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161 Toddlers

Come on they are so cute.

I used to be one like ALL OF YOU but I could read the word purple

Annoying - Goatworlds

Why? - Blight

162 Mega Man Fans
163 FNaF Fans

Awful boring non-scarey games, a plot that is too confusing and it makes the creator look lazy. But the fans are just 10 year olds who don't know what the hell there doing.

I don't mind the game but a lot of the fanbase is annoying. A lot, not all, and to the person below me, jealous of what?

Game is good, fanbase is not.

Jealous! Of what? Scott?

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164 Scorpios

"People who care about zodiac signs" should be on this list.

They are evil,mean,controlling,jealous,manipulative,wish evil on others,like to see their enemies suffer,those people don't even believe in karma,they don't even give you second chances,THIS Should be high on the list,and I can't believe no one added this,was that persuading enough

165 Disney Channel Actors
166 Undertale Haters

I think they're the best people to be honest.

Seriously, if you're going to be an insensitive douche, log in first. - xandermartin98

Have you seen all of the cringy BS this game's fandom has caused? The game and the fandom deserve all the hate they get!

167 Genwunners V 1 Comment
168 Kids who brag how they only listen to classic rock while trashing popular music

Hey, this type of kids are awesome. Pop music equals trash. Big ups to classic rock and golden age hip hop

Those type of kids are cool in my opinion - Iamcool

Yeah I like those kind of people. So happy that metallica and acdc is still making new songs.

Oh yeah? one of those kids are me. When I die I wan't highway to hell played at my funeral.

169 People Who Eat Oysters V 1 Comment
170 Satan Worshipers

I think they are hated by a lot of people

171 Chicago Blackhawks Fans

They are all bandwagon fans who didn't show up until they became a good team. In 2007, they had the worst attendance in the NHL. But when they became good in 2009, they suddenly started to lead the league in attendance. Another thing, they scream during the national anthem. - DoroExploro13

Ok this is just rude. All though I am not a fan of this team putting this on the list is not cool


But I like em...

172 People Who Think Climate Change Does Not Exist
173 Liv and Maddie Fans

Uh, why is this here - SmashPrincess

174 Vegans
175 Special Snowflakes
176 Bernie Sanders Supporters
177 "Peaceful" Protesters
178 People Who Spam Messages
179 Rainbow Dash Haters

Oh shut up. Bronies aren't even relevant anymore.

180 Heterosexuals

One word: Barf

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