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181 Beybladers
182 Wannabes

Wear those big ol' glasses and you're considered a hipster.

183 Call Centre Operators
184 Necromancers

God necromancers are such a problem, can't get a wink of sleep in most of East Sussex for all the noisy chanting and all that raising of the dead seriously gets old. Come on you necromancer guys, pull yourselves together.

You better be kidding about that. George W. Bush broke the 1st amendment with his amazing Patriot Act. laugh out loud. - username34

I killed an guy with down sindrome and day just keeped bringing his back too life, and I gotted rilly angry

185 Girls With Giant Ego's
186 Ratchet Women

Don't say the slang version of ratchet or I'm going to have to hit you with one. - username34

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187 Girls Pretending to Be Nerdy

Ever been left out cause you were different or wanted to be something you couldn't welcome to my world.

The other day while playing magic some chick came up saying "oh hey can you teach me to play? I'm a nerd"
I also hate when they wear 3d glasses pretending that they need them it pisses me off.

188 Nerds

I heard that these two people who hate nerds passed by a store that was selling lives. Too bad they passed up the offer with their noses in the air and their pockets bulging with money. They really could've used those lives... - username34

Nerds just are obsessed with what they love. which means everybody is a nerd

No one is a true nerd until they've seen Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Have fun working for one.

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189 People Who Think They Know Everything

I wouldn't ever insult someone who thinks they know everything. Obviously nobody can know EVERYTHING. But if you feel that you are an exceptionally smart person, then, good for you, and I hope that you excel at life. - username34

I think I know everything. (please insult me)

Pretty much my dad in a nutshell

"I can use a division algorithm."
Me: Who cares. Let's play some Minecraft

190 Spitters
191 People With Unibrows

We all got unibrows...

Who ever thinks people with unibrows are evil should probably get mugged by people with uibrows

Uh oh, I saw a guy with a unibrow. I think we're all gonna die. laugh out loud. - username34

192 People That Try Too Hard

At least we're trying. - username34


193 People That Don't Try Hard Enough

I have no comment for this. They should actually try. - username34

Better to try too hard than to not try hard enough

I don't try enough. Are you trying to insult me?

194 People Who Laugh at Everything

Would you rather have your joke be left with an awkward silence?

They're the only people that laugh at your jokes, so don't disrespect them. - username34

My cousin's friend always laughed like crazy my cousin said the word "pudding" or "chocolate"

I laughed at this

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195 Crabby People
196 People That Like Country Music and Decide They Are Now a Cowboy

You haven't even touched a horse before. don't wear those pointy boots. idiot

I can't tell if this is serious. - username34

Ok. that's kind of weird.

"Yeee haw, it's time to git back to the crib on my new Tesla car! Giddyap! " *Whip sound*

197 People Who Think Cows Are Crazier Than Elmo

This is just weird

This makes no sense.

What...? - AllAboutLists

198 Principal

Calling me for no reason

199 Lunch Ladies

A lot of them are just trying to make a living. They probably have hard lives and they aren't to blame for bad food. Blame the school systems, controlled by rich white suburban guys drowning in money who don't care about kids.

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200 Grammar Nazis

Some are just trying to help, but there are also the ones that do it just because they're egotistical jerks who think they're better than everyone just because they can spell better.

I hate it when grammar Nazis rage when you misspell one word by saying something like "Learn to spell you retard! " even though it was most likely a typo.

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