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381 Snobby School Girls

They think they're such hot stuff, but they're not. They're just stuck up.

382 People With Beards

Are people just putting whatever comes into their minds? - Goatworlds

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383 Adults

Some can be very annoying. My teachers are annoying. Zeus Cervas is evil. The creators of Sanjay and Craig, Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, Barney, Dora, Caillou, Breadwinners, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Victorious, Total Drama, Fish Hooks, and Friends were all obviously either stupid or drunk. - Goatworlds

So if you hate adults, you hate your parents?

Oh my god... seriously?

Y'know, every kid becomes one at some point...

384 Canadians

Who ever put canadians on the list are jealous hyppicratical scum bags and need to burn in hell. You can't just people based on their nationality. Americans Canadians Jews stupid nationalist scumbags.

I'm canadian you fool. I will murder whoever put canadians on this list. Who ever did this needs to be tourtured. Who ever did this needs to be forced to eat glass burned by torches and than put them out and send them to the arctic when it is winter for 10 days and make them listen to justin bieber then blow out the dude's brians with a shotgun.

... Now Americans on the list now Jewish on the list now canadians!? On the list and if I see Mexicans or Europeans on the list I go insane so please stop putting canadians or others on the list

I am canadian and I wanted to say to that person who put this on the list I will make you,listen to justin bieber for 10 hours make you eat glass and make you drink bleach and tourcher you for 25 months.

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385 Left Handed People

I'm left handed. REBEL!

Laugh out loud

When I saw this I figured out his list was a joke

Almost every type of person is on this list so don't take it too hard

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386 Children

WHAT THE! You used to be a child. Remove this

Change this to toddlers! People ages 8-25 (Yes I know that 18-25 aren't kids) rule! People over or under are generally stupid, but there are many exceptions.

Yeah, I know that we were children once, but I just can't stand when they scream and cry in public.

Not true, I like to feast on their bloody parts and they're quite delicious.

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