Worst Types of People


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361 Smartasses

I hate when they correct me, like THIS AIN'T NO SPELLING BEE GOT DAMMIT. - LittleAria

362 Over Critical People

People who critize people too much - christangrant

363 Nickelback Haters
364 The Loud House Fans
365 Pop Elitists
366 Metal Elitists
367 Music Elitists
368 People Who Type in All Caps
369 AC/DC Haters
370 Pink Floyd Haters
371 Metal Haters
372 Silento Fans
373 Katy Kats (Katy Perry Fans)

I almost thought you said kit kat, but I agree. - LittleAria

374 Scammers
375 Shippers

I love shipping honestly. - LittleAria

376 People with Bad Posture
377 The Young Turks Fans
378 Black Lives Matter Supporters

Son of a gun, put this down right now please. - LittleAria

379 Blue Lives Matter Supporters
380 Cultists
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