Top 10 Worst Types of Super Mario Maker Levels

Well, there's a list for the best. Now it's time for a list of the worst. There are a lot of shitty levels out there in the Super Mario Maker servers, and here they are. Also, yes, you can skip them, but still.

The Top Ten

1 (Japanese Title) (Can Be Found On Mario Maker Level Leaderboards)

Just because it's Japanese doesn't mean it's bad... Seriously, how is this number 1? I guess this is voted by a bunch of racist Americans thinking anything that is not English is bad. - lol999

60% of the damn levels are japanese, I wish there was at least a translator - YOSHIA2121

I can speak Both Japanese and English but I wish there was a translator for people who can't speak Japanese

This level is currently rated #1 on the leaderboards, but there was no ******* effort put into this level. It's just a 2 block gap with the flagpole on the other side, and a bunch of stuff put into a box with springs! This just shows people have no taste in starring levels and can't tell a good level from a hole in the ground. - TheYoshiOverlord

2 Any Kind Of Auto-Mario

Some of these are really creative. Why this is higher then enemy spam or star begger levels? - lol999

Lame, boring, and unoriginal. And over half of the levels in the leaderboards is this kind of stupid level. It was once fun to look at the first few times. Now it's just overused. - TheYoshiOverlord

People see that these levels get stars so they try to make their own auto levels to get stars and now the game is completely filled up with auto levels - YOSHIA2121

Auto levels are boring. I want a level that takes skill to beat I'm an above average player I don't wanna see 25% courses automatic

3 "Underwater Spike" Levels

These are incredibly obnoxious! You have to do precise swimming or you die, and if you take this farther to a maze, please die. - TheYoshiOverlord

These are a pain in the ass - YOSHIA2121

They are very annoying!

4 "Doors That Kill You" Levels

And pipes that kill you.

You should never have to kill yourself if you go through the wrong door. I hate these stupid levels. - TheYoshiOverlord

I Voted this one - BlueSheepYT

You mean a troll level

5 "Enemy Spam" Levels

These are probably 20% of the easy and normal mode levels. Even Nintendo makes these crappy levels. If you want an idea of what I'm talking about, look at Cat Peach's Course in the Event Courses.

These are made by noobs who have no clue what they are doing, and then decide to upload this onto the servers - TheYoshiOverlord

You can find these in the following places, EVERYWHERE - YOSHIA2121

These are everywhere - Tommy1018

6 Levels With Too Many Lakitus

I guess this is like the enemy spam levels, but with 10,000,000 Lakitus raining down hell on you. Some just have them throw power-ups, but they're still stupid. - TheYoshiOverlord

When I enter these I just quit - YOSHIA2121

7 Most Levels That Say "Plz/Please/Pls Star" in the title, end of level, etc.

I can't stand it when people beg for stars. Can not stand it.

Most of these are nooby and should be deleted. Don't beg for stars, earn it! - TheYoshiOverlord

Whenever someone makes a level like this I report it - YOSHIA2121

8 Troll Levels

I like them. They’re often funny if done well. If not, then can it be considered a troll level? I mean, humor is one of the key things in a troll level. They are enjoyable to a certain type of person, like Carl or Juz, etc.

Troll levels are fun when you have your siblings or friends play it. But when they upload it to torture you, they can die in a hole. - TheYoshiOverlord

These only suck if they go overboard - YOSHIA2121

This is 80% of Mario Maker levels

9 Levels That Use Way Too Much SFX

They are normally in auto-mario or troll levels but still...WAY TO ANNOYING!

Some of these are annoying, hurt your ears after hearing too much of them, etc. They are typically auto-Mario, though. - TheYoshiOverlord

Especially when it is the laughing one

Levels like this make my ears bleed.

10 Levels where you just walk to the flagpole

Why put this online are you purposely trying to ruin the game

Are you even trying?

This is mostly on Easy mode.


The Contenders

11 Copies of Real Mario Levels

World 1-1 - JustSomeRandomDude

I actually like them because think about it, what if you can't afford Mario bros or any of the games listed? Just play a copy of the level, simple!

I agree. It's also nice to take a break from enemy spam and auto levels. - computerfan0

I like levels that FEEL like they belong in a Mario game, though.

They’re Mario, so at least they’re not terrible, but they’re not original!

12 Levels that Only the Creator Knows How to Finish

Needless to say, they’re pretty bad.

13 Kaizo Levels

There to hard...

14 Amiibo Collections

Kind of cool-ish, but overall, lackluster.

15 Levels where you are forced to kill yoshi
16 Story Levels

These can be really fun if done well, though they often need some imagination.

The only Story I like is Goomba Story. Goomba Story takes real talent and is just plain awesome

Lame. I play Mario Maker to play levels with actual skill involved, not this!

17 Star Runners

Sometimes fun if done right

18 Courses Where You Die Instantly

Well, if you die instantly, you’ll die over and over and over, which will make you frustrated!

They're pretty bad. - SlapHoppy

19 Theme/Cantina type levels

You mean music levels?

These can be fun.

Relly boring, your going→ one way the whole time.

Bad music{(-_-)}

20 Mazes

Very annoying. Turn it into spikes and you'll wanna kill yourself/

21 Levels where they turn you into a spring and make you enter a box full of springs

These can be pretty annoying. Getting over it levels are still worse though.

It's impossible to see yourself, and you usually can't skip them because you're in the air.

These levels make me skip the next five levels after them too out of frustration

22 Music Levels

The themes are really nice, especially those with platforming!

Who put this here? These are amazing! - lol999

23 Timing Levels
24 Courses Where You Have to Use Shells to Survive

These courses are so hard and insane!

25 Series of Levels
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