Worst Types of Social Justice Warriors

SJWs are terrible. Which ones do you think are the worst?
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1 Heterophobes

It's true that heterophobia isn't as big as a problem as homophobia and will probably never be, and that jokes about straight people don't compare to what LGB+ people have to go through.
That being said, unironically hating straight people/wanting them dead is really stupid In my opinion

When will they even consider the fact that heterosexuality has been around for millions of years, it has not been in any way damaging and you can make babies?

The reason gay marriage is legal is because of heterosexuals who support gay marriage. Get it through your head, people!

It's just ignorance to think that if you are either Homosexual or Homophobic

2 Anti-whites

Like a lot of the other ones this group is dumb because not all whites are racist and believe it or not whites CAN suffer racism. It’s just not common to see it

People who believe all whites are racist and whites can't suffer racism

If SJWs find out how many of my friends have been white males, they'll kill me.

I wonder what will happen when they get called out for being racist

3 Feminazis

I understand why women would distrust men, especially if they live in an unsafe area or were r*ped, but wanting all men to die is too far.

I'd really like to see them respond to this question: How do you think life on earth would continue if you want all males dead?

Just one question: How the hell can you men hating people have been born... without I don't know a MAN?!

They should be at the top of this list 'because they go too far with radical feminism.

4 Ones who believe women are superior to men

Neither are superior nor inferior.

I counted them different from Feminazis because Feminazis want men dead, these guys actually just think they're inferior

What MrCoolC and Camaro6 said

5 Ones who believe all men are rapists

This is also a dumb claim because at least 90% of men are not rapists.

They need to know that females can be rapists too.

Most rapists are men but most men aren't rapists

Basically the Metoo Movement.

6 Ones who believe all video games are violent and should be banned

There's gore in Sonic, disgusting!
Breaking news, kid kills 60 people because of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. (Sarcasm)

Screw violent games like Kirby! I'd rather have something educational like 2 Girls 1 Cup! (Sarcasm)

I can't tolerate the amount of graphic violence displayed in Hello Kitty

I want Pac Man to be banned because there is too much blood and gore.

7 Body shamers

Why can’t they accept all different types of bodies?

*cough* Zamii incident *cough*

Oh hey look it's an actual group of bad people that exist on the internet

I don't know why they're considered SJWs but ok

Especially those think being under 200 lbs and in shape is “unrealistic” 🙄

8 Special snowflakes

They seem oblivious to everything else except their own "feelings", even when they are melting down with T.V. cameras rolling.

This is just of people in general still is very annoying

9 #MeToo supporters

Bassically enforcing the false ideal that only women can be sexually assaulted and men can not.

They're destroying the media.

10 Cis haters

At least cis people don’t lie about who we are.

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11 Blackwashers

Racewashing is a stupid idea because there's a thing called "New Characters", the only time I'm fine with racewashing is if the character is vague on race details (ex. Cinderella), but if a character is meant to be a certain race (ex. Tiana), don't Whitewash or Blackwash

Racewashing characters either way is stupid, ridiculous and nonsensical!

even though I support poc, blackwashing is just as bad whitewashing.

*cough*Ava DuVernay*cough*

12 TERFs

Transphobic feminists

13 Vegan extremists

This doesn't include normal vegans but vegans that insult you for eating meat.

PETA supporters for example

*cough cough* I’m looking at you PETA

14 Ones who call others transphobic for assuming their pet's gender

Not just their pet, but just about anything and anyone.

NOW this is asinine.

15 Fat acceptance movement
16 Ones who force everyone to have left-wing views
17 Gender is a social construct community
18 Soccer moms
19 Socialists / Anti-Capitalists
20 Ones who think bi, pan, trans, and ace people should be excluded from the LGBTQ+ community

SJWs: Yasss LGBTQ+ rights! You are all valid!
Bi, pan, ace, trans, poly, etc person: Falls in love with someone of the opposite gender
SJWs: Omg get out of our community stupid straighties this is for gay people only >:(

21 Ones who were actual victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. who are just mean.
22 Ones who insist certain movies, TV shows, and games are absolute masterpieces just because they feature a female, people of color, or other "minority"
23 Ones who worship certain actors, politicians, journalists, etc. just because that person is SJW themselves
24 Ones who say men should have sex with a woman if she asks
25 Ones who write essays on your comment sections

I plagiarized this essay in the name of social justice!

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