Worst Types of People


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381 Neo-Nazis
382 Shoplifters
383 KotakuInAction Users
384 Socialists
385 Transphobes
386 TERFs
387 Anti-Semites
388 Autistic People Who Use Autism as an Excuse

People like this make me ashamed to be an autist.

389 People who play Pokemon Go
390 People Who are Demonically Possessed

what... - LittleAria

391 Scouts

These people are dumb minded. Remember why it is created? For a country to win a WAR! - MChkflaguard_Yt

392 Wikipedia Vandals
393 Islamophobes
394 People Who Believe that There are More Than 2 Genders
395 Non-Binary Gendered People
396 Klansmen
397 Misanthropes
398 Sexy Teenagers
399 Those Who Call Random People Stupid
400 Slaves to Society

These people follow every societal norm, shame those that don't follow the norm, and are the biggest reason the world is the way it is. - JakePlaid

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