Worst Types of Social Justice Warriors

SJWs are terrible. Which ones do you think are the worst?

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1 Heterophobes Heterophobes

I see them all over Instagram. Going on and on about how they hate straight and cis people and how they think pissing them off is funny and they should end themselves - TwilightKitsune

When will they even consider the fact that heterosexuality has been around for millions of years, it has not been in any way damaging and you can make babies? - styLIShT

It's just ignorance to think that if you are either Homosexual or Homophobic - SpectralOwl

I invented this phrase I want credit :( - Skullkid755

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2 Anti-Whites

People who believe all whites are racist and whites can't suffer racism - TwilightKitsune

Like a lot of the other ones this group is dumb because not all whites are racist and believe it or not whites CAN suffer racism. It’s just not common to see it - Randomator

3 Body Shamers

*cough* Zamii incident *cough* - TwilightKitsune

4 Feminazis

I'd really like to see them respond to this question: How do you think life on earth would continue if you want all males dead? - SpectralOwl

So basically they want humanity to end

Just one question: How the hell can you men hating people have been born... without I don't know a MAN?! - CaptainMowzker

So hating heterosexuals, whites, thin people, and cis people is worse than literally wanting half of the world dead? I don't understand that. - 445956

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5 Cis Haters

At least cis people don’t lie about who we are.

6 Ones who believe women are superior to men

I counted them different from Feminazis because Feminazis want men dead, these guys actually just think they're inferior - TwilightKitsune

7 Blackwashers Blackwashers

*cough*Ava DuVernay*cough* - 445956

8 Ones who believe all men are rapists

This is also a dumb claim because at least 90% of men are not rapists. - Randomator

Men are more likely to be raped than be the rapist. It's been proven. - isaaonrtdmtr

Some men are but to assume all men are rapists because of a few bad males is a bit ridiculous! That’s like saying all females are sluts even though 90% of females aren’t

9 Ones who believe all video games are violent and should be banned

I can't tolerate the amount of graphic violence displayed in Hello Kitty - styLIShT

But have you SEEN how much gore there is in Pong? It's DISGUSTING! (Sarcasm) - isaaonrtdmtr

Screw violent games like Kirby! I'd rather have something educational like 2 Girls 1 Cup! (Sarcasm) - CaptainMowzker

Bloody hell, have you seen how brutal Tetris really is? Why don’t you immature young fellas watch something more kid-friendly like Pain Olympics?

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10 Special Snowflakes

They seem oblivious to everything else except their own "feelings", even when they are melting down with T.V. cameras rolling.

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11 Ones who call others transphobic for assuming their pet's gender

NOW this is asinine. - MilkTae

Not just their pet, but just about anything and anyone. - isaaonrtdmtr

12 Ones who were actual victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. who are just mean.
13 Ones who write essays on your comment sections
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