Top Ten Worst Types of Smash Players

We all love Smash brothers since the N64 version. But of course, there's bound to be someone, you really hate fighting against. Today, I'll be covering those players.

The Top Ten

1 The Spammers

You saw this one coming. We all hate spammers. Especially the characters with a lot of projectiles - SmashBall

My friend embodies this

2 The Campers

I really don't know how to explain them - SmashBall

3 The player who can't decide which character to be
4 The players who think they're cool, just because they know how to wavedash

Wavedashing is not that special anymore, just about any character can do it. - SmashBall

5 The player who plays as Cloud and only charge their Limit Break

Stop Rolling Away! - SmashBall

6 The player who spams the Forward Smash with; Little Mac, Link, and Toon Link

Little Mac's forward smash makes him invisible, Link and Toon Link's forward smash are just overused - SmashBall

7 The player who twerks at you, just because you died

This is even worse than #8 - SmashBall

8 The player who always taunt when they kill you

I hate them so much. - SmashBall

9 Noobs

They're not bad, but just too easy - SmashBall

10 People who main R.O.B. and spam down throw into up air

I'm one of these people. And yes, I am a terrible person.

The Contenders

11 The one who always taunt at the start of a match

Ike and Robin: Prepare yourself, are the only one that makes sense - SmashBall

12 The players that target at you, for not taunting
13 The player who plays as Wario, and spams his Side-B
14 Hackers
15 The person that takes a stock off you then avoids you for the rest of the match

Oh my god I hate this type
they will take a single stock and then avoid conflict of any type for rest of the match I found a ZSS (zero suit samus) doing this and the only attacks they used were forward smash neutral b up b and and side b basically unhittable

16 The person that criticizes everything that you do

"Oh, that's the worst fighter."
"Why did you go Battlefield and not Omega? "
"That move sucks, don't use it."

They also are the type to rage quit once you win your first match against them. Most of the time, they main Diddy.

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