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121 Weed Smokers

Reminds me of that actor Jack Wild though...NO OFFENSE!

122 Kids who try too hard to make friends
123 Party Poopers
124 ABBA haters

Yep, people are evil for having an opinion. - JakePlaid

Most of them are even more retarded than Beliebers, and that's saying something. - Entranced98

125 People who press the fire alarms for no reason
126 Neo-Nazis
127 Undertale Fans Undertale Fans

Yeah! Having an opinion? What nerve! - JakePlaid

128 Call of Duty/Halo Fanboys

How's that school related? - ParkerFang

129 Saiyan wannabes

They think the are Vegeta or something. - SelfDestruct

There funny. I remember once in sixth grade my teacher said a culture culture is anime. Then he chucked his chair at the floor and yelled it's over 6000! He's mental

My friends be coming in class like broly when there just a raditz

They are an insult to DBZ.

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130 Teenagers

There's a lot of teenagers in my high school. Anyone wonder why? - Turkeyasylum

I am in high school and I have to agree. 99% of the people at my school (including me sometimes) fit in some of the worst stereotypes on this list. Only a rare 1% can pull through without becoming a douche. No generation has ever been exempt from annoying teenagers.

Hmm why are there so many teenagers in my middle school. Man they are the worst along with me since I'm a teen too! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Maybe because there are supposed to be. In high school. - 906389

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131 Rebels

My friend thinks he's a rebel, when he's just calling the teacher a dumbass because he got angry when me and him weren't paying attention. - username34

That person in the bottom comment, Rebels are AWESOME! Suicide IS a problem in Middle & High schools today...Have some respect DAMN

What types of rebels? Those ones who stand up for their rights?

What moron would vote for THIS? - Goatworlds

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132 Weirdos

I wouldn't consider them as "weirdos"

Yep, hate on the mentally ill. - JakePlaid

133 Xenophobes

Why do people hate Jews, my friend is one. - Goatworlds

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134 Goths

I like black and I think it's a cool color, but they wear way too much. Black clothing, black makeup, black nail polish all the time. It's depressing.

Being Goth is in the mindset, not in the way you dress. Same with Punks actually. If you hear about a person that is anarchistic, listens pretty much only to Punk Music, is a rebel and yes, disobeys The System, you obviously think of a Punker. Now, let us say you meet this certain Punk and he or she dresses like a Beatnic Hipster.

I'm not goth at all, but I wear black, and people think I'm goth. Feels bad, man.

I think Goths are awesome

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135 Terrible singers

I remember at one pep rally a cheerleader sang the star spangled banner, and her voice cracked at "and the bombs bursting in air" - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I know I have a terrible voice, but my art teacher wants me to, so I have no choice but to sing! - FireWasp2004

"Terrible Singers"? There are much worse than this. - Turkeyasylum

Yeah, Turkayasylum is right - Animefan12

136 Incompetent staff

Even more incompetent than Clancy Wiggum. - Goatworlds

137 People who say rock and metal is the devil's music

This isn't necessarily true. Why? You can listen to rock and metal and still be a good person. And not all rock and metal is nasty or violent. It can also be mellow and peaceful. It depends on who's singing it. It's not the music that makes you good or evil, it's you. I love a huge variety of bands including Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, etc., but I am still a good person and I don't like drugs or violence. I just like music.

Okay I'm tired about you preaching that Slipknot is a bunch of satanic KKK members in masks and their music is evil. I'm tired of you people saying that One Direction or Ariana Grande is more Christian than Metallica and Slayer. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

One of my subs in Science said that KISS stand for "Knights In Satan's Service" I told her that it wasn't true and that my all rock and metal is evil

Yes! I'm sick of these people. They are very simple minded. - NikoX

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138 That kid madly in love with you

This kid liked me and I said I don't like her and she asked who I like and I said "no one but I like 2 fictional characters" and she said "well don't like them just like me" and I wanted to kill her I threatened to get a weapon and kill her when she was flirting with me and I don't like her which makes it so annoying she keeps bothering me even though I said "I don't like you I don't like any girl in this school or in the world only 2 fictional characters and stop invading my privacy" good thing she left

Oh I've had this happen before. This guy who liked me just wouldn't leave me alone and I even rejected him a few times but no matter what he still wouldn't leave. I think he still likes me... =(

They just won't leave you alone, even when you've made it perfectly clear that you DON'T share the same feelings.

Well, I won't experience that ever... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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139 Kids who act like terrorists

I remeber one kid who put his poop into a water fountain, then threw another one at his teacher. He got expelled.

Kids who act like that are the sons and daughters of terrorist

Hmm someone must've added me cause when the teacher was doing something out of class and I had my jacket off. So being an idiot I wrapped it around my head and said " This desk is a bomb. I must now praise Allah by killing myself to kill others to gain my 72 virgins! Allahu Akbar! " Also sometimes I play "Saleel al-Sawarim" and start throwing things at people screaming Allahu Akbar - SirSkeletorThe3rd

What does s kid throwing poop have to do with terrorrism?

140 Robot (Monotone) Teachers

Oh boy... I remember having one of these teachers a few years back. She read from the textbook with no extra comments or explanations the entire time she taught. It was impossible to focus in her class, and most people just caught up by reading the chapter in like half the time after school.

Some teachers just hate their jobs so much, they read off the board for money!

This only applies to very few teachers, and most are actually helpful. - Turkeyasylum

I'ts almost like they went to the Alan Rickman school of speaking (that's messed up I know)

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