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101 Goanimate "Good Users"

The most annoying people ever.

At Least Alex Kimble's Rants Are Not The Same Thing

102 Feminazis

All feminists in usa are feminazis

103 Irritating People

I get it everyday.

104 People That Complain All the Time

I am complaining about this category.

105 Child Haters

I'm serious YouTube is full of people with excessive people saying "this kid is annoying" or "shut up child" Selfish people like this deserve to choke on there own dung. DEATH TO ALL CHILD HATERS!

People can hate children if they want. I know they were used to be children as well but it is people's opinion

I'm 12 and I hate kids. Why is this even on the list? There's nothing wrong with disliking children, as long as you don't abuse them or anything like that.

It's fine if people say "I don't like/hate children" but if they attack children verbally or physically, obviously, they're awful like Nazis, Racist people, Sexist people, Homo/Bi/Trans/Panphobe people, and religious extremist people.

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106 Nazis
107 Bisexuals

There is nothing wrong with bisexuals, whoever added this here should be ashamed of themselves.

108 Preachers

Yes I a Christian can say this

Most of them are pedophiles.

Also known as inveterate liars.

109 Posers
110 The People Who Voted For Bronies On This List

Bronies deserve to be discriminated against! Just look at all the crap and annoyance they've caused on the Internet!

I thank the person who put this up here. People who hate bronies aren't even annoying. They're just a waste of space on the internet.

I agree! Death to haters!

I hate MLP, but opinions, people! Opinions! So what if MLP is for 6 year old girls?

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111 OneDirectioners
112 Overly-Religious People

It's fine to be a little religious, but there's a limit...

I like to call them "religious extremists". - Drewman1211

Worse than murders - LarrytheFairy

How can you say overly-Religious people are worse than people who takes other's life away for fun? - Rambles

113 Vegans
114 White People

Whoever put this on the list is a terrible, sick, racist - venomouskillingmachine

Racist alert! - AlphaQ

Whites aren't privileged.

Except, yes they are. I'm not here to make you feel comfortable or okay about yourself or the white supremacy that you benefit from. - ThatGuyWhoWillMakeYouCry

Not all white people are racists - GriffinDoge

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115 Sword Art Online Haters
116 Tech Support Scammers

These scammers are pathetic. They can't even get a proper job. I'm glad lots of people fool around with them. - drdevil

117 Bionicle G2 Haters
118 Goths

Barbarians who sacked Rome, such ruthless violent people they were, they must be bad if they are still hated, but if he/ she meant modern goths, I'm laughing at this individuals stupidity because goth isn't a kind of person, it's a mentality, an appreciation for the unnapreciated.

I understand Emo, but what exactly is Goth? Is it a sort of half-emo or something like that, or something else? And Goths as far as I know just wear lots of dark colors. Nothing bad or anything. - username34

Oh crap. I just realized you were talking about the person who added this item to the list. I'm so sorry. I doubt you are ever going to read this, but if you do, I seriously do mean it, I am sorry. - username34

Lol you must have been talking to the wrong ones. Goths are cool when you get past all the stupid ones

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119 Left Wingers

I didn't know people like even EXISTED

This is so mean to left handed people. Which is myself... - Harri666

120 Jocks

Hate them with a passion. So annoying. - PositronWildhawk

I don't care how many touchdowns that guy made last night. I can't go anywhere at school anymore without hearing about sports, sports, sports. In study hall, all I hear is sports. Just let me do my homework so I can go home and play video games.

I don't care how many touchdowns you made so please let me do my homework so I don't end up having a dead end job at the gas station!

Jocks are 99% of the time, selfish, ego filled jerks

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