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261 Overprotective Parents

My parents are so overprotective, and they like defending me from the outside world. I'm 12, but they treat me like I'm 4. - Goatworlds

They only do that because they love you.

262 Extremely Vain People
263 Juggies (McJuggerNuggets fans)
264 Star Wars Nerds

Most Star Wars fans are little 5 year olds. ( I am a Trekkie)

My best friend is a Star Wars nerd. I can't stand it, but we both geek about fnaf

265 ISIS Militants


266 Airheaded Morons
267 People that blast music from their cars

Oh my god one time that "watch me whip" song was blasting in this dads car while I was walking around the school parking lot and I screamed "CAN YOU NOT". haven't heart him blast it since.

268 People That Blame Innocent People
269 Soccer Moms
270 Pygophiles
271 Minion Haters

I love minion haters. I don't get how more people are familiar with minions than despicable me

I Hate Them

Listen, It's Okay If You Like Minion Haters But Think About This Hypothetical Situation
What If Your Best Friend Liked The Minions, What Would You Do?
1.Betray And Bully Him Or Her Forever
2.Respect His Or Her Opinion

I Do Respect Your Opinion However

272 Fishermen

What's wrong about fishermen? They're not bad.

273 Cheaters
274 Drug Users
275 People Who Like Fantastic Four (2015) V 1 Comment
276 Bible Thumpers
277 Soldiers

What's wrong with soldiers?! These people put their lives at risk to protect their country!

278 Genderfluids
279 Stuck-Up People
280 People Who Say Everything's For Babies
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