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141 Robot (Monotone) Teachers

Oh boy... I remember having one of these teachers a few years back. She read from the textbook with no extra comments or explanations the entire time she taught. It was impossible to focus in her class, and most people just caught up by reading the chapter in like half the time after school.

Some teachers just hate their jobs so much, they read off the board for money!

This only applies to very few teachers, and most are actually helpful. - Turkeyasylum

I'ts almost like they went to the Alan Rickman school of speaking (that's messed up I know)

142 Rude jerks
143 Joking kid
144 Borrowers

Honestly, I don't care if someone borrows from me. As annoying as people are, I feel bad that they even have to go to school. I feel as if students have to be in this crappy system, then we should suffer through it together. but we are constantly divided by cliques and beliefs, Sort of like the real world. Maybe if all students got along, than we wouldn't have Grades and Tests. We would have all protested, and eventually we would have a better system.

In my classroom, there are a lot of extra crayons to borrow if you don't have any. But these idiots always want to borrow MY crayons! And they ruin them, too! I tell them to press lightly, but when I get my crayons back, they are broken and stubby!

"Hey can I borrow your pencil? " + "Sure" = Never to be used by you again - Spiritfall

Ohh boy. This one really gets up me. GET YOUR OWN STUFF

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145 Nose Pickers

Eat it everywhere. They love touching EVERYTHING, especially after eating their snot. Glad nobody eats poop in my school

You may think that these people stop after elementary school, but nope. They just become more secretive about it.

Will pick, Will eat, Will touch your stuff.

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146 Kids who hate their generation

If you complain how this generations music sucks, you are part of the problem. Yes, "artists" like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, etc. aren't great, but those guys are only the SURFACE of modern music. If you actually take the time to look for good music in this generation, you can prove to yourself that this generation doesn't suck. Rant over.

I hate my generation! I wanna go back to the 1800s, where there is racism, sexism, and homophobia. Boohoo. I can't stand these people. - NikoX

I dint hate my generation just the stuff in it like the music and the clothes

I'm sorry but this is just proving why we hate our generation, this is puberty itself guys

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147 Punks

So? I'm a punk. I'm kind of tomboyish, too.

They're those Emo and Goths that eat moldy pizza crust that's 2 months old for a quarter. They're also the guys who drew that diIdo in the toilets.

148 Behinders

Jerk. There is nothing wrong about a middle schooler watching My Little Pony. There are people at my high school who still watch it, specifically the majority of the freshmen. I partially agree with Dora the Explorer though, but hey people are entitled to their own opinions right.

I like Thomas the Dank engine

While most of us like The Hunger Games etc then there is the kid who will always be behind and STILL WATCHING MLP AND DORA IN HIGH SCHOOL. (Nothing to discriminate about, just saying)

M8 hunger games sucks

149 Gum Chewers

Honestly who cares as long as they don't stick it anywhere

Chew gum in science, at the sight of the teachers pet marching towards them making them spit their gum out, and squish it under the desks or in the beaker. Some throw it at the girl dissecting a frog. Hope that blueberry and pineapple gum dodges the Bunsen burners that are melting RADIOACTIVE WOOHOHOH WOOHOHOO RADIOACTIVE- WASTE

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150 People who purposely burp or make fart noises in class for the sake of being annoying

These guys are legends. I was one of them in 8th grade and I graduated with 0 cares given. - username34

Me and my best friend do that in band a lot!

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151 Smart Alecks V 1 Comment
152 Gay Bashers

My older sister is gay and I have been beaten up and bullied because of my sister being gay. And bully me, hate me, make fun of me I don't care! But I will stick up and always love her. And there is nothing you can do about it!

What school are you going to?

I hate these people, and that is all the 7th graders in the gym class twords the 6th graders, and this is gust terrible. And the worst part I am gay and my dad is one of these - demonrolink


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153 Kids that hang out in crowds

The one person who follows the crowd, will go no further than the crowd

Welcome to high school. Pretend to be cool and you'll fit in perfectly. - username34

They are the biggest posers - Sabbath

154 Fat Kids

Don't hate them don't judge a book by it's cover

Whoa that was rude,1/3 Americans are chubby,and whoever posted this in the list is being extremely offensive to 1/3 of Americans

Don't judge a book by it's cover! Somebody I know is "fat" and he's really nice. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

"Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his bully level?! " "ITS OVER 9,000! "

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155 People who are too friendly

There is nothing wrong with being polite, the jerk who added this.

Sometimes I don't like these people. They become too nice to the point that they will always get abused.

You're just jealous cause you can't be as nice as them

It si called naive people

156 Prefects

I knew a prefect who encouraged the younger students to start fights with each other. Being a prefect is just a status symbol, not an indicator of a good student.

157 People who say gross and indecent things in public

Like those people talking about sex or Nicki Minaj in public.

It's called a dark sense of humor and its pretty funny

Stop talking about me! You will never stop the Cybersex Crimes! Mwahaha! - SwampertBABY

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158 Partygoers
159 Criminals
160 Sadists
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