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101 Homosexuals

Obvious homophobe put this on here.

A stupid homophobe but this on here. I support gay and lesbian rights. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

Seriously, they are ' ANNOYING. They go say you're the GAY if you said the HOMO'S THE GAY. - SwampertBABY

I have nothing against gay's, just DO NOT hit on me about it.

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102 People who call inanimate objects gay

I actually know someone who does this, every time they do I just think, what the actual freak.

They are annoying. - NikoX


103 Autistic People

Psychopaths voted for this. - JakePlaid

Yes yes I know they can't help it but when somebody is cringing you to death with awkward voices and stupid jokes, you really feel bad for yourself.


104 Weeaboos

My high school? LITERALLY OVERFILLED with weeaboos. - naFrovivuS

105 Kids who write or draw stupid things on the tables, chairs, walls, etc.

Once some idiot drew private parts all over the table outside and everyone was trying to identify them

I once saw a drawing of a bunch of crosses in the big stall of the boy's bathroom one time.

One time, I was walking into the bathroom, and in one stall, someone wrote LOL TOILET above the toilet, and they had hung toilet paper from things, like the soap.

One time, I was in my classroom stall, and someone had hung toilet paper on the soap. I mean, come on, really? - CinderpeltandCinderheart

106 Teachers

Eh. Some of them are funny, some of them have really clear lessons, some of them are nice, but only a blessed few have all of these traits. However, a lot actually have the opposite of all these traits.

Maybe this applies for some teachers, but not in general

Some I like, some I don't. It depends on what they're like, really.

Uhh. Maybe just making the Teachers Soldiers make them more worse. - SwampertBABY

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107 Kids who constantly complain about their height

Those damn boys who whine and complain about how short they are or girls who complain about being too tall. Well, listen up. I don't want to sound mean, but come on, stop it, nobody really cares about how tall or short you are. God made you this way for a reason. I want to discuss both scenarios, but first, I'll go over short boys. You could possibly just be a late bloomer or maybe you are just naturally short, I don't know. But either way, embrace your lack of height. It's not all that bad. People with short stature can reach under spots that taller people can't. Plus, research shows that shorter folks live longer, on average, than their taller peers (sorry tall people, just the facts). Being this way makes you special. You stand out as unique. Short girls might find you attractive. Lastly, if a gang of mean kids decide to pick on you, stick up for yourself. Bullies find you as an easy target because they view you as a pushover. Compensate for being short by showing a sense of ...more

At least you can punch tall people head on in the balls - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I am short and I don't complain

There is a girl at my school, 5'2", she says she's short.

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108 The Convict

Somebody was about to get caught for dealing marijuana in my school, so she stuffed all the bags of pot in my friends backpack and ran, trying to frame it on him. I saw it happen. Me and my friend didn't tell anyone because we didn't want to run the risk of getting blamed for trying to sell drugs on school campus, so we ran into the woods outside the school and left the bags there. People need to take responsibility for what they do. - username34

I'm one of those kids who put random things in people's bags such as mayonnaise so I'm basically a reverse convict

Why isn't this number one. Convicts commit multiple crimes, popular girls are just mean

That kid who always takes your stuff - Icegirl119

109 People who think they're hard

Some girl and her clique came up to me, threatened to beat me up and I said 'try me' and they didn't to crap. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Yep, I had to deal with one. - NikoX

My crotch is hard

Come on Bro! you wanna try me!

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110 Haters

They hate on Nintendo for no reason. This also applies to people outside of the school. If I hear one word that has to do with Nintendo sucking, I swear I will put a knife in their Xbox Ones.

Even worse when, without Nintendo, they would not have an Xbox 1, or any other video games.

My Wii was my first game system that was 6 years ago and I still play it

Hate on Nintendo? Not just Nintendo, HATE ON ALL CONSOLE PEASANTS PC MASTER RACE FOREVER - akyreaper

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111 Saggers

What's so 'cool' about this? There's not one sagger out there who doesn't look like they've pooed their pants. - Entranced98

112 People who play loud music

I'm one of them, and that's because I can't stand insane people who listen to the crap by Nicki Minaj! I need to play more appropriate music!

This morning on the school bus, this girl sat next to me, and she blasted her crappy rap music. - Cartoonfan202

I got sent to the office for listening to metal music in social studies while everybody else listened to rap and pop. In fact I heard one kids music say f*** really loudly while our social studies teacher walked past him and he didn't get in trouble but once he heard the guitars in my music he said "Go to the office! You shouldn't listen to Devil Music! " - SirSkeletorThe3rd

113 Crazy Fangirls

Never say anything bad or compare One Direction to a good band because the directioners will hunt you down and make you sorry. I know, I've been the victim.

Also known as Directioners.

This girl wants to fucc bts

114 Sexists
115 Potheads
116 People who don't flush after using the restroom

Bathroom etiquette 101: Flush after you use the toilet every time. No one wants to see your gross products from there when they are next to use the toilet. It bothers EVERYONE that there are some people who haven't known this already. - NuMetalManiak

Sorry but I don't wanna sit in your piss.
The reason why I don't use school toilets in a nutshell.

I've seen this a lot
Worst Examples:
I walked into a bathroom, and there was a TON of pee in the toilet, so much it had turned red. So more than one person must have been in there not flushing. It was a nasty trend, and I had to flush it all.

One time, someone left pee on the seat.

I walked into a stall and guess what I see? PEE AND POOP INSIDE THE TOILET. Just gross. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

117 Swag Kids

Stop hating! They leave you alone if you leave them alone. Not one of them, just saying. - Goatworlds

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118 Teachers who cuss

Some of those teachers could be hypocrites!

119 People who don't care about learning new things

Also called closed minded people!

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120 People who stick gum underneath the tables

I like to touch them and chew them!

I touched it and it felt so gross! - Goatworlds

I always fall victim into touching the gum! It's disgusting!

I like to claw at it during class - epictoonsfan1

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