Worst Types of Roblox Ads

These are the Worst Types of Ads of ROBLOX. Some of these are very annoying and some are for trolling purposes. Of course the ad makers of these will be pissed off but we will continue anyway.

The Top Ten Worst Types of Roblox Ads

External ads

Very annoying

The most annoying ad ever. Takes you to another site and of course some give viruses. - cone6267

Deserves to be number one. These ads suck. - wrests


Click me X times ads

I fell for it so many times, I wanted to beat the record

A troll ad. Gets people to click multiple times giving the creator lots of ad clicks. - cone6267

Loll I used to fall for this almost all the time - wrests

Fake Front Page ads

The creators basically inspect the front page categories and put 'Godly Games' or 'Epic Games' just to get dumb noobs to think it's a front page games. - cone6267

From X to X ads

These ads drive me mad. except for this one I saw that said before (it shows a bacon haired noob) after (the exact same thing) I thought it was fun. but apart from that they all are fake and will just take you to a lame group that does nothing.

Another one. They give ads that tricks the user into thinking that joining will turn them rich. CLOTHING IS NOT FREE ON ROBLOX! - cone6267

I posted an ad that said Before: Bacon Hair. After: Still bacon hair. We don’t lie.

Ugh, it's so misleading.
It makes people think that clothing is free.
Clothing isn't free - wrests

Military ads

They advertise their military groups full of grammar nazis saying 'Your grammar is not good and you will be demoted.' Also give clickbait 'Robux to earn' descriptions to get more views. - cone6267

John Doe is online ads

John doe was a test account and never hacked anyone. iIf he was online he would only say hello. - cone6267

Get ROBUX and customize your character ads

For Under 13. Just click ROBUX to buy robux! No ads required! - cone6267

Would you Spare him ads

Newest troll ad. It leads to a fake Undertale tycoon. - cone6267

Adopt this kid ads

They just put 'Click 2 Adopt' with bad grammar and textboxes on the built in photo editor. - cone6267

LGBT ads

This is for regular sites. No need to put it in a videogame if people are just playing games! - cone6267

The Contenders

"X sent you a friend request"

Fell for it a dozen times.

Guest discrimination games

This is so unfair for the poor guest that were victim of this discrimination.
In 2013 2014 this sort of racism was popular.

The guest discrimination is à sort of racism.

Lunchables ads

Never seen it

ROBLOX sends you a friend request ads
Fake status ads

It's when they edit a profile of a famous user to have a status saying to join their game, very common ads now and very annoying.

Ads featuring copyrighted characters
Before & After ads
Invisible torso ads
Ads About Dating Girls

oders only

Spider on the screen ads

It's weird, and kind of creepy. - Fredbeargamerbro563

Pictures with bad jokes
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