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1 Genwunners

My main problem with genwunners is the fact that they just aren't real fans. They consist of people who remember tidbits of Pokemon from when they were kids but have likely never even touched a game-even then, they have the audacity to complain about the new generations without knowing anything about the franchise - keycha1n

Exactly my point. They consider fans of New Pokémon stupid when they don't even know what Pokémon is for the most part themselves! - HeavyDonkeyKong

While I have nostalgic moments with earlier games but not with newer games, I honestly don't see anything wrong with newer games. I've played some newer games, and I know that newer games have their own charm to them. If I were to be handed any game, I'd play it and enjoy it. But I do have a problem with insane fans of generation 1 that don't respect opinions and hate anything that isn't gen 1. All of them are enjoyable. - Turkeyasylum

Yeah yeah yeah, Pokemon like mewtwo and charizard are good, but what about ones like dialga, rayquaza, victini, greninja and snivy? Those ones are way better in my opinion. In fact, they aren't actually true fans. When someone is a fan of a game, once they complete one of the games they can't wait for the sequel to come. Genwunners hate it more and more when a new gen comes out. I'm sure when gen 11 comes (I don't thinks so) genwunners will hate game freak. - spokesstuff87

I prefer the first gen (I have also played Pokemon Gold when I was younger)
Want to know why? because I'm older now. I was more into Pokemon when it was big, more popular in the 90s when it started. (You cannot take Pokemon cards to school)
Genwunners is immature name calling.
The 90s kid obsession makes sense with the name calling. "Genwunners"

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2 AmourShippers

While Amourshippers may have a sense of conceit around them, they are far from actively disrespectful of other options. If we are going by that definition then apparently stating that you like a ship means you automatically disrespect other ships by default. The 6 slot is biased and misinforming.

I've seen offensive comments from amourshippers, I'm not trying to be biased and misinforming. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Not quite as annoying as PokeShipeprs, but they are getting there! In my opinion! Amourshippers are extremely aggressive! In my opinion! Since Serena has a crush on Ash, and since Serena's Crush on Ash is apparently canon, Amourshippers won'tshut up about how Ash and Serena "Belong Together"! RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I'm an Amourshipper myself, but yes, there are "those" fans that bash on the other shippings. Though, it's the same in a lot of shipping communites, but because there's so much of "them" in this ship, there are reasons why they can sometimes be branded as "worst."

Armour shipping is a cancer...and so are it's fanbase

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3 Charizard Fanboys

Personally, I love Charizard. He's not exactly my favorite Pokemon, but he's quite up there. Not only is he simply classic, he's a fire-breathing dragon (yes, dragon, not lizard). A simple yet badass concept. Also, I loved Ash's Charizard from the anime. But if someone is so crazy about Charizard that they spit on the other Pokemon without giving them a chance, then that's when it becomes a problem.

Charizard is my favorite Pokemon but I do not think that Charizard is the best Pokemon! Charizard is just my personal favorite Pokemon! The Charizard fanboys are the reason why Charizard gets so much hate nowadays! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Charizard is a great Pokemon but up to this point, I think he is getting TOO much attention from his fans - Neonco31

*cough cough* stealth rocks *cough cough*

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4 PokeShippers

Pokeshippers are cancer to the fandom

I like Pokeshipping, but I also Like Advanceshipping. However, I am Primarily a Pearlshipper! Does that make me a bad person? No! It doesn't! Pokeshippers are so annoying and obnoxious and don't respect toehr people's opinions! They bash fans of shippings that involve Ash but don't involve Misty, especially if they are fans of shippings that involve Ash but don't involve Misty, but involve the Main Characters who are girls but not Misty! This is probably because Misty is a Main Character who is a girl! I like some Pokeshippers, but most Pokeshippers are obnoxious and rude! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I am an armor shipper and got attackt by so many pokeshippers just because I like the ship but honestly all shippers are toxic

Misty attacks Ash? your WRONG
Amour almost fully canon? NO! 1! 1! 1 SEVRAL OTER GURLZ KISSD ASH. MISTY KISSD ASH ALSO

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5 Serena Fans

She has many bad fans but her haters are even more brutal
Perfect example: this very site.
They give out many logical reasons to hate her, but if you give out just as equally much logical reasons to defend her, they just thumb down your comments without even acknowledging your very arguments whatsoever and then they practically dismiss you as asinine. I even made a list about why I hate her hatebase. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I will admit that one of my old lists on one of my deleted accounts may have sparked a war between her fans and her haters. Though I may just be paranoid. - Rue

Serena is hot 8-----

I hate you people so much. Misty is the only female companion that matters. Proud Genwunner

6 Poke tubers

Oh don't get me started on Verlisify. - Rue

Look at mastertp10, he'll explain

Machoke is cool

7 TV Show Original Series Fanboys

They put the Original Series of the Pokemon Anime on some huge, golden, platinum pedestal and say that it is perfect but they criticize all of the other series of the Pokemon Anime as well as all of the fans of all of the other series of the Pokemon Anime because "THEY DON'T HAVE MISTY! LOLZ! " - HeavyDonkeyKong

Ugh. These might be worse than Genwunners. - RiverClanRocks

I don't CARE about the original show, I hate the pokemon anime so much

Genwunners are the nicest people, said no fan ever - Bunearylove75

8 Pedophiles Pedophiles


So true. People ship children with adults. lol

They don't just ship kids with ANY adults - some ship Ash with...
HIS MUM (ikr what)
So, there was this one time when I wanted to see some cute fanart of baby Ash with his Mother which I thought would be so adorable! So I typed into Google 'Ash and his mum' and naturally I got a list of autocorrections. One of them was 'Ash and his mum lemon fanfiction'. Whoa, creepy. I'm never going near that, NEVER.

9 Unova Haters

All generations have their bad looking Pokemon but when Gen 5 does it, it's somehow the worst generation of all time. Which is a load of bull. - Rue

Why does everyone hate Unova? - RiverClanRocks

It is the best even never playing be lol

These people are blind by nostalga and are really annoying

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10 Gardevoir Fans

Gardevoir is a great pokemon! Unfortunately, some people take advantage of it's human resemblance, if you know what I mean. - Absolite

I use Gardevoir, in Sapphire and Alpha Sapphire. I started with Sapphire, but I didn't even know what gardevoir was, I just thought it always evolved into gallade, I accidentally got it, but I'm not a fanboy.

I don't have anything against guys between the ages of 18-25, I just find that what they do, especially on the internet, to be... uh... unpredictable

Personally, Gardevoir is my favourite Pokémon, always has, always will, but I don't normally see it in that way

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11 Sinnoh Haters

I swear Gen 4 get's a lot of undeserved hate just cause of the time it takes to do certain things. But let me asked you this. Which Gen brought us WiFi battles? Sinnoh. Which gen brought the physical/ special split? Sinnoh. - MrQuaz680

True! And Sinnoh also has lots of cute Pokemon like Piplup, Starly, and Shinx! - CutieLuxrayGirl

Sinnoh brought us amazing Pokemon Darkarai, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus. Also, it brought us really good starters. - Delgia2k

I'm not sure why this gets hate. It's great. - 906389

I actually hate sinnoh for everything it brought, it changed how the games were made, the gym leaders were forgettable, team galactic was the worst evil team ever, barely memeorble characters, the region design is horrible way too much backtracking, way to many legendaries, way too many new evolutions to older pokemon, horrid looking starters (also they were all useless as well) the games ran at a slow paste that it is cripling, the bright and flashy colors of sinnoh was horrible, platinum are horrid games if you ask me, just diamond and pearl 2.0. this is my opinion, respect it please.

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12 People who only played Pokemon Go

I have a friend who started liking pokemon through pokemon go, and now she watches the anime, but those people who pretend they know everything about pokemon when they only played that game its just aauuuggghhh

Oh. THOSE people. Yeah, they suck.

They don't even know what mega evolution is!

Many of them are also genwunners

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13 Gen 5 Haters

These people love to hate on the fifth generation of Pokemon. They act like genwunners claiming that Vanilluxe and Garbodor are unoriginal.

14 Pokemon Go Haters

Oh dear, they suck! Not because of their opinion, but because of their attitude. Say something like 'I like Pokemon Go ' and you're labelled as a bandwagoner, hipster, fake fan or even told to play Pokemon main series games. And guess what? They even tell you to kill yourself. Over liking a mobile game. Yes.

That's just one part of the fan base. On a YouTube video showing Pokemon-I choose You!, there was this person who said people should be ashamed of themselves just because you were introduced to Pokemon because of Pokemon go. And I really hate other people who act like you must know all 700 over Pokemon in existence before playing your first Pokemon game. Wow.

Linking back to the Pokemon go haters telling you to play a main series games, I came across someone who was 'Lets hope these fans don't play Pokemon Sun and Moon.'. You guys told us players to play Pokemon Main Games, yet when we are planning to, you guys complain we are bandwagoners. Oh, so because you like a ...more

@IHateDonaldTrump At least we have people like you.

Ok guys as that visitor,i don't think they suck anymore.Nor do I care about the haters anymore.

Pokemon Go is the first Pokemon game (I know it's not a main series game but it is attached to the franchise) I ever played, and I still love it. It's what introduced me to the world of Pokémon. Even though I never have played the main series games because I don't have a DS I am interested in the Pokémon world because of the various designs of the Pokémon and the many interesting concepts. - JustAnotherAccount

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15 Pokemon Anime Fans

The Pokemon anime fans are worse than the game only fans because of one thing: SHIPPING. - Rue

If anything the haters are much worse.
If you say you like the anime, they insult you and shove digimon tamers down your throat. I love the pokemon anime AND the digimon tamers anime equally! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I know that. However, I've seen many people who hate on the anime and praise digimon. I'm not saying they're all digimon fanatics. I'm just saying that a lot of the people that I have come across are. - HeavyDonkeyKong

They act so immature if you don't like the "anime", notice the quotations? Even if the points you give for why you hate the "anime" are perfectly fair, logical arguments, they'll say things to you such as:

"You have no good taste in what you watch! ","Keep your snobby opinions to yourself! ","Shut up, nobody cares about your stupid opinion." or " Kill yourself ". It really surprises me that nobody has called them out on having this kind of immaturity towards people for having a different opinion. It's really ridiculous, just accept that not everyone agrees with you. - GentleTrouter

Me: I don't really like the Pokemon anime
Fanboy: I HATE YOU AND EVERY OTHER ANIME! GO AND KILL YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU HAVE REALLY BAD TASTE IN ANIME, DOES THAT MEAN YOU LIKE DIGIMON AND BOKU NO PICO?!?!?! YOU SHOULD JUST SHUT UP FROM YOUR STUPID TY! (so you say that people who hace different opinions than you are dumb? You are some really immature kid..)
Me: What the heck? I don't even like Digimon,and I HATE Boku no pico! And just accept how others hace different opinions, for crying out loud! - MLPFan

16 Misty Fans
17 The "You're A Noob Because You Use Legends" Accusers

I have one legendary on my team. One. People still call me a "hacker" even though mine was the version mascot that you get in the flipping game! - RiverClanRocks

I see people say this all the time, just grow up!

In AG, ANYTHING GOES, that's what its called! So, whats wrong with legendaries?!?!? In My Opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

So you can't use Moltres, Latios, Latias, Shaymin, Articuno, Zapdos, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Virizion etc. because "their legends and your a n00b if u use them because their broken"


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18 Pearlshippers
19 Pikachu Fanboys

Why did Ash's Pikachu refuse to evolve in the first place? I mean seriously, Raichu would be famous for everything Pikachu is now if he chose to touch the bloody Thunderstone. But nope, they were afraid of changing their mascot because of fanboys like these. People who think that Pikachu is a fantastic battler just because of the anime, or because he has the Light Ball equipped BUG THE CRAP OUT OF ME! Not to mention that Cosplay Pikachu is pretty stupid. - DemonSpider253

I get it, this little Pokemon is adorable. I love him/her too! ENOUGH SHOVE HIM/HER DOWN OUR THROATS - HeavyDonkeyKong

Raichu for the win

Pikachu... Uggg...

20 Hoenn Haters

I love Hoenn and it's my third favorite region, but the water. Oh the water! - RiverClanRocks

Why people are hating on this? - Delgia2k

My favorite region, I love Team Magma and Groudon.

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