Worst Types of People


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321 4Chan Users
322 Otherkin
323 People that Use "Autism" as an Insult

My vote goes to this! - thisisaveryrandomusername88

324 Younger Siblings
325 Buzzkills
326 People Who Think the Earth is Flat

People who still believe this in 2017 are seriously delusional. - drdevil

327 People Who Think They Can Force Others To Love Them

Except you can't force someone to love you. - MLPFan

328 Millennials
329 The Ones Who Hate Life for Dumb Reasons
330 People that complain about modern Spongebob
331 Radical Islamists
332 Transsexuals

I'm indifferent with these people, to me, getting a sex change is the equivalent of putting on a mask, you're pretty much just pretending that you're the opposite gender, even though I don't think it makes you the opposite gender I'm just like, "if it makes you happy, believe what you want"

I Don't Understand These People

333 People that capitalize the first letter of every word

I'm Talking About People That Type Like This. It's Really Annoying To Read When People Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Single Word Like This.

You just typed in all caps on every word

334 Undertale Fans
335 People who comment "Like if you're watching in..." followed by a year
336 Clowns

I agree, I am claustrophobic to clowns and they freak me out. - LittleAria

What Did Clowns Do To You?

337 Overprotective Boyfriends

I hate this! One day, I was talking to a girl I was good FRIENDS with. Then her boyfriend came along and said "lay off my girl! " I hate these people so much! - DoroExploro13

338 Barney & Friends Fans V 1 Comment
339 Anti Bronies

Oh come on. Bronies aren't even relevant anymore. And even then, I still think anti-bronies are more rational. All the hype and buzz around MLP is slowly dying, so just let it die.

340 Inappropriate People
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