Worst Types of Pokemon Players

Have you ever played Pokemon with a type of person you absol-utely hate. If so, I know how you feel. Today, I'll be listing the worst of them all.

The Top Ten

1 The Legendary Noob

Your regigas isn't good, person. While many legendaries are actually really good, like the tapes, lando, and heatran, nobody should use phione in competitive.

Can we stop like using weak legends is not fine but mega salamence is fine

When I say legendary noob, I mean a noob who uses nothing but legendaries. In fact, they should ban using legendaries competitively, because if you look at the roster of teams from LAST year, it looks like a joke. - SmashBall

Ok, so I managed to take down: A Darkrai with my Mega Sableye (I <3 Magic Bounce) A Shaymin with my Blaziken, a Keldeo with my Metagross and a Shiny(hacked) Kyogre with my Meganium. The only Legends I use in my Omega Ruby are Diancie for the Elite Four, Mew for Contests( I hate contests, but really want Lucarionite) and Xerneas for taking out Battle Girls. I never use legends online, though.

2 The Greedy GTS Players

Pidgey for zacian? Zigzagoon for lugia? There should really be a system that gives pokemon values, preventing you from using a lower value pokemon to ask for a higher value one.

I agree with the commenter who posted this story here. There is no action gamefreak can take that will prevent an insane and impossible gts trades such as a level 100 charizard for a level 1 zekrom. This GTS trades war will end when the world ends and/or the last Pokemon game copy is deleted. One possible report even suggests that an 8 year old boy who wanted a level 100 shiny Mewtwo with perfect IVs, but unfortunately, a 15 year old wants a level 1 shiny mew, so the boy went into a nervous breakdown, and did not get his Mewtwo. - Bunearylove75

When that ask for the evolution of the one you want or a higher level one - Sambazing

This is the main reason I don't use the GTS to complete the National Pokedex. If you want a weaker or maybe a decent Pokemon, they'll ask for insane Pokemon trades, like a Pikachu for a Moletta or a Gensect! This isn't Burger King, they're not getting it their way. - SmashBall

3 The Elitist Player

Can't stand elitists in ANY game honestly - taishisohma

And the elitist is always the worst one. Some even steal teams loool.

What I mean is the player who thinks he has the best strategies, EVS and IVS, and Pokemon. But really, he sucks. - SmashBall

4 The Shiny Showoff

I only have 4 shinies. These people make me question my self worth.

What they usually do, is they go online to go showoff their shiny team, and the team is not even that good. Trust me, I'm not jealous. I got a couple shinies myself, and I don't show them off. - SmashBall

It's not that annoying. Sure, it makes you jealous, but it also makes them easier to defeat. As long as they don't rub it in your face too bad it's OK. - COOLCAPER

Shinies are basically regular pokemon with a different color. A shiny Charizard, however, can really make you jealous.

5 The Greedy Wonder Trade Player

Greedy gts traders but worse because the only way to avoid them is not to use wonder trade.

If you're like me, you'll send a decent Pokemon like Arcanine or a Shiny Gyarados, but if you're like them, you'll send nothing but Zigzagoons and any worm Pokemon, and they think they'll get a legendary or something like that. - SmashBall

I used to do this when I was younger. Now I send much better Pokemon but I mainly use gts because of these people. - Sambazing

So annoying

6 Genwunners

Gen 5 did everything gen 1 did but better. Most pokemon are lame and the mechanics are broken.

These are the people who can't shut up about Generation 1 and usually talk crap about newer. Go check out my list of "Things Genwunners Say" - SmashBall

Gen 1 is totally not the best gen in terms of music, Pokemon design and some parts of the storyline was messed up

These are a plague upon the pokemon fanbase

7 The Switcher

I just fought this guy who kept switching and switching, and my god, it's annoying. - SmashBall

8 The Cheater/Hacker

I don’t like cheaters

When I say this, I mean players who used hacked Pokemon, or cheat their way to victory. The other day, I fought this guy who had 3 legendaries, and they were shinies. The worst part is, they're SHINY LOCKED. What that means, is that you can't get the shiny version of the legendary. If you're going to cheat, at least make it where it's not obvious. - SmashBall

Hate cheating in any aspect - boltslegend

I mean what’s the point. It’s ok if it is only affecting you like 100 masterballs but ruining online by hacking isn’t ok - Sambazing

9 The Tryharders

For somewhat reason, I absol-utely hate Tryharders in pretty much every game I play. What Tryharders do is, they keep playing as if they were in a tournament. - SmashBall

10 The Player Who Has 6 Magikarps

Wow, your so funny. 6 magikarps is so hilarious especially since we have an even worse pokemon now (cosmog)

Yeah, everyone knows you need at least 10 Magikarps. - Ace_of_spades

I ran out of things to say. - SmashBall

The Contenders

11 Greninja Fans

Unlike normal charizard greninja actually can be used effectivly in competitive battles - boltslegend

They're 99.9 repeating% of people who play Pokemon X or Y. They are jerks who think that the overrated pokemon known as Greninja is the best pokemon ever. Why is the airplane-head so popular anyway? Protein and speed? Bad things? Frail, overrated, ugly, a type combo that dosn't make sense, frog weak to bug, overused, and blah, blah blah.
Tips for beating Greninja:

Use a Ninjask or Electrode, they outspeed Greninja and if it has a focus sash, quick attack or ice shard.

12 Those People Who Show Off Their Pokemon Through Trade but Never Trade Them

No one cares about your Pokemon so stop - Sambazing

I hate these people so much, you asked to trade so just damn make an offer rather than show off all of your crappy legendary Pokémon.

They ask you to trade, then when you except they scroll slowly over shiny Pokemon but don't trade!

Oh hey dude, here’s my totally legit shiny victini with perfect IVs and V-Create! I’m not gonna trade anything to you by the way.

13 Charizard Haters

I will destroy all the charizard haters

Bulbasaur all the way

Just because I am one, I vote this as the worst. Also, 7/8 times when I had the option, I picked Bulby #CharmanderEvolvesByBumpingHisHead

14 People Who Complain About New Games

My personal least favorite they make the new coming games like Ultra sun and ultra moon a huge pity party because they didn't get there dnag Sinnoh remakes or they make fun of the new pokemon designs

Just wait till 2019 it will just be like Dragonball Evolution but this time it will be WAA NO ONE IS ASIAN! and WAA! "insert something that is different to the game/anime/manga.

Sword & Shield isn’t bad

15 People that lie about catching Mewtwo

People make others jealous by saying they have Mewtwo, but they really don't. What a noob.

16 The Nostalgic

Yep of course

Uses god damn Everstones to have There starters at level 100 And thinks Pikachu is cool. Also CLEFAIRY CLEFAIRY CLEFAIRY CLEFAIRY CLEFAIRY

17 Shiny Hunters

Where do I start they start battles and don't finish just so they can show they're shinies off

18 The Little Sibling

I am that person despite being firstborn in my family

Trades legendaries for starters with gusto. Calls their pokemon dumb names. Trains their starter to level 100, using other pokemon as meatshields when they need to heal. Has 4 water type moves on said starter, and won’t hear a word to the contrary. Worst of all, you’re forced to love them regardless.

19 The Lucky Person

That damned person who gets 5 critical hits in a row!

20 The Kawaii Kat

The one who has Sylveon, Gardevoir, and a bunch of pokemon they deem cute and only care about design.

21 People who battle and go AFK in battles

It would take a usual 30 mins. - underboy

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