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121 People Who Make Fun Of Other People's Religion
122 Bikies

If you're talking about cyclists, then:

1) I'm one and at least I care about my body enough and the environment to do something about it

2) people who hate cyclists have bad grammar. You, my friend, are a great example of this. - username34

They like riding bikes because it helps the environment and it's generally cheaper than a car, and it's exercise. WHAT IS THERE TO HATE? - Cybernetic

Unless you aren't, then I'm sorry, share what you REALLY meant to say. - username34

Bicyclists are the worst people ever! There evil! The take up lanes on the road!

123 Left Wingers

I didn't know people like even EXISTED

This is so mean to left handed people. Which is myself... - Harri666

124 Pop Music Fans

They love Ariana Grande and dumb stuff

Pop is crap music

These people suck all of 21st centiry music sucks (excoet Coldplay) Coldplay is the Queen of 21st century and I was born in 21st century and I onlylike classical Queen Coldplay Journey and The Bestles that's it Justin Bieber sucks Ariana Grand Canyon (forgot name) sucks they all do

125 Jocks

Hate them with a passion. So annoying. - PositronWildhawk

I don't care how many touchdowns that guy made last night. I can't go anywhere at school anymore without hearing about sports, sports, sports. In study hall, all I hear is sports. Just let me do my homework so I can go home and play video games.

I don't care how many touchdowns you made so please let me do my homework so I don't end up having a dead end job at the gas station!


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126 Anonymous TheTopTens Members

I happen to be one myself.

Who added this because what I am one you piece of crap

I am one you bastard!

Lol that's funny because like 99% of people on this site don't even have an account. I made one but I forgot the login already.

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127 Kidnappers
128 People Who Add One Cent to the Previous Bid On The Price Is Right

Wow, that's so vile and callous! Of all the nerve! Why would anyone do that just to piss others off? What do they gain from all this?

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129 Jealous People

Jealousy is a feeling. It's natural. It's like putting "sad people" on the list

Jealousy is an UGLY thing. They need to stop with the Green-eyed Monster!

Surprised this is so low. At their worst, 'jellies' are utterly despicable creatures who make others frightened to express themselves, and can occasionally be cruel enough to ruin lives. Luckily all the ones I know aren't too bad; while I'm sick to death of the way they act, I deal with it all by taking their petty behaviour as a compliment deep down and so should everyone else who is a victim of these insecure freaks.

All in all, a tiny bit of jealousy is normal though we have self-control for a reason. - Entranced98

130 People With Mustaches

Just because you have a mustache doesn't mean there all mean jerks cause I got mustaches

Leave my father out of this.

This list is rotting into a pile of turds. - Goatworlds

What? my dad has a mustache

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131 Seattle Seahawks Fans

This is why I hate the Super Bowl... People insulting other teams and their fans... Not cool

I love the seahawks you stupid jerk.

You can eat dog poop and listen to justin bieber's baby for 10 hours if you voted this on the list. I hate seattle seahawk haters.

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132 Bigots

They are scary gun waving people. - MageSword

Why are they so low? They should be in the front page! - Furcorn-57

Racist, Homophobic, Self- Centered D-Bags

Cause nobody likes a bigot
when there crying

133 Overly-Religious People

It's fine to be a little religious, but there's a limit...

Worse than murders - LarrytheFairy

How can you say overly-Religious people are worse than people who takes other's life away for fun? - Rambles

134 People Who Think Atheists Worship Satan

People that can't tell the difference between Satanism and Atheism make me loose faith in humanity.

These people... Athiests don't believe in Satan either! Why would they worship him! This is coming from an atheist. Do I worship the devil? No. - Goatworlds

I agree!

135 Singers Who Copy Classic Songs and Ruin Them

*cough cough* Minecraft parodies *cough cough* - AllAboutLists

I agree

Macabeats cough cough - Ihateschool

136 Adulterers
137 Classic Rock Snobs

Oh, you listen to Rihanna and Maroon 5? You only listen to bubblegum pop and trash. You should listen to the Kings of music, like the talented Freddie Mercury, the Beatles, who is the best band of all time, and Pink Floyd. Bohemian Rhapsody and Hey Jude are the greatest songs of all time. You should go drink bleach and die in a hole if you like any song released after 2000. All pop music is trash and rock is best music genre of all time! Geez they just never shut up... - Spark_Of_Life

You sure "all" pop music is trash? There were good pop artists back in the day. - Powerfultekin

Classic rock is the best. Bubble gum pop is annoying and bubble gum pop is auditory garbage.

Any guys that like bubble gum pop are titty boys.

138 Masochists

People who take pride in their own suffering is downright creepy - DoroExploro13

139 Autistic People

Eh, they can be cool - AlphaQ

Always screaming for no reason - DoroExploro13

140 Hero Factory Haters
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