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81 Ebola Jokers

Seriously? Are there even any Ebola jokes?

82 Elitists

They think they're better than everyone just because they watch "Legend Of The Galactic Heroes".

Or something nonmainstream like that. They are all hipsters.

All they do is try to make people sad

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83 People Who Laugh at Cancer

What is so funny about cancer? My Grandma (from my mother's side of the family) died of cancer, and it was hard on most of us. We still miss her.

People that laugh at cancer are probably more likely to get cancer them self

It's just a crab in the sky

And no, not the crab. - Freddy_Fazbear

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84 Greedy People
85 Braggers/Showoffs
86 Scene Kids

Not all scene kids are bad, but there are quite a few that are. They're talking about how My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, Twenty One Pilots, Panic at the Disco Etc. band saved their life and how Asking Alexandria is Death Metal and Whitechapel is Black Metal. They also claim they listen to true metal when they listen to Bring Me The Horizon and only know the album That's The Spirit or any other post hardcore band (not that the music is bad). I guess you could consider me one but I know real metal (disturbed) vs metalcore (breakdown of sanity), Death Metal (decide) vs Deathcore (despised icon), Post Hardcore (crown the empire) vs Metal (halestorm), and I listen to more than just Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and Suicide Silence as my form of "metal" and if you don't believe me I can list examples or give you my Spotify to show you.

What are these? Are they kids in plays? What am I missing? - username34

87 Atheists

May I point out that not all atheists are crazy religion haters who shut everyone up if they believe in it. There may be some, but the stereotype isn't true. I am an atheist but I accept people's beliefs in various religions. I don't shut them out for believing in a religion, and I respect it. Some atheists do, but I am not one of them.

Atheists that scream out "GOD DOESN'T EXIST" every time you say "bless you" or "Thank God" are annoying. But honestly, I don't know too many that are like that. As an Atheist, I do think it's dumb to believe in a God. Or really anything supernatural for that matter. But I'm not gonna insult you for it. Unless you're really asking me questions, I'm not gonna force my beliefs down your throat. And I don't think most other atheists will either.
- Just something I wanted to get straight for all you theists.

To all of the people who voted for this boy do I have something to tell you first of all I'd just like to talk about one specific comment the one that started with "HaH" because this guy is a master of stupidity science is fact you bigoted ass people like you drive me crazy yes because a sudden explosion that happened before the laws of physics existed makes no sense slow growth over time naw the magical floating man in the sky that happened also how is anti religious anti American isn't the first amendment not only give you freedom of speech but also freedom of religion thus not making it anti American. another person who said that atheists say there is not god when you say bless you THAT DOSN"T HAPPEN I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF AN INSTANCE OF THAT I am an atheist and hate religion but I do not hate religious people but I do hate religion because though religion is not at fault for homophobia, transgender phobia, women's rights issues, or any other many problems it is the excuse and there ...more

This should be changed to "Atheistic Extremists" because only a small minority of atheists get triggered whenever someone talks about God - GriffinDoge

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88 People Who Like Unicorns

Hey, unicorns are the manliest creatures ever! People who hate on them are just not manly enough to comprehend the masculinity of the almighty unicorn! :D

Honestly, I don't have a problem with those people. - Freddy_Fazbear

I like unicorns and I'm offended this is here - TwilightKitsune

Ha, Gayyy - GriffinDoge

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89 Judgmental People

Look, there is this guy in my school who did the so called "Asian eyes" at my Chinese/filipino friend, the next day called my friend "crazy ghetto n*gg-- and only to call me "clinically depressed goth chicken the next (okay, I understand I have a preference for strange, dark clothing prefer bands like bauhaus and sisters of mercy to Justin Bieber but am not clinically depressed, I just happen to be shy (:: and this guy seems to make consecutive "attacks" but hey, he's either just a bigot or has some really deep self esteem issues

90 Trolls

Trolls can actually be hilarious. - Goatworlds

My friend's mom makes a lot of money doing nothing. Click this link that leads you to a site that gives you malware!

Depends on what TYPE of troll, some are funny while others are really annoying - GriffinDoge

BarneyTheDinosaurRocks, and Koolguy2218 are good trolls. SpongebobSuxx is an idiot, and JUSTINBIEBERLOVER is a very smart Belieber. Trolls are almost everywhere, but some are funny. Others are idiots. - Powerfulgirl10

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91 People Who Encourage Bad Behavior in Other People
92 Lady Gaga Fans
93 Linkin Park Haters

They are hated because they don't stick with one genre.

I can understand why people hate them

It's a good thing I don't know anyone who hates Linkin Park.

94 PETA's Nude Protesters

I hate peta so much.

Why does PETA exist? - Turkeyasylum

I hate PETA! I get that they don't want animals to be abused but they take it WAY too far! - RiverClanRocks

PeTA aren't a true animal organization. They've stolen animals, killed them off, act like hypocrites (told a kid to die because he was selling cattle) and even go as far as saying stuff like beer is good for you.
All the right reasons to hate these nimwits. - Swellow

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95 Video Game Haters

Video game haters should play games like The Legend Of Zelda and get themselves lost in the amazing story and gameplay.

But then they play phone games hypocrites - ikerevievs

AKA most of the girls in my class. I'm the only girl in my class who is obsessed with video games and the others are SCARED OF FNAF lol

Terrible ignorant people

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96 Gays

Why is this on the list? Gays aren't bad people! Not assuming all gay people are good, but just because someone is gay does not mean they are a bad person. Get to know them. - SmashPrincess

I find all these on list bad, the human kind all did bad things but the thing here is that you don't have to like bad deeds that you do, you just have to be interested in your good deeds cause no one has avoided the evil,but here I found, is that GAYS ARE DENFEDING THEMSELVES. Your kind have been created to do whatever they're supposed to do. Also I had to say Murderers are not worse than Hypocrites, because you don't really know what Hypocrites are that's why even they're not showing themselves for this list.

Who put this on the list!? - HappyBart

Should be changed to "People who choose to be gay" - GriffinDoge

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97 Time Wasters
98 People Who Use the Word "Gay" as an Insult

Good lord, these people are idiots. What is wrong with being gay? - Cybernetic

There are more offensive things you can do.

People who call themselves gay.

I hate homophobics! this should be higher! seriously, what's wrong with being gay? - Iamcool

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99 Goanimate "Good Users"

The most annoying people ever.

At Least Alex Kimble's Rants Are Not The Same Thing

100 Feminazis

All feminists in usa are feminazis

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