Worst Types of Players in Prison Life (Roblox)

There are so many bad players on Prison Life (a Roblox game) that there are even groups of them having specific traits which make them get into these groups. Here are some of the absolute worst.

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1 Guards that help prisoners constantly

Are you so bad at the game that you can't become a criminal but still want to help the prisoners? If so, you might want to consider becoming a prisoner-helping Guard. They are annoying. Guards cannot shoot them (and the other Guards are the only people on the server who don't like these people) so it causes other Guards to go into different roles and abuse them to do their job. - LemonComputer

Guards helping prisoners should be against the Prison Life Rules!

They break the rules! They should be banned from Prison Life!


2 Guards with gamepasses that get butthurt when you know that they're noobs

They are not bad because they have a gamepass, just as long as they know that they're noobs for having the gamepass. They wasted 200 Robux on a gamepass that gives them advantages such as using a shield and having the best gun. They act like they're above everyone else and that everyone else sucks, when in reality, they're the ones that are bad at the game, because they need the advantages. If you need these heavy advantages, you're a noob. Some admit to that bit of truth, some don't. The ones that don't are spoiled 10 year old kids who lie about being adults with a job, but you can clearly tell that they're 10 for multiple reasons. They call people kids because it makes them feel more important. This is because they can't feel important for having skill because they have no skill in the first place. If you would have skill, you wouldn't need the gamepass. Mention that they're noobs for having the gamepass, then expect for the spoiled rich kids to cry and constantly insult and ...more - LemonComputer

3 Criminals that shoot prisoners constantly

Criminals are meant to help prisoners escape. They have been prisoners before and had to deal with escaping. However, this doesn't stop some from shooting prisoners constantly. And then they wonder why prisoners are shooting them all the time, which is even more stupid! And the criminals who are following the rules can't shoot them neither! - LemonComputer

So annoying! I step outside to ask for help and some stupid criminal shhotshots me dead when I didn't to anything! - KoolKam

4 People who lie about how good they are a lot

Liar: I am a very good criminal.
Me: Okay, I'll let you join me.
Liar: Thanks!
*Liar ends up depending on me, which makes me have a lot of extra stress because I feel like it's my duty to protect them* - LemonComputer

5 Guards that shoot criminals

No, you're not meant to shoot criminals! You're meant to taser then arrest them with handcuffs! Shooting them just sends them back to the criminal spawn and they might be able to come up with a better plan before coming back which makes it harder to get them. Arresting them with handcuffs make them become a prisoner. You want them to become a prisoner! - LemonComputer

6 Prisoners that just shoot criminals for no reason whatsoever

This is only annoying because it keeps sending the criminals to spawn. This is especially annoying if the criminal has a guard card. Please just let the criminals help you!

I have encountered one recently and he kept getting the gamepass gun and shooting criminals so I said something about it then he started an argument over it and his friend joined so these two idiots kept arguing. Spoilt brats are really dumb on this game. - LemonComputer

7 Guards that keep shooting prisoners for no reason whatsoever

Usually done by 'Riot Police' (The guards with gamepass) this is when a guard keeps shooting random prisoners in general, as if this game is meant for such mass murder. I get it when prisoners keep shooting guards - You have a chance of getting a guard card, which is valuable and really helps you to escape, especially if you have guns (which you need to even kill the guards in the first place). However, guards achieve nothing but frustrated prisoners by mass murdering them. I'm not a hypocrite, there is a difference between shooting people for no reason and shooting people for an item that gives lots of help. If the prisoner has an item, sure, shoot them. However, if the prisoner doesn't, there is no need. - LemonComputer

Guests guests guests how guests suck

8 Criminals that reset when tasered.

People who do this say that it's a smart strategy. But I have two things to say to that.
1) It's not smart. Lots of people do it. You didn't think of it yourself for sure.
2) How is it a strategy? It's literally just cheating. Pros would just escape again.
However, people mainly play this game to show off, rather than have fun playing it, so obviously people would try whatever they can to be in the criminal rank. - LemonComputer

9 Criminals that rage when tasered

" YOU CAUGHT ME NOB! " or "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! I'M PRO! " or "HACKER! " are very common comments amongst these rare types of players. - LemonComputer

10 Massive groups of people acting like friends

Hows this bad? - mattstat716

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11 Guests cops

There shoo

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1. Guards with gamepasses that get butthurt when you know that they're noobs
2. Guards that help prisoners constantly
3. Criminals that shoot prisoners constantly



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