Popular girls


They often think that being popular makes them better and cooler than everyone else, but it doesn't. Being cool and being popular have nothing to do with each other. I can't stand popular people, whether they be guys or girls. They're so vain and they cause so much trouble that it's not the least bit funny. And they can never seem to handle what they dish out on others. I can see why I try to avoid this crowd!

Oh, Jesus, popular girls make me sick. They're little goody-two-shoes who literally dress up like hoes! Seriously, I can see the bra of every popular girl in my school, and I don't even try looking for it in the first place. They're so girly, they are the teacher's pet, the "celebrity of th class", and always judge you by your looks. "You don't do gymnastics?! You're fat! "

! There is a girl who is so annoying. Last year she tried to steal my best friend and some days made me feel like poop. She stole my friend and causes drama.She's one of those rich girls who think she's all that. She thinks everything revolves around her. She is such a snobby stuck-up bully. When she stole my friend she left me out. She is a show off. At recess she jumped and landed in a split and everyone was like "Wow she is so good."She once threatened to give me a black eye.

Today my friend. Who's a boy, who's a nerd played a funny prank on the three popular girls. First he got me to try spicy peanuts but warned me to get my water bottle ready it was spicy. Then he gave them to the three and somehow convinced them to eat it. It was funny! - AnonymousChick

Wow, I cannot STAND popular girls! They dawdle around the school like princesses, look down on others, are often bullies, act like they rule the school, they're always on their phones, they're always having drama, and all they do is natter on about their boyfriends ALL THE TIME and about how "cute" they are. They make me angry just by thinking about them.

They sicken me. The only reason guys like them is because they're "sexy". They act like stuck up jerks and want all the attention, being inconsiderate of the world. - ethanmeinster

I have a popular girl at one of of my tables she has no sas or never bully's anyone. I say something then she responds and tries to get into a conversation. Not all popular girls are bad.

I'm kind of a popular girl because of my artwork, which is really rare. But I don't dress up too fashionable or bully and be a backstabber others. I like to talk to others and have fun with others, I don't even care if the kids are popular or not. I like both.

There's one in my class I mean yeah she's friends with like EVERYONE IN MY WHOLE CLASS EVEN THE BOYS and she looks nice and seems funny but it's like I'm the only one who sees he true colours. She'd rather be sleeping with guys than hanging with her own bestows she can be bossy and a price as well.

Popular girls are just, girly, rude, mean idiots. When you're feeling happy, and you day is starting off to an awesome start, those popular girls come and say rude things, and make your day miserable. I hate them, and they deserve to be hated and be made miserable. - LemonadeOcean

Popular has a different meaning now. It's not having friends and being nice anymore. It's about shopping at the best and most expencive clothes, having an Instagram with 1,000,000 followers, wearing stripper clothes, and knowing how to cuss.

They were so much makeup to school all I were is some concealer to cover spots very shuttle I shadow and massacre like why are they wearing foundation eyeliner every thing

They literally look exactly the same (2014 in case you read this when societies styles and standards have changed): Ugg boots, yoga pants, really tight or loosely fit shirts, too much makeup, possibly some high-end jacket or coat, and an iPhone. I swear before god, that's what I see in the halls in school. - username34

They are mean. In my school, the group of popular girls say that all boys are retards and suck. Since when was that a fact?

Seriously! Girls in school are REALLY annoying! Just step on their shoes and they give you a nasty look even after you say sorry. - Fandom_Lover

I hate the kids on my bus that blast their loud and obnoxious rap songs that they call "music" at full volume. And if that weren't enough, they shout all the time. I come home from school with a headache!

Later on in life, they will realize that being a brat actually doesn't help you in life.

I'm popular in the class and I was a part of the group but I got kicked out by being bullied by them and being called the bully instead. I'm waiting for school tomorrow because the teacher is seeing us about it.

There is one girl that was a total jerk to me one time I said hi she slapped me across the face and she is the most popular girl in school that says it all

They drag all of the boy's attention to themselves and literally DRAG the ones that don't right to them.

I hate popular girls. They think they are the best when in reality they are not. - cosmo

There's different types of girls in my school. But, specifically, with the "popular" ones, some are extremely nice, and others fit the perfect stereotype. - Turkeyasylum

HAATTE. Popular girls are so annoying. They act like they run the place (they pretty much do) and they treat people like dirt. They have to gossip about every single little thing you do, even if it's as mundane as walking into a pole or getting your words mixed up - SugarcoatShadowBolt

The preps at my school are so annoying, a few are snooty, sometimes they're nice, but they're super obnoxious.

I used to be popular until someone found out I was in the Special Education rooms.