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261 Girls Who Cut Themselves
262 Pewdiepie Haters

I don't hate PDP as a person, I just hate the character he plays in his videos. His fans are a bunch of idiotic and obnoxious children, as shown by the other comments.

Well haters are annoying

They hate him just because he is so popular

U h8 him because u ain't him

263 In-Laws
264 Pop Singers V 1 Comment
265 Rappers
266 Copycats

Not just academically. I mean the people who do what you do in every aspect of life! Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, but if it's all they do, then it's downright pitiful. - higgsboson2142

267 People Who Live on a Double Standard

They can dish out the dirt on others, but they can't take it when it's done to them. And when it is done to them, they try to act like they're the victim, even though they are doing the same thing to others and don't care.

268 Bitches

Some people prefer female dogs over male dogs.

They have no problem being a bitch, even toward people they don't even know, but they don't like it when they're called a bitch.

269 People Who Like Bubblegum Pop, Techno, and Dubstep

I mean, I don't like pop but it's alright to have an opinion as long as you aren't annoying about it.


270 People Who Hate Children

Already on the list

271 Short People

Why should a person's size/height make a difference? I care about personality.

Short people live longer than tall people, is that why u hate them? If so then you just envy them

Why did you hated them? Not everyone has the same height! - Frost182

272 People Who Exclude Others

People who exclude others should go die in a pit of fire

273 Anti-Vaccine People
274 Creationists
275 Creepers V 1 Comment
276 Doitsuists V 2 Comments
277 People That Still Watch Kids Cartoons

I'm still 16 and I loved cartoon! So? What is Anime by the way? My aunt loved Anime! - Frost182

I can watch anything and still enjoy it. - Tayxd123

I wish I could spit on all teenage SU fans

278 People Who Defend Miley Cyrus
279 Miley Cyrus Fans
280 Con Artists
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