Worst Types of Roblox Games


The Top Ten

1 Online Dating Games

Example: Adopt and Raise a cute baby, Boys and Girls hangout - MinecraftHater

This Is Why I Joined The ODER Police - Stevenpenguin

2 Hacked Games

Example: Robloxity - MinecraftHater

3 Area 51 Games

I look for something scary not an ugly thing that follows me and does not even jumpscare me seriously

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4 Tycoons Games

You wait and wait for 3 hours, just to get few in-game money. - MinecraftHater

Gets boring - AnnaRoblox

5 Obbies

Especially PlatinumFalls's obbies. - MinecraftHater

6 Rip Offs of Steam Games
7 Free Modeled Crap
8 "What Do I Do?" Type of Games
9 Copied Games

Mad Murderer almost copied EVERYTHING in Murder Mystery! Loleris even made a SEQUEL to it! It is known that Loleris can't come up with a game. - Datguyisweird666

10 Hangout Games

The Contenders

11 Poorly Made Games
12 Zombie Games
13 Roleplaying Games
14 Clickbait Games
15 Minecraft Games
16 Free Robux Games
17 Sex Games
18 Inappropriate Games for Children
19 Pokemon Go Games
20 BC Only Games

There are not even any good game, just only a boring trading place and some stupid games. - Datguyisweird666

21 Town and City Games
22 Games Where You Can Play as a Certain Country

Filled with teenage jerks who try to call everything trash, cancer or similar stuff if they don't like it, especially the 'participant' users on the public edition. Like here's something. If you don't like it, go outside and get lost fat 16 year old chump

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