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221 Anti-Racists

While it certainly is bad to be racist, some people take their dislike of racism to extreme levels by jumping to conclusions whenever they see anything that sounds racist in the slightest that the person is racist. Literally, if you order black paint at a paint store these days, you'll be called racist.

90 percent of anti racist are racist to whites

So this guy is racist - username34

I think racism is bad but extreme anti racists are awful. They are hypocrites that blame white people for everything - GriffinDoge

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222 Homosexuals

Time to call the garbage truck, there's a homophobic pile of trash here that's stinking up the place.

If you're going to hate someone just because they like people of the same sex, then YOU are the pile of trash. That's NOT a reason to spit on someone and hate them.

Evil disgusting people

Homophobes should just go kill themselves.

I could vomit. This is "abominable".

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223 Brony Haters

I don't mind bronies, but some are just crazy. You know, the ones who like My Little Pony porn

Hey! We hate brownies for a reason, you know!

But brownies are delicious. I guess not everyone likes the tastes of oven baked brownies. - BrotherOfWolves001

If there's one thing that's worst than bronies, it's the people that say stuff like "End all bronies! " and "All bronies need to die! ". Those people need to learn to respect people's opinions. Not all bronies are cloppers!


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224 Dallas Cowboy Fans
225 Jews

Dumbass. You must be an exploding dumbass. I'm sorry, did I offend you? Well, fyi that apology was a little... well... fake. And did you know that brains are actually used? And did you know that proof can go a long way? Those two things, my friend, must be accounted for in your case. Obviously the last time you used that was the one time you weren't being a mindless troll on the internet. I'm sorry if my overall intellect hurts your very few brain cells, but I'm not ignorant, which can be shown in the way that I talk about your below average IQ level. Goodbye and farewell. - username34

The last thing we need are racists and Christian fundamentalists tampering with this list and adding Jews and Muslims. I mean seriously, take them off the list, they're people, too! - Turkeyasylum

They pollute the media and corrupt us. They have been lying and swindling since the day they met another civilization, namely the Egyptians. Why do you think everyones always hated them? Its not because they're Jews, it's because they try to ruin everyone for their own good

Y'all are stupid! Take a joke! - DoroExploro13

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226 Karma Houdinis
227 People Who Like Big Brother V 1 Comment
228 People Who Are On Big Brother

I think they are all nasty people

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229 People Who Never Admit They're Wrong

Nobody is right all the time; everyone is wrong about something once in a while.

Yea this is mostly anime fans

230 Bikers V 1 Comment
231 T-baggers in MW3

If you don't like it, then don't post it on a social media forum. Attention like this is what T-baggers want. - username34

232 Anime Fans

Screw whoever put this on here.

Yeah! I'm 16 and I loved Anime! Maybe a so called logic headed person put thus. - Frost182

I'm a fan of anime, but I HATE people who say U don't LEIK YOOGEE O AWWW DIE NAO


That's that's basically them.

233 Power Puff Girls Believers

People think the PPG exsit? (OMFG0 - Tayxd123

234 Narcissists

They act like everything is all about them and they're so vain!

They give you one chance to be how they want you to be, then they look at you like you r an idiot - username34

Ignore them. that will put their ego on a diet.

235 Juggalos
236 Adults

Some can be very annoying. My teachers are annoying. Zeus Cervas is evil. The creators of Sanjay and Craig, Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, Barney, Dora, Caillou, Breadwinners, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Victorious, Total Drama, Fish Hooks, and Friends were all obviously either stupid or drunk. - Goatworlds

So if you hate adults, you hate your parents?

Oh my god... seriously?

Y'know, every kid becomes one at some point...

237 People Who Randomly Explode After Eating a Spicy Bean Burrito

Hey, that happens to my uncle Phil! I was born in 2010!

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238 Canadians

Who ever put canadians on the list are jealous hyppicratical scum bags and need to burn in hell. You can't just people based on their nationality. Americans Canadians Jews stupid nationalist scumbags.

Whoever added this on here is just mad that Canada is the best country (and I'm not even Canadian, and I don't even live there) - venomouskillingmachine

I'm canadian you fool. I will murder whoever put canadians on this list. Who ever did this needs to be tourtured. Who ever did this needs to be forced to eat glass burned by torches and than put them out and send them to the arctic when it is winter for 10 days and make them listen to justin bieber then blow out the dude's brians with a shotgun.

I am canadian and I wanted to say to that person who put this on the list I will make you,listen to justin bieber for 10 hours make you eat glass and make you drink bleach and tourcher you for 25 months.

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239 Frozen Fans V 2 Comments
240 2010s Kids

At this zoo I saw a 6 year old or something take a selfie with her iPhone with a bright gold case... - Harri666

2010 kid: Anyone born after 2004

At this zoo I saw a 6 year old or something take a picture of herself with her iPhone with a gold case - Harri666

I was born in 2004 and I hate 2010s trends a lot - GriffinDoge

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