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181 Bernie Sanders Supporters
182 "Peaceful" Protesters
183 People Who Spam Messages
184 Rainbow Dash Haters

Oh shut up. Bronies aren't even relevant anymore.

185 Heterosexuals

This is insulting. All sexualities are equal - GriffinDoge

One word: Barf

186 Beybladers
187 Mean Teachers

Something we can all agree with. - LittleAria

188 Those Who Shame People Based on Their Zodiac Sign

These idiots go around saying that those who are a certain sign do this, are like that, and when someone who is smart and reasonable pushes the truth against them that your birth date doesn't determine your personality, everyone shames them. - JakePlaid

189 Cowards
190 Those Who Hate Iowa
191 White Gangsters

That's very racist. Black people aren't the only violent people. - username34

That's totally racist you jerk! African Americans are good people! All races can get a little coo coo!

I am proud to be white.


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192 Fat People

Why is this here. It's kind of offensive to people who are fat. what did they do

Some people can't help being fat, and/or hate themselves because of it. Don't make it worse, and realize everything is fine as long as they aren't morbidly obese.

Who knows why they're fat. Eating disorder, depression, notheless that's no reason to make fun of them. - username34

Hey! This is mean! Whoever put this here must die. I'm really fat, like I weigh 130 lbs and I'm 11, but I hate myself for it. But I'm still a good person!

Whoever put this here will burn in Hell forever. Shut up.

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193 Wannabes

Wear those big ol' glasses and you're considered a hipster.

194 Teachers

Why is teachers on the list? I demand a put down now - STeiner546

I don't like the teachers who hate children or the teachers who treat their children in middle school or higher like kids under 2nd grade. - username34

One treats me like I'm 6. She says everything I do or say is inappropriate for my age. If she was like that in school, she was probably beat around all the time. - Goatworlds

Most are either too strict, lazy or treat you like you're 5. Only a few are good - GriffinDoge

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195 Megan Fox Haters

I heard so many negative comments about the actress on Facebook, Twitter and even the YouTube comments. These hypocrites are selfish, pathetic and ignorant! When Megan sees my comment on this list, she'll give me a green thumbs up!

Can't these people show some respect to the actress that played in two Transformers movie? It wasn't her fault that turned down on the fans, it was Michael Bay who bosses around people!

These haters have no soul at all because all they complain about is Megan Fox's looks, dresses and thumbs! Grow up, haters and start showing some respect!

You people have no respect for others opinion you hypocrites!

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196 Children

WHAT THE! You used to be a child. Remove this

Change this to toddlers! People ages 8-25 (Yes I know that 18-25 aren't kids) rule! People over or under are generally stupid, but there are many exceptions.

Yeah, I know that we were children once, but I just can't stand when they scream and cry in public.

Not true, I like to feast on their bloody parts and they're quite delicious.

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197 Meddlers

Laugh out loud Scooby and the gang :( - gelatinbeastworm

198 Left Handed People

I'm left handed. REBEL!

Laugh out loud

When I saw this I figured out his list was a joke

Almost every type of person is on this list so don't take it too hard

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199 Call Centre Operators
200 Necromancers

God necromancers are such a problem, can't get a wink of sleep in most of East Sussex for all the noisy chanting and all that raising of the dead seriously gets old. Come on you necromancer guys, pull yourselves together.

You better be kidding about that. George W. Bush broke the 1st amendment with his amazing Patriot Act. laugh out loud. - username34

I killed an guy with down sindrome and day just keeped bringing his back too life, and I gotted rilly angry

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