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361 Smokers

Let people smoke if they want to. I do it, and it's a good way to let off some stress after a hard day at work. And I don't care if it gives me cancer when I'm 80, because who the hell wants to be 90 anyway?

They should all choke.

They do. On the tar

362 Lazy People
363 People That Drink

And no, not non-alcoholic beverages. - Freddy_Fazbear

364 Anti-Racists

While it certainly is bad to be racist, some people take their dislike of racism to extreme levels by jumping to conclusions whenever they see anything that sounds racist in the slightest that the person is racist. Literally, if you order black paint at a paint store these days, you'll be called racist.

90 percent of anti racist are racist to whites

Anti-Racists = They blame whites for everything = Black Lives Matter

I don't like being racist, but anti racist kinda means "anti white" and I'm 'Murican so I find that rude

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365 Greenpeace People
366 People Who Call Others the "N" Word
367 Teachers

Why is teachers on the list? I demand a put down now - STeiner546

I don't like the teachers who hate children or the teachers who treat their children in middle school or higher like kids under 2nd grade. - username34

One treats me like I'm 6. She says everything I do or say is inappropriate for my age. If she was like that in school, she was probably beat around all the time. - Goatworlds

Most are either too strict, lazy or treat you like you're 5. Only a few are good - GriffinDoge

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368 Christians

Christians are literally the biggest hypocrites out there. They are constantly trying to get others believe in the same stuff they do, and they like to say that the stuff you like and the stuff you do is sinning, but they do the same things as soon as they walk out the church door. Well, if you're a sinner for doing this and that, what does that make them for doing the same thing? They're technically sinners too. And if you read the whole Bible, new and old testaments, the whole thing is so contradictory and so screwed up it doesn't make much sense. Religion is just a way to control people.

Not all Christians are bad, I use Christianity as a guide of good morals, but there are some things I disagree with, and no, not all bibles say homosexuality is a sin, you can thank Catholic holy rollers for that. Christianity is not the backbone of my live but I do pray and go to church, even if sometimes I disagree with wha they preach. Westboro is terrible, but they shouldn't define all Christians. I don't support what they do, and Christianity doesn't stand for that. I don't look at others as less if they aren't Christian, or not my race, or sex, or don't identify as straight (because I'm not). Please don't think all Christians are bat, they aren't

Now hold on, just because someone says they are Christian, doesn't mean they are, I myself an Christian, and the only people I dislike are people who discriminate others, and while that includes a lot of the so called "Christian" community, I was brought up that if someone believes something you disagree with because of your religon, then you shouldn't hate them for it, treat them how you want to be treated, and anyone who doesn't do this, and treats people with cruelty and hate, really shouldn't call themselves Christian. (I'm also surprised that this wasn't higher on the list, I was prepared for this to be on the top 20 at least)

Every religion has their racist, bad side. Not all christians are bad (a lot are good people). Ignore the bigoted ones. by the way I'm agnostic - Phillip873

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369 Homosexuals

Time to call the garbage truck, there's a homophobic pile of trash here that's stinking up the place.

If you're going to hate someone just because they like people of the same sex, then YOU are the pile of trash. That's NOT a reason to spit on someone and hate them.

Evil disgusting people

Homophobes should just go kill themselves.

I could vomit. This is "abominable".

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370 People That Like Math

You are sincerely a bully. Get a life, rent a friend, and put down the marijuana. I highly doubt he pushed you very hard. Push him back instead of kicking him. Unless he was purposefully trying to hurt you, then I am very sorry and I back you up on your statement. - username34

I love math I don't say " Math is my favorite I am smarter than you" I bye math the most interesting. Someone might say to me get friends well I have tones of friends.

A nerd in my class who thinks he knows everything brags about how 12th grade math is he pisses me off when he push me in the hall way I kicked him in the stomach instead of fighting back he told on me and got me detention man I may not be popular but screw them math may be easy to people and hard but braggers will get their ass kicked

Enumerate people are worthless.

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371 Megan Fox Haters

I heard so many negative comments about the actress on Facebook, Twitter and even the YouTube comments. These hypocrites are selfish, pathetic and ignorant! When Megan sees my comment on this list, she'll give me a green thumbs up!

Can't these people show some respect to the actress that played in two Transformers movie? It wasn't her fault that turned down on the fans, it was Michael Bay who bosses around people!

These haters have no soul at all because all they complain about is Megan Fox's looks, dresses and thumbs! Grow up, haters and start showing some respect!

You people have no respect for others opinion you hypocrites!

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372 White Gangsters

That's very racist. Black people aren't the only violent people. - username34

That's totally racist you jerk! African Americans are good people! All races can get a little coo coo!

I am proud to be white.


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373 Fat People

Why is this here. It's kind of offensive to people who are fat. what did they do

Some people can't help being fat, and/or hate themselves because of it. Don't make it worse, and realize everything is fine as long as they aren't morbidly obese.

Who knows why they're fat. Eating disorder, depression, notheless that's no reason to make fun of them. - username34

Hey! This is mean! Whoever put this here must die. I'm really fat, like I weigh 130 lbs and I'm 11, but I hate myself for it. But I'm still a good person!

Whoever put this here will burn in Hell forever. Shut up.

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374 Good People

Okay, judging by what that other person said about good people, just keep in mind that the bad people are the ones that do the drugs, steal, kill, bully, etc. But also, the good people are WAY to, well, good. They tend to tell on people for the littlest things and are mostly teachers pets and mommas boys and things like that. People are extremely annoyed with them. But there are people like me; a balance between good and bad. These people will break the rules, but if the rule is very serious (I mean, extremely serious) then they won't tell on the people doing it, but they won't do it themselves. - username34

I'm looking back at my last comment. I made that almost 7 months ago. I have changed. I realize that good people are the people that excel in life. Yes, I do somewhat agree that when you have someone who is just a "don't do anything wrong I'm a snitch" kind of person, then it kind of causes problems. But then again, being bad and breaking the rules can cause problems as well. - username34

Hey I'm a good person that offends me

Good people are bad people, because that makes sense. - Martinglez

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375 90s Kids

These kinds of people are the most annoying people I've ever seen. They almost all time say 'hey remember the good old days of (insert good cartoon, a good musical artist, or a old toy they used to own or still have it.' Trust me they are so closed minded, nostalgic, morons.

This will keep happening as the generations keep passing. The next decade people might say is the best might be the 2010s and then maybe the 2030s. It will just keep going.

Some of them always complain about how bad this generation is and some of them talking about the 90s were the best generation ever.

They are annoying as hell is what I heard. in 2016 they are like things were so much better in the 90's. I wonder in 1916 they were all like things were so much better in the 1890's like how does it go? also in the 2100's will people be all like things were so much better in the 2090's. and in the 2200's things were so much better in the 2190's. it probably never ends does it.

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376 2010s Kids

At this zoo I saw a 6 year old or something take a selfie with her iPhone with a bright gold case... - Harri666

2010 kid: Anyone born after 2004

At this zoo I saw a 6 year old or something take a picture of herself with her iPhone with a gold case - Harri666

Truth right here

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377 Jews

Dumbass. You must be an exploding dumbass. I'm sorry, did I offend you? Well, fyi that apology was a little... well... fake. And did you know that brains are actually used? And did you know that proof can go a long way? Those two things, my friend, must be accounted for in your case. Obviously the last time you used that was the one time you weren't being a mindless troll on the internet. I'm sorry if my overall intellect hurts your very few brain cells, but I'm not ignorant, which can be shown in the way that I talk about your below average IQ level. Goodbye and farewell. - username34

The last thing we need are racists and Christian fundamentalists tampering with this list and adding Jews and Muslims. I mean seriously, take them off the list, they're people, too! - Turkeyasylum

They pollute the media and corrupt us. They have been lying and swindling since the day they met another civilization, namely the Egyptians. Why do you think everyones always hated them? Its not because they're Jews, it's because they try to ruin everyone for their own good

Y'all are stupid! Take a joke! - DoroExploro13

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378 Right Handed People

What did right handed people ever do to you. insult you by saying you're the devil cause your left handed

I'm right-handed! It's people's literality! What types of brain do you have for mocking this right handed people? - Frost182

I'm right handed and proud! Righties unities!

So basically everyone on the planet?

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379 The Loud House Fans
380 Hoodrats
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