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61 Republicans

I am a republican, but I agree to a certain extent. GO GUNS! EVERYONE NEEDS GUNS! THE WORLD WILL BE a lot SAFER IF EVERYONE HAD GUNS! It's most certainly not true. Giving guns to everyone is just a cause for disaster and waving it in everyone's face is just cause to hate them more. - KnSlash

They started out being fine, until they ruined their reputation with the Bushes and Mitt Romney. - username34

I'd appreciate if you Republican haters give up painting all Republicans with one brush. I'm Republican and I refuse to change it.

If you're not Republican, fine with me. But lumping them all into one category is closed-minded. So let them be.

Republicans don't support what's right. All they support is "traditional" values and not the people who are looked down upon

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62 Necrophiles

Makes me think Cannibal Corpse... the title - MetalObsessed

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63 Neo-Nazi Gang Member
64 Bad Parents
65 Tattletales

These idiots are so annoying. This stupid girl in 2nd grade would always tattle on each person every time they did one little thing.

66 Communists

No... They're not the ones polluting the earth.

67 Politically Correct People

What, do you want them to lie to you. Next thing you know they'll end up on fox news... - username34

Awful control freaks, should all be shot.

Always takes things too seriously...

Get out of our country, Colin Kaepernick! Or should I say Krapernick

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68 Holocaust Jokers

Wow I did Nazi that coming

Its not bad if they ever did something to you

I do not like holocaust jokes. anne frankly, I find them insulting.

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70 Feminists

Feminism started out as a movement for equality now it's filled with female supremacists and people who only care about first world problems

We don't even NEED modern day feminism. All feminism is nowadays is stupid idiots whining and complaining about the stupidest stuff. Some feminists blame men for everything and if you don't agree with them you are deemed a sexist pig. Just ridiculous. - SmashPrincess

Guys. I have a confession to make. I'm...anti-feminist. Yes, I know what feminism is. Yes, I know not all feminists are extremists. But I still will never consider myself a feminist. Never. - RiverClanRocks

Only some of us feminists are annoying. I personally say some are so insane about this, but I am a decent one, I hope...

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71 Torturers

This should be #1. Torturing people is much worse than liking MLP or being a hipster.

Worse then murdering. this should be #1

72 Psychopaths

Can't really judge someone for having a mental disorder. - JakePlaid

Yeah! I am completely opposites to them! They only feels Anger! But not Empathy, Sadness, Happiness and they even think Love is pointless! It's only because they don't know how powerful Love can be, and how Sacrifical it can be. I am a Highly-Sensitive Person (HSP) and I really hated them that I want them to go to Hell!

But... you know... it wasn't their fault for being a Psychopath, they were just borned that way. But I still hated them, even with a very Sad tears, Depression, they feel... nothing, as if their heart is just a vessel to contain Anger... - Frost182

73 Chavs
74 Westboro Baptists

No matter what they may think of themselves, they will never be true Christians. They are full of too much hate.

I honestly think that this is the only group of true Christians. At least they read the ENTIRE bible and believe in it literally!

No matter what they may think of themselves, they will never be true Christians. They are full of too much hate.

They give Christianity a bad name the same way ISIS gives muslims a bad name - Phillip873

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75 Perverts

"I don't have a problem with perverts. Just let them be there selves. They don't bother us."

Oh really? Would you let them be if they do perverted things to you? If so, you wouldn't like that.

Touch butts too much - peaceswagtv

They're everywhere at my school, especially the girls... - cosmo

They are only funny in anime (jiraiya master roshi)

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76 Democrats

The Democrats in Congress blame Republicans for everything bad in the US. They call Republicans snotty rich people, yet the Democratic party is filled with celebrities and wealthy CEO's. There are some Democrats who are more moderate (and they are the ones who I respect), but the representatives and radicals of the Democratic party are exceedingly vexing due to their ignorant and hypocritical natures.

Honestly, the republicans have had a pretty bad track record of air heads and stone heads alike. Mitt Romney, George bush, and... oh god... Sarah Palin. This other guy is right. A political party is just a political party. Add people to it and let them decide the fate of said political party and things will either go uphill or downhill depending. In this case, the Republicans have been doing a pretty bad job what with their "binders of women." - username34

Democrats aren't terrible, but diehard left wing democrats are annoying as all get out. Have you ever wondered why the party has a jackass as their logo? Also this is the same party that made the KKK.

Bias : the party - hy89045

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77 BLM Protesters

Too many racists

78 Americans

People who hate Americans should be forced to eat glass while watching Miley Cyrus crap (that means poop, non Americans)

Whoever created this list is an arsehole. I got really angry when I found canadians on the list. Because I am canadian. The person who created this list is a troll and a racist prick. The dude's family must be a cactus because everyone of his family is a stupid racist prick who will burn in hell.

I'm American, Australian, Czech, Icelandic and Norwegian and I find this offensive

Even tough I'm not American, I find this extremely racist. But I do kinda agree that America is now full of hipsters and weirdos (ex. furf*gs, bronies, weebs, vegans, SJWs, feminists) - GriffinDoge

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79 Dictators

These people are worst than rapist, beleibers, scene kids, and even BRONIES!

80 Criminals

For me it depends on the crime. There are a lot of stupid laws that exist (I'm pretty sure it's illegal to die in Buckingham palace). Also I believe the reason for doing something is more important than the thing you actually did. If you steal to survive, or kill a person in an act of self defense, then you've done nothing wrong in my opinion.

You're going to get caught sooner or later. Why would you want to spend the rest of your life behind bars?

Criminals and murderers. Basically the same thing. - username34

Should be top 10 - GriffinDoge

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