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221 People That Like Math

You are sincerely a bully. Get a life, rent a friend, and put down the marijuana. I highly doubt he pushed you very hard. Push him back instead of kicking him. Unless he was purposefully trying to hurt you, then I am very sorry and I back you up on your statement. - username34

I love math I don't say " Math is my favorite I am smarter than you" I bye math the most interesting. Someone might say to me get friends well I have tones of friends.

A nerd in my class who thinks he knows everything brags about how 12th grade math is he pisses me off when he push me in the hall way I kicked him in the stomach instead of fighting back he told on me and got me detention man I may not be popular but screw them math may be easy to people and hard but braggers will get their ass kicked

Have fun working for one - GriffinDoge

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222 People That Try Too Hard

At least we're trying. - username34


223 People That Don't Try Hard Enough

I have no comment for this. They should actually try. - username34

Better to try too hard than to not try hard enough

I don't try enough. Are you trying to insult me?

224 People Who Laugh at Everything

Would you rather have your joke be left with an awkward silence?

They're the only people that laugh at your jokes, so don't disrespect them. - username34

My cousin's friend always laughed like crazy my cousin said the word "pudding" or "chocolate"

I laughed at this

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225 Crabby People
226 People That Like Country Music and Decide They Are Now a Cowboy

You haven't even touched a horse before. don't wear those pointy boots. idiot

I can't tell if this is serious. - username34

Ok. that's kind of weird.

"Yeee haw, it's time to git back to the crib on my new Tesla car! Giddyap! " *Whip sound*

227 People Who Think Cows Are Crazier Than Elmo

This is just weird

This makes no sense.

What...? - AllAboutLists

228 Principal

Calling me for no reason

229 Lunch Ladies

A lot of them are just trying to make a living. They probably have hard lives and they aren't to blame for bad food. Blame the school systems, controlled by rich white suburban guys drowning in money who don't care about kids.

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230 Grammar Nazis

Some are just trying to help, but there are also the ones that do it just because they're egotistical jerks who think they're better than everyone just because they can spell better.

I hate it when grammar Nazis rage when you misspell one word by saying something like "Learn to spell you retard! " even though it was most likely a typo.

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231 The Easily Offended

The kind of people who say that you're racist just because you don't like Obama.

Unfortunately, this has become such an epidemic. If you say anything nowadays, someone, somewhere, somehow will get offended.


Me: I'm anti feminist
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d
me: your overweight
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d
me: I kinda support abortion but I kinda don't
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d
me: I believe in 2 genders naturally because there are only two sexes
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d
me: get help if you're depressed
easily offended: t r I g g e r e d

god. peace

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232 Religious Fundamentalists

Religious fundamental are always proud of ignorance.

233 PewDiePie Fans

I don't have anything against Pewdiepie himself. However, his fanbase is extremely annoying and cancerous, as evidenced by the other comments here.

I am a fan of hating fan haters who hate fan haters

Wow this is dumb

Why is this on the list? I hate fan haters.

234 90s Kids

These kinds of people are the most annoying people I've ever seen. They almost all time say 'hey remember the good old days of (insert good cartoon, a good musical artist, or a old toy they used to own or still have it.' Trust me they are so closed minded, nostalgic, morons.

This will keep happening as the generations keep passing. The next decade people might say is the best might be the 2010s and then maybe the 2030s. It will just keep going.

Some of them always complain about how bad this generation is and some of them talking about the 90s were the best generation ever.

80s kids are better anyone else agree

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235 Twihards
236 People Who Can't See Quality In Their Face and Find Value In Crap
237 Flirters
238 Anti-Racists

While it certainly is bad to be racist, some people take their dislike of racism to extreme levels by jumping to conclusions whenever they see anything that sounds racist in the slightest that the person is racist. Literally, if you order black paint at a paint store these days, you'll be called racist.

90 percent of anti racist are racist to whites

So this guy is racist - username34

I think racism is bad but extreme anti racists are awful. They are hypocrites that blame white people for everything - GriffinDoge

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239 Homosexuals

Time to call the garbage truck, there's a homophobic pile of trash here that's stinking up the place.

If you're going to hate someone just because they like people of the same sex, then YOU are the pile of trash. That's NOT a reason to spit on someone and hate them.

Evil disgusting people

Homophobes should just go kill themselves.

I could vomit. This is "abominable".

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240 Brony Haters

I don't mind bronies, but some are just crazy. You know, the ones who like My Little Pony porn

Hey! We hate brownies for a reason, you know!

But brownies are delicious. I guess not everyone likes the tastes of oven baked brownies. - BrotherOfWolves001

If there's one thing that's worst than bronies, it's the people that say stuff like "End all bronies! " and "All bronies need to die! ". Those people need to learn to respect people's opinions. Not all bronies are cloppers!


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