Full-fledged List Analysis: Worst Types of People

An overall look at a list about worst types of people.

1. Murderers: Yes, especially the ones who employ random violence.
2. Pedophiles: Creepy people.
3. Terrorists: Now these are probably my #1 here.
4. Rapists: Awful people who get others impregnated or killed.
5. Racists: Tend to be mild actually unless they actually commit hate crimes.
6. Bullies: You wonder why they do these things.
7. Cannibals: They would starve otherwise, but try to avoid them then.
8. Justin Bieber Lovers: What an awful image.
9. People Who Are Cruel to Animals: Definitely bad.
10. Hypocrites: Potentially combining all of these, the absolute worst people to exist.
11. Serial Killers: Murderers who murder more people than murderers.
12. Sexists: Where I come from sexism is pretty much a death sentence, regardless of your sex.
13. Bronies: Have pretty much stopped showing up.
14. Sadists: Only bad if they don't want help when offered it.
15. Ignorant People: Ties in with hypocrites.
16. Child Abusers: The worst kind of pedophile.
17. Social Justice Warriors: Social justice should never be a political thing, but these idiots have done that.
18. Back Stabbers: This is why I don't have friends.
19. Haters: What do they like?
20. Gangsters: They should be fine as long as they don't cause harm in your neighborhood.
21. Anybody That Says "Swag" or "Yolo": Not real words.
22. Homophobes: They say anti-gay things in middle school because of some things, I guess?
23. 9/11 Jokers: None of these jokes are funny and neither are the conspiracy theories.
24. Abusive Parents: Create abusive children. Also count as child abusers.
25. Psychopaths: Mental or not, don't make them snap.
26. School Shooters: A specific kind of murderer, although what they do has lots of publicity.
27. Criminals: Depends on the crime and the severity of it.
28. Adolf Hitler Fans: His fans should be dead.
29. Holocaust Masterminds: So basically Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, and whoever ran the death camps. Only those people.
30. Feminists: Modern-day feminism has turned into a female supremacist thing where the good feminists have low publicity.
31. Hipsters: Ugly people
32. Weeaboos: Awful group that are the feminists of anime fans, have no respect for popular anime or for western cartoons.
33. Mega Man Haters: This sure looks like a secluded group.
34. Spoiled Brats: Gee I wonder how many spoiled brats were some of the people above?
35. Mass Murderers: Ties in with serial killers and possibly terrorists.
36. Communists: Even if they aim for equality, there's gonna be whining where people want more than they should have.
37. Cyberbullies: Just another form of bully that is actually easier to ignore.
38. Nazis: They should be dead by now.
39. Popular Kids: The ones that shove their popularity in your faces are bad.
40. Fake People: What kind of person is a fake person anyways?
41. Directioners: Please don't put fanbases on this list.
42. Donald Trump Haters: They are actually the most obsessed people over Trump. His own supporters don't obsess over him.
43. People Who Think Climate Change Does Not Exist: I mean just because your president thinks it doesn't mean others do.
44. Animal Abuser: We already have this.
45. Poop Eaters: These are the kinds of people that really should not exist.
46. Thieves: If they steal something big, then yes.
47. Thugs: Come on, same definition as above.
48. People Who Enjoy Pissing Other People Off: Well, DUH.
49. Liberals: The worst ones tie in with social justice warriors.
50. Klansmen: A dying group.
51. Drug Dealers: Maybe don't go on the streets where they are.
52. People Who Think They Know Everything: Know-it-alls become hypocrites real fast.
53. People Who Never Stop Talking: My father in a nutshell.
54. Furries: Why don't you people stay away from groups you just hate?
55. Conservatives: A political party and a religion are two different things.
56. White Supremacists: Basically klansmen.
57. Donald Trump Protesters: Agree
58. Bioterrorists: The correct term is ecoterrorists.
59. Douchebags: Basically the term means everyman bully.
60. Poachers: Maybe they need to eat.
61. Dora Fans: They are 6 year olds. No one above that age should like this show or hate it.
62. Politically Correct People: Anyone who uses the term politically correct is bad.
63. Donald Trump Supporters: See, it's you haters who are more obsessed with Trump that put these guys on here.
64. People Who Put Good Items On Bad Lists: Yes, correct.
65. Torturers: Can potentially be worse than murderers.
66. People Who Think the Earth is Flat: These people flunked grade school.
67. People Who Can't Take a Joke: Poor little triggered people who can't reason with anyone.
68. Teenyboppers: Their trendiness was cancerous.
69. Gypsies: They are ok.
70. Evil-Hearted People: Maybe they have ulterior motives.
71. Neo-Nazi Gang Member: Can we please stop being specific on things already on here.
72. Sluts / Studs: They somehow tie in with popular people.
73. Bad Parents: May not be abusive, but still bad.
74. Tattletales: Which is why you feel bad for the Tattletale Strangler.
75. Holocaust Jokers: Certain types of offensive jokes are bad.
76. Shallow People: Um, now you can be specific.
77. Perverts: I have an idea. How about not exposing yourself often.
78. Fanboys: What part of don't put fanbases on here did you not understand.
79. Necrophiles: There's nothing interesting about this.
80. Chavs: If it is a slang term, it's the same thing.
81. Neo-Nazis: See, these are the nazis that exist today.
82. Liars: They don't want to admit it.
84. AntiFa Members: Making leftists look bad.
85. Bigots: Hmm, okay.
86. Dictators: Do you live in a dictatorship?
87. People Who Laugh at Cancer: Gross.
88. Ebola Jokers: Some of these jokes aren't really things that should exist.
89. People Who Brag A Lot: Yeah this and that.
90. People Who Enjoy Making Someone Sad: It's the same thing as a bully.
91. Greedy People: I want these people to actually be charitable.
92. Braggers/Showoffs: Not even three items down and a duplicate again.
93. Anti-Immigration People: They afraid of criminal activity.
94. Americans: Every nationality has equally bad people. Americans being the first nation here means that the worst people are not from America.
95. BLM Protesters: The movement is defeating itself.
96. Scene Kids: All I see are terrible T-shirts.
97. Judgmental People: Are hypocrites.
98. People Who Like Unicorns: Oh get over it.
99. PETA's Nude Protesters: Okay this definitely shouldn't exist.
100. Gay Rights Supporters: Not necessarily wrong but those who bully heterosexuals are awful.
101. People Who Encourage Bad Behavior in Other People: I like to call them Palpatines.
102. Black Lives Matter Supporters: Supporters and protesters are the same thing here.
103. Socialists: End up wanting actual communism.
104. Lady Gaga Fans: Stop putting fanbases on this list.
105. Video Game Haters: Stop putting hatebases on this list. Also this is technically parents and news sources.
106. Feminazis: Correct
107. Time Wasters: They are trying not to lose their lives though.
108. Confederates: Aren't really bad. What's bad is getting rid of history by removing their monuments cause your offended.
109. Linkin Park Haters: Stop putting hatebases on this list.
110. Wildlife Destroyers: Awful villainous people.
111. Overly-Religious People: Are often the cause of hate.
112. People that Use "Autism" as an Insult: Are you losing a debate, shout "Autism" to make yourself automatically look cool!
113. Goanimate "Good Users": Who?
114. Irritating People: Everyone irritates everyone.
115. Trolls: Either funny or not funny.
116. People That Complain All the Time: They have their reasons. You don't complain about complainers.
117. Homosexual Supporters: Overly-religious homosexual supporters, in other words.
118. People Who Use the Word "Gay" as an Insult: Are still in middle school.
119. Child Haters: To be fair, some children do need education.
120. Bisexuals: Yes, people who added this should be ashamed at themselves.
121. Nintendrones: Stop putting up fanbases.
122. Preachers: Crazed, demonic individuals.
123. Posers: We find words and words.
124. Jocks: Often bully the nerds in PE class.
125. People With Mustaches: I hate mustaches too but unless it's a hipster I don't care.
126. The People Who Voted For Bronies On This List: HAHAHAHAHA
127. Hackers: Actually bad criminals.
128. Vegans: The anti-meat eaters are evil people.
129. Sword Art Online Haters: Stop.
130. Bionicle G2 Haters: Really?
131. Negative People: Of course.
132. Pie Haters: Good god, you people hate the weirdest things.
133. Extreme Trump Supporters: Again, super obsessive haters put this on.
134. Gays: Bah, homophobes.
135. Goths: Do they really bother you that much?
136. Left Wingers: Extreme ones.
137. People Who Hate Dogs: I hate dogs.
138. Obsessive Selfie Takers: Don't seem to acknowledge reality.
139. 90s Kids: Nostalgiatards.
140. Annoying Teenage Girls: Looks like all high school stereotypes are being put on this list.
141. Liv and Maddie Fans: Oh boy
142. People Who Make Fun Of Other People's Religion: Most of them are atheists.
143. Babies: Well I actually agree.
144. Bikies: What. If we are referring to cyclists who DON'T USE THE SIDEWALK, then yes.
145. Pop Music Fans: Oh shut up.
146. Anonymous TheTopTens Members: They're called visitors.
147. Kidnappers: Well they count as criminals.
148. People Who Add One Cent to the Previous Bid On The Price Is Right: $101! My bid for this will be $102!
149. Jealous People: It's natural and not bad. What caused them to be jealous is worse.
150. Seattle Seahawks Fans: I don't want to talk about sports.
151. 2010s Kids: Their parents don't teach them well.
152. Anti-Vaccine People: Okay tell us more when your own kid dies.
153. People Who Think Atheists Worship Satan: They don't, but their attitudes are generally bad.
154. Scorpios: Really? REALLY?
155. Singers Who Copy Classic Songs and Ruin Them: It's called cover songs.
156. People Who Like Fantastic Four (2015): How many people do you know who like them?
157. Soldiers: If this is actually a fanbase I swear.
158. Adulterers: What.
159. Classic Rock Snobs: Listen to the most overrated music imaginable.
160. Masochists: You can't change them.
161. People Who Make Fun of the Music You Listen To: Elitists.
162. Hero Factory Haters: Why is TheTopTens the only place I ever hear about Hero Factory.
163. Underage Kids Who Flirt with Older People: A reverse pedophile, if you will.
164. Normies: Boo.
165. Drag Queens: Are amazing people.
166. Asexual People: Um, no.
167. Kim Jong-Un Fans: Well these people should stay in North Korea.
168. City Boys: Very much spoiled brats.
170. Parasprites: Who are these.
171. Traitors: Backstabbers in other words.
172. Goody Two-Shoes: Basically the know-it-alls.
173. Rebels With No Point: Should've called them Rebels without a cause.
174. Bad Listeners: You have to shout at them and only then they listen to you but tell you to stop shouting.
175. Moms: There are many bad moms out there.
176. Lunch Ladies: Their school system is more to blame.
177. The Easily Offended: There you go.
178. People Who Comment On YouTube Videos to Create Unnecessary Trouble: If I had a dime for every comment...
179. People Who Hate On Religions: Religion does bad things.
180. Narcissists: Oh my dearest friends.
181. People Who Think You're Weird Just Because You Don't Like Something They Like: A minor version of an elitist.
182. People Who Think Metal Is Screaming and Satanic: These soccer moms are more satanic.
183. Idiots: Well, okay.
184. Short People: Why.
185. Rednecks: Move out of your area if you hate them.
186. Coprophiles: DISGUSTING.
187. Murderous Black Metal Musicians: Have you seen them murder anyone?
188. Police: They are trying to keep the public safe. You hate them, you hate safety and the public.
189. Toddlers: Real spoiled brats.
190. Extremists: Can encompass all of these.
191. Overprotective Parents: Don't let you do anything fun.
192. Mega Man Fans: Huh, the haters were well above on the list, now the fans show up.
193. ISIS Militants: Are thankfully dying.
194. FNaF Fans: Please stop putting fanbases on this list.
195. Pygophiles: What is this.
196. Disney Channel Actors: Are you people really this dense?
197. Cheaters: Worst are the female ones who get away with the double standard.
198. Undertale Haters: STOP.
199. Genwunners: A dumb fanbase name and shouldn't be on here.
200. Otherkin: Okay this is an sjw term for sure.
201. Kids Who Brag How They Only Listen to Classic Rock While Trashing Popular Music: Already on here.
202. People Who Eat Oysters: They are food.
203. Overprotective Boyfriends: To be fair, they would rather not be cheated on.
204. Chicago Blackhawks Fans: NHL worse than NFL
205. Snitches: TATTLETALES
206. Porn Stars: Well don't watch porn.
207. Special Snowflakes: A.k.a. triggered princesses.
208. Bernie Sanders Supporters: Get over it, he lost.
209. "Peaceful" Protesters: Yeah, the quotes are a dead giveaway they aren't peaceful.
210. People Who Don't Flush the Toilet After Going Number 2: No one wants to see that.
211. People Who Spam Messages: Why else do I block some annoying users?
212. Rainbow Dash Haters: Irrelevant.
213. Beybladers: Also irrelevant.
214. Islamophobes: All because the majority of terrorists are islamic religious nutjobs.
215. Non-Binary Gendered People: People with no logic in other words.
216. Mean Teachers: But why though.
217. Those Who Shame People Based on Their Zodiac Sign: Yes and somehow Scorpios are on here. NO ONE CARES
218. Cowards: They would rather not deal with the crap that could be spewn at them.
219. Those Who Hate Iowa: Is there ANY reason to hate a state like this? Or is this referring to Slipknot?
220. Anti-Furries: Another hatedom.
221. Ugly People: Who think they look good.
222. Transgenders: It is not a sexuality like LGB. It is a gender issue.
223. Japan Haters: No thanks to weeaboos, though.
224. Southerners: Thanks a lot, unilateral liberals.
225. Fetish Artists: Should keep to themselves. Stop looking at their art.
226. Kardashians: A very specific family.
227. Emos: Yeah, emo ended up being a closeted term when it didn't need to be.
228. Fat People: Tend to get in the way.
229. Wannabes: Bandwagoners.
230. Teachers: You need to be taught, or you'll end up a wannabe.
231. Megan Fox Haters: Just stop and get some help.
232. Republicans: I swear this used to be #1 on this list a long time ago thanks to crazed liberals.
233. Children: Some children don't feel like learning, so its justified.
234. Meddlers: This is why I keep to myself.
235. Left Handed People: Hey, what did we ever do to you.
236. Call Centre Operators: They aren't real people.
237. Necromancers: Okay, if these are not fantasy enemies, then it's quite suspicious.
238. Girls With Giant Egos: Correct.
239. Democrats: Everything is a problem! Or if it isn't, we'll make an excuse to make it a problem!
240. Ratchet Women: What is ratchet.
241. Girls Pretending to Be Nerdy: Girls who pretend to be nerdy are just annoying.
242. Good People: On worst types of people list? Some people are zombies.
243. Nerds: Yes, just unload every high school stereotype or fanbase, as if it enhances the list's overall quality.
244. Right Handed People: See you put us higher. Now look what you made us do.
245. Spitters: Stupid, disgusting individuals.
246. People With Unibrows: Why do you focus on such things?
247. People With Beards: You people are so DENSE.
248. People That Drink: The rest of this list is gonna be "People That"
249. People That Like Math: Uh huh.
250. People That Try Too Hard: Oh yeah, LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THESE ITEMS UP.
251. People That Don't Try Hard Enough: Sometimes, it's best not to try too hard.
252. People Who Laugh at Everything: Including offensive unfunny jokes.
253. Crabby People: Is this based off a South Park episode?
254. People That Like Country Music and Decide They Are Now a Cowboy: I associate cowboys with Bon Jovi.
255. People Who Think Cows Are Crazier Than Elmo: How about people who make dumb comparisons?
256. Principals: Do they always call people down?
257. Grammar Nazis: They focus too much on things that don't matter.
258. Religious Fundamentalists: I learned what a fundie is thanks to this.
259. PewDiePie Fans: The craziest fanbase ever.
260. Twihards: Wait, what did I say about fanbases?
261. People Who Can't See Quality In Their Face and Find Value In Crap: Possibly trolls.
262. Flirters: LEAVE ME ALONE.
263. Anti-Racists: Objectively worse than racists.
264. Brony Haters: You see more of them than actual bronies.
265. Dallas Cowboy Fans: Enough.
266. Karma Houdinis: Worst people ever.
267. People Who Like Big Brother: What is this show.
268. People Who Are On Big Brother: Why are people ON this show.
269. People Who Never Admit They're Wrong: KNOW-IT-ALLS
270. Bikers: Some of them are actually the nicest people around even if they look tough.
271. T-baggers in MW3: Nice comment.
272. Anime Fans: No.
273. Power Puff Girls Believers: Believers. BELIEVERS. Okay.
274. Juggalos: I never saw one in real life.
275. Adults: Let's just put Everyone on this list since you hate everyone anyways.
276. Canadians: It took awhile before another nationality showed up. Anyways, Canadians are awful.
277. Frozen Fans: This used to be near the top of the list if I recall too.
278. People who like Ross Lynch: Who is Ross Lynch.
279. Greenpeace People: Okay?
280. Conspiracy Theorists: They are the biggest idiots in the world.
281. Hoodrats: Reminds me of that one fat kid I saw.
282. Bitchy People: Maybe they complain for a reason, you ever thought about it?
283. Skater Boys: No you never saw one, you just hate on a non-existant stereotype because you thought a song was bad.
284. Gangster Wannabes: Combining two items!
285. Snobby School Girls: Boring, give me a unique item.
286. People Who Don't Care About Poor People: BUT THEY SHOULD.
287. Stupid People: Basically idiots.
288. Child Molesters: We already have child abusers and that counts.
289. Smokers: It's only bad if you are right next to them. If you deliberately inhale their fumes, you're technically a smoker too.
290. Lazy People: Only bad if the job needs them the most.
291. People Who Actually Know Everything: No one should be this.
292. Hillbillies: I'm just finding more synonyms.
293. People Who Harass Strangers: I had some personal experience with this kind of person.
294. People Who Say Rock and Metal Is the Devil's Music: Stupid soccer mom logic returns yet again!
295. People Who Aren't On Big Brother: Can we please stop talking about this Big Brother.
296. Nu Goth: Not even a specific kind of person.
297. Girls Who Cut Themselves: So emo girls.
298. Pewdiepie Haters: Fans, haters, this list is lost.
299. In-Laws: NOOO.
300. Pop Singers: I've had enough.
301. Rappers: It's just some kind of music, for crying out loud.
302. Copycats: Yes yes
303. People Who Live on a Double Standard: Ah yes, the group that always thinks their bad actions are normal.
304. Bitches: Can technically not refer to people but female dogs.
305. People Who Like Bubblegum Pop, Techno, and Dubstep: Stop being elitists on genres, please.
306. People Who Hate Children: And stop duplicating items.
307. People Who Exclude Others: In other words, elitists.
308. Creepers: Minecraft?
309. Doitsuists: What even is this?
310. People That Still Watch Kids Cartoons: Um, they are not problematic at all.
311. People Who Defend Miley Cyrus: Okay then.
312. Miley Cyrus Fans: Oh wow, back-to-back duplicates.
313. Con Artists: Now these are actually bad people.
314. Ke$ha Fans: Nothing wrong with a fanbase.
315. Sociopaths: Erm, okay.
316. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Haters: Please stop putting hatebases and fanbases on this list.
317. Frozen Haters: Frozen fans, Frozen haters, seriously wrong list people.
318. Neckbeards: Okay that's a good one.
319. People That Tell Other People to Get a Life: As if they have one themselves.
320. People That Hate Neon Genesis Evangelion: Haters do not belong on this list.
321. Demi Lovato Haters: I realize that I said haters don't belong. I was referring to haters like these. Not the item on #19.
322. Extremely Vain People: May actually be evil for all I care.
323. Juggies (McJuggerNuggets fans): I could confuse this with Juggalos.
324. Star Wars Nerds: Um, the Worst Fanbases list is that way, people.
325. Airheaded Morons: Gee, with all the bad items here, how many who added them here are airheaded morons?
326. People that Blast Music from Their Cars: You can hear the vibrations.
327. People That Blame Innocent People: Especially if innocents are white people.
328. Soccer Moms: Ah here it is.
329. Minion Haters: Minions was a fad that grew out of control. The hate here is justifiable.
330. Fishermen: There's always that one fisherman that has a full team of six Magikarp.
331. Drug Users: Avoid them.
332. Bible Thumpers: Also avoid them.
333. Stuck-Up People: They don't want to admit to any wrongdoing.
334. People Who Say Everything's For Babies: Are the real babies.
335. People Who Walk Really Slowly in Front of You: I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS ITEM.
336. Bandwagon Fans: The correct term is bandwagoners.
337. People Who Call Others the "N" Word: Are either racists or blacks themselves.
338. Stubborn People: Stuck-up, stubborn, you are running out of ideas, people.
339. 4Chan Users: What is 4Chan anyways?
340. Younger Siblings: Glad I have none.
341. Buzzkills: Winners of the Buzz Killington award.
342. People Who Think They Can Force Others To Love Them: SJWs in a nutshell.
343. Millennials: Huh, this is surprisingly low.
344. The Ones Who Hate Life for Dumb Reasons: Oh gee, I wonder who I am gonna refer to for this one.
345. People that complain about modern Spongebob: IT'S A CARTOON. DO SOMETHING ELSE BESIDES COMPLAIN.
346. Radical Islamists: The actual terrorists.
347. People that Capitalize the First Letter of Every Word: It's Called Titlecase And You Hating On It Shows Your Intelligence.
348. Undertale Fans: Wow, how low was this one?
349. People Who Comment "Like If You're Watching In..." Followed by a Year: NO ONE CARES.
350. Clowns: I swear Chevelle's music videos seem to have clowns in them often.
351. Barney & Friends Fans: Are actually little kids so leave them alone.
352. Anti Bronies: We already saw this one.
353. Inappropriate People: Gross and disgusting.
354. Vocaloid Haters: Really the one genre of music that freaks me out the most, so justifiable this one is.
355. Christian Haters: Mostly atheists.
356. Guilt Trippers: Awful people entirely.
357. Rioters: They might have a reason, but violence won't solve it.
358. Sarcastic People: Those who live by the sarcastic card deserve hatred.
359. Zoophiles: Um, okay?
360. Biphobes: Bisexual haters?
361. Conformists: Really are just special snowflakes.
362. Otakus: A very specific weeaboo term, this is.
363. Linux Fanboys: Does Linux even HAVE a fanbase?
364. "All Lives Matter" Racists: Maybe they are, but are counteracting the more vehement racism the other side employs.
365. The Ones Who Eat with Their Mouth Open: More like the ones who talk with their mouth open.
366. Politicians: There you go. Not Republicans. Not Democrats. ALL POLITICIANS.
367. Old People: Now this one I completely agree on as well.
368. Anarchists: They never got money.
369. Smartasses: Know-it-alls, know-it-alls everywhere.
370. Over Critical People: Nitpicking leads to flamewars.
371. Nickelback Haters: Boring people.
372. The Loud House Fans: Stop with the fanbases.
373. Pop Elitists: And elitists.
374. Metal Elitists: Count
375. Music Elitists: As fans.
376. People Who Type in All Caps: GEE DOES THIS ANNOY YOU? I SURE HOPE IT DOES!
377. AC/DC Haters: Stop.
378. Pink Floyd Haters: Alright I hate this band, but stop.
379. Metal Haters: All haters matter.
380. Silento Fans: Hey christangrant, was this when you put up all of these items?
381. Katy Kats (Katy Perry Fans): Enough, stop, get some help.
382. Scammers: Are con aritists, for those that don't know.
383. Shippers: May or may not be bad.
384. People with Bad Posture: How about people who pay too much attention to bad posture? Is it really so noticeable?
385. The Young Turks Fans: Do not put anymore fanbases.
386. Blue Lives Matter Supporters: This isn't even a thing.
387. Cultists: Weird people but at least stay secluded.
388. Tech Support Scammers: Probably the most dangerous scammers out there.
389. Shoplifters: They don't got the money.
390. KotakuInAction Users: Way too specific.
391. Transphobes: Correct.
392. TERFs: An acronym that I know nothing about.
393. Anti-Semites: The Nazis are gone now, but these people do linger on.
394. Autistic People Who Use Autism as an Excuse: Make autism bad.
395. People Who Play Pokemon Go: The ones that don't watch where they are going I guess.
396. People Who are Demonically Possessed: Shouldn't ever leave their abodes.
397. Scouts: I, don't understand this one.
398. Wikipedia Vandals: Hehe, problem with that site, giving in to soccer mom logic saying Wikipedia is a bad source.
399. People Who Believe that There are More Than 2 Genders: There really are only two.
400. Misanthropes: Maybe they should actually die, since they hate their own kind.
401. Sexy Teenagers: Someone's jealous.
402. Those Who Call Random People Stupid: Are the stupidest people on earth.
403. Slaves to Society: Whoever was in charge of them is way worse.
404. People Who Believe Everything on the Internet: Definitely.
405. Dumb People: Um yeah, okay.
406. Philanthropes: RICH HOGS
407. Fascists: Basically the Nazis.
408. Robbers: Are just criminals.
409. Atheist Haters: There are actually reasons for that.
410. Eproctophiles: What is wrong with you sick people.
411. Alcoholics: Only if they drive drunk.
412. Holocaust Deniers: These people exist?
413. Hypersensitive People: Easily Triggered.
414. People Who Scream the Lyrics Instead of Singing: There's literally no one who does this.
415. Warlike People: These are the people who want to die the most.
416. Illegal Immigrants: They actually are taking jobs.
417. Prostitutes: Um, awful profession.
418. Cougars: Are not people.
419. Sugar Daddies: What are these?
420. Geeks: Some of the know-it-alls are the only bad ones.
421. Wimps: You don't have to look down on them.
422. Dank Memers: Annoying people.
423. Hobos: They unfortunately have lost everything and then they are STILL considered worst.
424. Losers: Okay, knock it off, people.
425. Bronsexuals: Shouldn't exist.
426. Fat Shamers: Bad, but not the worst thing ever.
427. Skinny Shamers: On the other hand these are bad.
428. Stalkers: Actually can be terrifying.
429. Melodramatic People: How many synonymous items have there been already?
430. Spongebob Haters: Not just modern Spongebob haters, all Spongebob haters.
431. Noobs: They are trying.
432. Abortionists: Can be bad, but this issue is impossible to have a good answer for.
433. People Who Try to Act Black: And are not?
434. People Who Hate Something Good Just Because It’s New: SOME OF THE WORST PEOPLE EVER.
435. People Who Teach Their Kids Religion: And not what they need.
436. Pie Fans: Just because you saw Pie Haters means you get to put this here?
437. Meat Eaters: And just because Vegans are more hated you put this here?
438. Minecraft Haters: The Worst Hatebases list is that way.
439. Autistic People: Offensive
440. Parents Who Brag About Their Children: Are the most embarrassing people to ever exist.
441. People Who Discriminate: Are the real -ists.
442. Fraudsters: Yes, this is synonymous with scammers.
443. Nationalists: Well that makes sense. Lump Americans and Canadians under this now.
444. Movie Spoilers: Thanks, now I know which Star Wars/Marvel character gets shafted.
445. Kardashian Fans: We had just the Kardashians earlier, now we have the fans!
446. People Who Cuss: Big deal, people always do it.
447. Celebrities: These rich celebrities always keep to themselves.
448. BDSM Fetishists: What, WHAT IS THIS.
449. Tyrants: Technically dictators.
450. Misandrists: Worse than misogynists because they actually employ double standards.
451. Religious Snowflakes: A very SPECIAL snowflake.
452. Arrogant People: Ignorant and arrogant.
453. Pseudo-Intellectuals: Know-it-alls.
454. Parents Who Let Their Kids Consume Inappropriate Media: And blame their behaviours for what they show them.
455. People Who Don't Know How to Respect Other People's Opinions: That's literally everyone.
456. People Who Think All Modern Music is Bad: Are perpetually stuck in a terrible past.

Remember, this is worst types of people. Fanbases and hatebases have their own list.


Us hipsters are not ugly u take that back - djpenquin999

Imagine if someone puts numetalmaniak hater on the list. - Skullkid755

To answer your question since you mentioned me in this post I don't think I was the one who added those items, but who knows I could've done it but that was back when I was an uneducated moron I certainly wouldn't do that now, I try not to look back at my past history on this site, it makes me cringe.

and yes I do look at these (with Microsoft Sam reading these posts) - christangrant

I thought you added #373 to #380 because I knew you were against the elitists a long time ago, and mentioned stuff about Silento and Pink Floyd and such.

Not that fanbases really belong on this list when there's another one there already. - NuMetalManiak

Can you explain 12? - TwilightKitsune

132 is a VERY good point - iliekpiez

Yes and quite frankly it makes NO SENSE to just hate these things. If you hate pies, you hate basically anything, even you're own existence. - NuMetalManiak

I meant that pie haters are very evil.
Its quite easy to tell who added the item - iliekpiez

"42. Donald Trump Haters: They are actually the most obsessed people over Trump. His own supporters don't obsess over him."

That is why I do not care if somone hate Trump. - BorisRule