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281 Creepers V 1 Comment
282 Doitsuists V 2 Comments
283 People That Still Watch Kids Cartoons

I'm still 16 and I loved cartoon! So? What is Anime by the way? My aunt loved Anime! - Frost182

I can watch anything and still enjoy it. - Tayxd123

I wish I could spit on all teenage SU fans

284 People Who Defend Miley Cyrus
285 Miley Cyrus Fans
286 Con Artists
287 Theistic Satanists
288 Ke$ha Fans

I don't like Ke$ha but there's nothing wrong with liking a certain artist.

289 Sociopaths

At least Stewie and Bart are funny - Goatworlds

290 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Haters

Wait! These kinds of people exist?!

There is no such thing...

291 Frozen Haters

Take this off, I hate Frozen. - Goatworlds

So what if I hate Frozen you 5 year old hypocrite.

I don't particularly hate it, just it's fans


292 Turd Eaters V 1 Comment
293 Extremists
294 Neckbeards
295 People That Tell Other People to Get a Life

Guess what? Every living thing has a life.

296 People That Hate Neon Genesis Evangelion
297 Demi Lovato Haters

I hate Demi Lovato. I you want real music go listen to Rock or Metal. - Goatworlds

Screw Demi Lovato! Green Day and Harry Chapin make REAL music.

They are sick and have no taste in music.

298 Overprotective Parents

My parents are so overprotective, and they like defending me from the outside world. I'm 12, but they treat me like I'm 4. - Goatworlds

They only do that because they love you.

299 Extremely Vain People
300 Juggies (McJuggerNuggets fans)
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