Top 10 Worst Types of Shippers


The Top Ten

1 Shadshrek shippers
2 Amourshippers

My god, stop saying that Amourshipping is canon! It never was and never will be! - Croy987

3 People who ship characters with themselves

It's stupid and annoying. That character cannot date you and never will. - TwilightKitsune

Well, my friend loves Harry Potter, and loves anything to do with the evil ones in the story, she even shipped herself with Voldemort

Lol, it's so awkward to ship yourselves with characters, they'll never date you - Neonco31

I hate this so much.
No, a character will never date you, now grow up. - wrests

4 ZaDR shippers

Yes, the absolute worst. I saw one ZaDR shipper boast that like 90% of the fandom ships it. Well, if that statistic is true, then we now have irrefutable proof of Sturgeon's Law: 90% of everything is CRAP! - eventer51314

5 Sonadow shippers
6 Buttercup x Ace shippers
7 Gratsu shippers
8 Puppyshippers
9 Rivalshippers
10 Greenflame (KaiXLloyd) shippers

The only good thing about Lloyd possibly getting a girlfriend is that it'll piss these scumbags off. - eventer51314

The Contenders

11 Sondash shippers

They're not fit for each other, pick another one - Neonco31

12 PokeShippers

They STILL whine about Misty leaving. That was 15 years ago. Get a life! Ash and Misty are 10 year olds! - eventer51314

13 Fox McCloud x Cream shippers

I know why? This is one of the reasons why this ship is terrible. At least Krystal is an adult.

This is pedophilia! Fox is a fully grown, well, fox and Cream is a little kid! - Croy987

Exactly! Pedophilia is bad. Anyone who likes pedophilia should get arrested and go to jail. Yes to Fox with Krystal or Fara! No to Fox with Cream or Cream with anyone!

14 Hero x Villain Shippers
15 Twilight Sparkle x Thomas the Tank Engine Shippers

Thomas Sparkle or Twilight The Magical Engine - Neonco31

16 Incest Shippers
17 Nick x Judy Shippers

They are absolute cancer. They're almost worse than Amourshippers. - eventer51314

I recommend you not to look up the fanart. You will regret it! - Croy987

18 Crossover Shippers
19 Sonic x Fuli shippers
20 Daxter x Timon shippers
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1. ZaDR shippers
2. Shadshrek shippers
3. Greenflame (KaiXLloyd) shippers
1. Shadshrek shippers
2. Amourshippers
3. Sonadow shippers



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