant girls - ParkerFang

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99 People who condone bad behavior in other people

Keep smoking please - username34

100 Simpleminded People

At least they aren't annoying. I'd take hanging out with Simple Minded people over Popular Girls and Jocks any day.

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