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21 Social Justice Warriors

They are braindead idiots who find ways to get offended over literally everything they don't like. They are also man children who act all nice and peaceful on the outside, but once things don't go their way, their true colors show and they choose to riot in the streets and destroy property like little toddlers. - DCfnaf

Think that every little thing is racist or sexist. They can't accept any political opinion that opposes to theirs. - EpicJake

They always think they're so smart, right and superior, but a lot of the time they aren't - drdevil

You're not gonna believe this, but most SJWs are actually trying to normalize pedophelia. - Aragorn98

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22 Anybody That Says "Swag" or "Yolo"

They don't even use that word correctly!
I'm gonna jump off a cliff! YOLO
I'm gonna have an over dose! YOLO
I just got jailed for life! YOLO
I'm gonna go into an under water cage handcuffed! YOLO
I'm gonna copyright movies! YOLO
I'm gonna... And so on

They are a scar on the 21st century, they are the epitome of a cultural disaster


It isn't 2010 anymore

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23 Animal Abuser

Animals may not be humans, but they can still feel stuff, the same as a human. And they DON'T deserve the abuse they are constantly getting. They deserve love and respect. And people who abuse animals should not own pets and should be treated just as bad. It doesn't feel good, does it?

How is someone who says "Swag" or "Yolo" worse than these people - venomouskillingmachine

They're so bad they're on the list twice! - PeeledBanana

I dispise all who abuse animals.

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24 9/11 Jokers

Yeah guys. Don't make jokes about 9/11. They're just PLANE wrong.

I feel bad for laughing but the level of irony on this comment is great - Phillip873

If you can't joke about things that are terrible then you fail at life 9/11 was a tragedy but they should have seen it coming they were 100 stories up and it was in PLANE sight.

How about you jokers have a plane crash into your house

To be fair all of us jokers know it was bad. We just think it's fun to joke about for sonsome reason. I don't k ow why. - TeamRocket747

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25 Abusive Parents

Some people should not be able to reproduce. And your parents are supposed to be the people who love and support you the most, not the people who abuse you most.

Any abusive parents should get their kids taken away, be locked up, and IF they come out, they need to get any kind of surgery that makes them infertile.

26 Weeaboos

Then they hate on everyone who doesn't like it and just say that anime is and always will be better. Then they make excuses saying that cartoons don't have a storyline.

It's so annoying how they obsess over Japan and anime and worship it all day...

Sound gibberish to me. The title of these people. - Freddy_Fazbear

Genji and Hanzo mains in Overwatch are cancer. Yes, I'm trying to offend you. I find one or two of these guys in every game I play. You never help on the objective.

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27 Child Abusers Child Abusers

Damaging or ruining a child's life in any way, shape, or form is never okay.

The picture is of John Wayne Gacy!

Why is the picture Gacy?

Abusers in general are d*c ks - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

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28 Hipsters

I hated hipsters before it was mainstream...

WHAT?!? Hipsters is a human with peas( I vant spell that in english)
Well you know what they are!
If you don't then why do you hate them?!

29 Adolf Hitler Fans

Hitler has fans? Since when?

The Nazis and Neo-Nazis are Hitler's fans don't you guys realize it?

I thought he didn't have any

Zionist this, Zionist that. Zionist MY A$$. these are the dumbasses who say that "Hitler was great he recognized the problem that jews were everywhere oh oh my" The same guys who think Tupac is still alive, 9/11 was an inside job, and red heads are part alien.

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30 Mega Man Haters

Just because they won't admit that they cannot take a challenge! They think that just because they play one game (like Call of Duty or Minecraft), then they are the ultimate gaming master when it's so obvious that they're not if they can't even beat one level of a Mega Man game! What sore loser babies.

Is this a joke?

People can hate what they want even if the majority likes it. also mega man is hard

Just because someone hates something you like doesn't make them a bad person. - SmashPrincess

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31 Spoiled Brats Spoiled Brats

The spoiled part really annoys me. I have always liked dirt bikes and motocross and I asked my parents can I get a dirt bike. They said you can work for one. If you want one so bad fix the one in the basement they said. I tell my neighbor about a dirt bike I like. He asks his parents and they say they'll buy him one for Christmas. The kid doesn't even have a clue as to how the thing works. What the hell do you get everything you want just by asking, not that I know of.

Spoiled brats are so annoying! They expect the best stuff, and if they don't get it, they'll throw a huge fit! I can't stand spoiled kids! Sure, I get spoiled a little bit, but not all the time. I'd don't always get what I want. If I acted like a brat, I would get grounded for God knows how long! - SmashPrincess

Oh my gosh, don't get me started on these kids! I'm 13, and I have a slide phone that doesn't do tons of fancy stuff, and I'm happy! I have an iPad that does the exact same stuff! I am a little spoiled on holidays and stuff. I have a few words to sum up spoiled brats: Today's generation of kids. The cause of brats? Two words: Bad Parenting. End of story. - SmashPrincess

They say " dad you got the wrong car I hate it" " dad is this the iPhone 8 I wanted the iPhone 10! " Meanwhile, I'm happy if my dad actually acknowledges my existence. - Catacorn

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32 Cyberbullies
33 Donald Trump Haters

Screw Donald Trump haters, trump is the best!

Oh, did an ignorant person post this? - JakePlaid

34 Liberals

Very annoying people that claim to be for free speech but shun anybody who disagrees with them (most of the time conservatives). They also think very highly of themselves just because they hate America.

I love how all these liberal haters are so obsessed with politics that they think all liberals do this, or do that. I feel so bad for you people. - JakePlaid

They always whine about "free speech" when they probably don't even know what it actually is.

They suck and they control collages

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35 People Who Enjoy Pissing Other People Off

Depends on the person.

It's fine to piss off types of people that are higher on this list - GriffinDoge

36 Drug Dealers

I'm not being mean here don't worry, but I'm pretty sure that if someone cared about another person, they wouldn't give them drugs. - username34

If they do it for the money then there bad. but if they do it cause they care bout the person then I don' know.

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37 School Shooters

Considered murderers

38 Popular Kids

Some of these people would be just swimming in their popularity of sports, clothing, and talking, but barely take time to do schoolwork. They're extroverts. But the less popular ones they made fun of (who probably are introverts) can increase their grades and get great jobs. I am one of those, but I'm not teased at or disliked. I'm well liked by a fair amount of people at school, but just not the most popular. I don't care if I'm so popular. I just care to at least be liked.

All you need to do to be popular is talk a lot and wear dumb clothes. - username34

They think they're so cool, but a lot of them are really stupid and destined to get crap jobs while the nerds they teased become successful.

So during recess (Yes, I'm a fifth grader) today, a popular kid named Connor was running to recess, and his fanboys (or connortards) just followed him and pushed me just to get to him. - TeamRocket747

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39 Thugs

The original Thugs were bands of roving criminals in India who strangled and robbed travellers. Originally these gangs committed murder following precise religious rites to honour Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction.

40 Poop Eaters

People actually do this? I thought feces was poisonous...

*cleveland brown voice* oh that's nasty

You've gotta be kidding me.

Is this a joke? - SmashPrincess

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