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121 People who feel sorry for themselves

They're just asking for excessive sympathy!

Really,it's because of bullies they do,don't blame theirselves,blame bullys

122 Disrespectful People
123 People who eat stuff out of the trash can

There was a boy named Colton who ate everything out of the trash. That was back in 2010 aka 4th grade.

What the actual f***. Are these people mental?

"Damn it! That's the 3rd time Billy's drank milk cartons from the trash can! " - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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124 People who hate TheTopTens

I'm gonna vote on it just because I'm one of those people who does hate this site

I don't even know what this list is anymore...

I am so with whoever put this on the list!

125 Spoiled Rich Queens

Do you have to flaunt it and make everyone else feel less? DO YOU? Is that your self-esteem boaster because you are empty inside?

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126 Weed Smokers

Reminds me of that actor Jack Wild though...NO OFFENSE!

127 Party Poopers
128 ABBA haters

Yep, people are evil for having an opinion. - JakePlaid

Most of them are even more retarded than Beliebers, and that's saying something. - Entranced98

129 People who press the fire alarms for no reason

Oh my god... This brings back funny memories - scarmark

130 Neo-Nazis
131 Undertale Fans Undertale Fans

Yeah! Having an opinion? What nerve! - JakePlaid

132 Call of Duty/Halo Fanboys

How's that school related? - ParkerFang

133 Shippers
134 Saiyan wannabes

They think the are Vegeta or something. - SelfDestruct

There funny. I remember once in sixth grade my teacher said a culture culture is anime. Then he chucked his chair at the floor and yelled it's over 6000! He's mental

My friends be coming in class like broly when there just a raditz

They are an insult to DBZ.

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135 Metalheads

Who the hell put this on here?! Metalheads are awesome they're WAY better than those popular guys who are ginna have a dead end job with they're girlfriend since high school and have barely enough money to pay for his 5 screaming kids. Oh so you think metalheads are all emo and that they're satanists with no friends! Well I'm a metalhead yes I get bullied yes I'm not popular and no I'm not a satanist or emo. I would love to see whoever put this on there and force them into the shoes of a metalhead who gets bullied all the time.

We are a proud people. DON'T MESS WITH US!

Metal heads are awesome... Much better than crazy FANGIRLS. - Pony

These people had bad tastes and don't know anything about science. (Science proved that metal music is harmful to human health.) Plus metal is just nuisance with lots of ear-raping vocals and meaningless lyrics. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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136 Teenagers

There's a lot of teenagers in my high school. Anyone wonder why? - Turkeyasylum

I am in high school and I have to agree. 99% of the people at my school (including me sometimes) fit in some of the worst stereotypes on this list. Only a rare 1% can pull through without becoming a douche. No generation has ever been exempt from annoying teenagers.

Hmm why are there so many teenagers in my middle school. Man they are the worst along with me since I'm a teen too! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Maybe because there are supposed to be. In high school. - 906389

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137 Weirdos

I wouldn't consider them as "weirdos"

Yep, hate on the mentally ill. - JakePlaid

138 Xenophobes

Why do people hate Jews, my friend is one. - Goatworlds

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139 Goths

I like black and I think it's a cool color, but they wear way too much. Black clothing, black makeup, black nail polish all the time. It's depressing.

Being Goth is in the mindset, not in the way you dress. Same with Punks actually. If you hear about a person that is anarchistic, listens pretty much only to Punk Music, is a rebel and yes, disobeys The System, you obviously think of a Punker. Now, let us say you meet this certain Punk and he or she dresses like a Beatnic Hipster.

I'm not goth at all, but I wear black, and people think I'm goth. Feels bad, man.

I think Goths are awesome

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140 Terrible singers

I remember at one pep rally a cheerleader sang the star spangled banner, and her voice cracked at "and the bombs bursting in air" - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I know I have a terrible voice, but my art teacher wants me to, so I have no choice but to sing! - FireWasp2004

"Terrible Singers"? There are much worse than this. - Turkeyasylum

Yeah, Turkayasylum is right - Animefan12

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