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41 School Shooters

Considered murderers

42 Popular Kids

Some of these people would be just swimming in their popularity of sports, clothing, and talking, but barely take time to do schoolwork. They're extroverts. But the less popular ones they made fun of (who probably are introverts) can increase their grades and get great jobs. I am one of those, but I'm not teased at or disliked. I'm well liked by a fair amount of people at school, but just not the most popular. I don't care if I'm so popular. I just care to at least be liked.

All you need to do to be popular is talk a lot and wear dumb clothes. - username34

They think they're so cool, but a lot of them are really stupid and destined to get crap jobs while the nerds they teased become successful.

Not all popular kids are bad. Believe it or not, one of the popular kids in my school is my friend - venomouskillingmachine

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43 Fake People
44 Poop Eaters

People actually do this? I thought feces was poisonous...

*cleveland brown voice* oh that's nasty

You've gotta be kidding me.

Is this a joke? - SmashPrincess

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45 Liars
46 Directioners Directioners

Aka, people who have terrible taste in music.

One Direction is overr8ed

Maybe! Directioners just freak me out But I'AM A DIRECTIONER Girl are so much directioners - Habitat

I'm not a Directioners but why they are in the worst type of people?
they just like One Direction is that a bad thing? No - lovingicecreams

47 Furries

Grown men in animal costumes. That's for 2 year olds

Not all are bad, just the ones who upload furry porn - venomouskillingmachine

While about 80% of furries are generally harmless in their weirdness, the other 20% kinda creeps me out. And the estimated 0.8% are some of the worst types of people.

Just look at what they do, it's so disgusting I can't tell u because you'll get cancer and die or you will get scarred for life - GriffinDoge

48 People Who Brag A Lot

People who brag a lot are so conceited and jerky... ugh...

Take americans for an example. they brag to much.

49 Child Molesters

What is the first thing on the list doing with the last things on the list

Needs to be up higher on the list

Worst people on earth people will beat you up for it in prison

50 Donald Trump Protesters
51 Douchebags

I Don't feel that this is very specific. What exactly do you mean?

There's a douchbag who lives in my neighborhood he ruins everything and he picks on little kids he's evil

Dude a douchebag is like a spoiled brat as well.

52 Conservatives

They believe in a fairytale book

Now, I'm an atheist myself, and I find the bible and religion ridiculous, but learn to respect others opinions. Also, what does a political party have to do with religion? Politics brainwashed you, my friend. - JakePlaid

Lmao these idiots being so obsessed with politics that it brainwashed them. - JakePlaid

They are dumb white, racist, catholic, confederate, buddwiser drinking idiots who hate any minority and focus and making the rich richer

So people should be aloud to rape and murder. there has to be a limit somewhere. not all conservatives are racist

53 Hackers
54 Dora Fans

Dora fans are mostly made up of 6 year olds. Or are their older people? I don't know. - username34

When I heard I was a dora fan when I was young I beat myself up

'Dora Fans' probably is not the best way to word it. A better way to say this would be 'People who like Dora and are not Preschoolers.'

Does it matter? - SmashPrincess

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55 Gypsies

They are like parasites, contributing with nothing to society

Bigot. Nothing is wrong with gypsies. It's an ethnic group, not a lifestyle.

I literally have no idea what gypsies do. No comment. - username34

They travel around the country in caravans as big groups and camp for a few days in each flat and green around the country, in my town there have been a few on the outskirts and there have been reports of them steeling things from your garden like pressure washers for some reason - Harri666

Glad Hitler killed them - DoroExploro13

I don't hate them but they can't just go wherever they once. Once they went in the park near I live, they ruined it for everyone. Everything was messed up and they went around bothering people :(

56 Teenyboppers

They are one of the things that are plunging the U.S. into the toilet. Almost everything in pop culture nowadays is to appeal to teenyboppers, who cannot think for themselves and have absolutely no independence or common sense. - lukestheman4

Thank you for explaining that for me. I was going to say that, but then I realized you already said it. I do agree though, I walk through the hallways of high school and there's a line of girls dressed the same exact way all playing on their iPhones and wearing stupid headbands for no reason. - username34

Oh! So THAT explains the crazy, dangerous internet challenges! - SmashPrincess

57 Shallow People
58 People Who Put Good Items On Bad Lists

Like this one, yeah, I know. - username34

The person who put Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood on the list of worst animes.

So people that have a differing opinion are the worst kind of people? The person that agrees with that is spoiled. - JakePlaid


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59 Donald Trump Supporters

Trump says that he will make America "Great" again, I think he will do the exact opposite. Rant at me all you want you republican hypocrites, at least I know how to tell Trump is a racist. I am pretty sure Trump has never gained a vote by a person with a BRAIN. Republican Hypocrites.

You know, I love how Trump supporters like to rail on about how PC our culture is becoming and how sensitive other people are, yet they are probably the most thin-skinned people on the Internet. Doesn't matter if it's one of *those* people or not, if anyone dares criticize or make any sort of joke about Trump, his supporters are so quick to get on the defensive and start crying about it. It's ridiculous.

A sane person does not support Trump nor Hillary.

Hey. I would've voted for Sanders, but Trump was my only choice when he dropped out. - NoEntranceHere

Trump sucks.

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60 People Who Can't Take a Joke

Aka, everybody on TheTopTens - DoroExploro13

More like you with your username and your use of assuming how people are. - JakePlaid

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