Worst Types of Teachers in School

The Top Ten Worst Types of Teachers in School

1 Teacher who always scream at you for no reason

All of that is all special education teachers

Teacher made students by screaming at them it's so scary to be in school everyday in this situation

This is always my teacher :(

Should be number 1. I was once berated by a teacher just because some lazy and ignorant boy in my class was making her life hell - it's truly horrible. - Entranced98

2 Teacher who always give attention to popular kids

That's so annoying - 0744rose

3 Teacher who compares you with your siblings

Like " why you can't be like her" - 0744rose

I hate this

4 Teacher who spends way too much time talking about his/her personal life

I like when teachers do this because it wastes learning time.

It's boring but at I way you have less classwork to do. - Ihateschool

I have English teacher who litterally talks half of class about her daughters. But what she talks does not make sense. In one story her daughter is freshman and in another story that takes place two months ago she is in university studying software enginering.

Teacher : Hey kids! Do u know? Yesterday I enjoyed a lot with my friends... me :?! what?! @#@# but who asked? And who cares? #@@! - 0744rose

5 Teacher who always has a surprise test ready for you and your class

Teacher: you're going to have a surprise tomorrow!
Me: yay! I hope it's a fun field trip


Teacher: we have a field trip!
Me: noo
Teacher: shut up

Teacher: you're going to have a surprise tomorrow!
Me: yay! I hope it's a fun field trip


Teacher: we have a test!
Me: noo
Teacher: shut up

And the whole class fails

If the whole class fails, then either the teacher doesn't teach them or the kids are dumb - TheAwesomeDude54

This is a bit much - we're already stressed enough over work as is. - Entranced98

6 Teacher who is very strict

Mrs Holt and Mrs Jensen and Mrs Kane and Mrs Roffers

I've never had a problem with strict teachers as they need to act that way for a reason - some kids are so immature for their ages these days they need lots of discipline to keep them focused, let alone stop them from interfering with their classmates' education. There is still a HUGE difference between being strict and being downright nasty, though. - Entranced98

I usually don't have a problem with strict teachers who strict for good reasons. The teachers who are strict for bad reasons are annoying. In general, strict teachers are okay if you don't bother them much.

My high school special ed teacher has a bunch of dumb rules that the class must follow:

Only go on coolmathgames.com
Always walk on the right side of the hallway
No using the bathroom
Only one serving of snacks during class parties
Must donate to charity
No drawing the hanging body during a game of hangman
Computer time sessions last only 10 minutes unless it’s work related
You must drink plain milk even if you don’t like the taste of it
Run after eating during gym class
Walk around the track in the field at least 5x
No backpacks allowed in the classroom
No junk food allowed
Must watch kid’s cartoons during class holiday parties
The entire class must vote when deciding what to do

I’m pretty sure that there are more rules...

7 Teacher who gives lot of homework

This, is literally every teacher though. - BlueTelegraph

They teaches less in class and they give more homework - 0744rose

My online teacher gives the class too much homework

8 Teacher who makes stupid jokes about you in front of your class
9 Teacher who always forces you to take part in each and every competition

Seriously I hate these type of teachers - 0744rose

My high school special ed teacher made the whole class run laps immediately after we ate. My friends and I obviously disobeyed, but the teacher wasn't happy with our choice.

Below is an example of what COULD'VE happened if we all DID run.

(after lunch special ed class is walking in circles on the school's track)
Teacher: OK class now everybody lets see who can run the fastest
Students: we just ate!
Teacher: I don't care! Ready set go!
(some students run and some students walk)
(5 minutes later)
Teacher: OK class you can stop running now
(one student throws up)
Puking student: I told you we just ate. But NOO, you had to force us to run! This is what happens if you run immediately after eating!
Teacher (to students who refused to run): WHY DIDN'T YOU RUN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE?
Students (points to kid who just threw up): There's a good example why.
Teacher: THAT'S IT! For punishment you all have to run 1000 ...more

10 Clueless substitute teacher

This is one of the best types we can fool them into not making us do work. - Ihateschool

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11 Teacher who ignores bullying or takes the bully's side

Teachers stand there because they care about getting paid and not bullying.

This is just awful. I'm surprised all the teachers who do this haven't been sacked. - Entranced98

12 Sexy teachers

Very distracting

Yess the guy below me makes a big point. They can be distracting. I wish someone like me who was sooo brave enough to tell that teacher. And yes, we do have one here. That’s why I’m going to try and make dat offensive person tell what I meant all along.

13 Teacher who always put makeup on her face

What a dumb entry. Whether or not she wears makeup says absolutely nothing about her teaching. - Entranced98

14 Special Ed teachers

Seclusion rooms

Just useless! I get pulled out of class to learn NOTHING!

I hate being in Special Ed - Ihateschool

They are mean. They make up dumb rules and are very strict. They yell at students all the time. They are very nosy and they constantly stalks students.

15 Teachers who have no empathy for their students

My teachers have yelled/reprimanded at me/the class to the point that they made me cry, and whenever I was crying they told me to stop in a harsh tome of voice.

(Teacher yells at entire class and makes 1 student cry) Student: WAAAHHH! You scared me!
Teacher: I don't care. The whole class was being disrespectful so I have to yell at all of you. And the ones that did nothing are just as responsible.

16 Teachers who constantly have an attitude

My social studies teacher won't stop yelling and it drives me CRAZY!

17 Teachers who make threats against students
18 Teachers who abuse/assault students

I had a ninth grade teacher who physically hurt students. He was a substitute for science and the science classrooms are sound proof because of explosions and what not. Whenever you got an answer wrong, he'd wack you across the face or scream at you loudly. A girl, we'll call her Susan, had her hair cut by the teacher because 'It was too long'. He also forced a few students to stay behind. I was one of them. He made us remove our clothing one by one. I didn't do it but the few he made do it had to do jumping jacks naked. We all got therapy after it but it was traumatic. He got arrested too.

19 Teachers with body odor
20 Teachers who yell at you in front of the whole class

One of my college teachers did this and it scared me. I cried for the remainder of the day.

21 Teachers who treat every word like it's a swear word

My special education teacher is a grammar police officer in her suit she screams that! Me what the... Teacher:what the us followed by a bad word! Me:heck! Teacher: heck is a substitute for a bad word!

In my special ed class in high school, the teacher would not allow me to say the words "old", "confused", "horse", "Disney", "California", or "Florida"

22 Strict teachers

In one instance, in a fifth grade class, since a student spilled a jug of water while refilling a cooler, for the punishment, the entire class had to eat their lunch on the floor. - TheAwesomeDude54

23 Teacher who gives students lots of homework

Sometimes the homework is just far too much. We do a lot of work in class, and schedule plenty more afterwards as revision - for those of us who have social lives, like to spend time with our families and have creative hobbies unrelated to school work, there just isn't enough time in the day for essay after essay after essay. - Entranced98

24 Popular teacher

Good teachers are always popular for a reason! - Entranced98

25 Teacher who can't cope with misbehaving students
26 Teacher who thinks they're funny
27 Monotone teachers

Had this teacher for sixth grade. UGH so boring

28 Teachers who blame students
29 Teachers who gets physical with students

Special ed teachers do this all the time

30 Teachers who inappropriately interact with students

Like sexual misconduct

31 Teachers who have sex with students
32 Teachers who harasses students
33 Old teachers
34 Teachers who are racist to certain students

I'm Asian. In high school I had a special ed teacher who would pick on me constantly. She never picked on the other kids. Oh did I even mention that THERE WERE NO OTHER ASIANS IN THE CLASS? >:(

35 Teachers who think that they're your parent

When I was in high school I had a special ed teacher who tells me to do certain stuff just because my mom tells me to do them at home (eg. chores, no YouTube, etc)

36 Teachers who are nosy

My high school special ed teacher constantly spied on me! She's a stalker! >:(

37 Teachers who think that you are stupid

My special ed teacher think that we are dumber than 1st graders. She teaches us math that's 1+1=2 and counting coins. COME ON, EVEN A KINDERGARTENER KNOWS THAT STUFF!

38 Stupid teachers

My idiot of a special ed teacher in high school once falsely accused me of being on a dating site when all I was doing was looking up pictures of Disney theme parks and horses on Google! >:(

39 Picky Teachers

In high school, I had a special ed teacher who was very picky. If we didn't do stuff EXACTLY her way, she would lose it and get mad at us.

40 Perfectionists

In my high school special ed class
Teacher: here do this kindergarten worksheet on following directions
(1/2 hr later she grades it)
Teacher: I am very disappointed in all of you. Only 1 person got it all right. You all are expected to get it all right.

by the way: it was me who got a perfect score. It was way too easy for me.

What, did she call your classmates parents and say "They didn't get it all right, they're supposed to get it all right" and then the parents ratted her out for being a perfectionist? - TheAwesomeDude54

41 The teacher that everyone hates, but she thinks we actually like her class

We can't say fortnite in this class

42 The teacher that won't stop yelling
43 Ugly teachers
44 Teachers that expect perfection from the older kids in combined classes


45 Teachers that constantly pick on one student
46 Mean teachers
47 Racists
48 Teachers that bully students
49 Teachers who restrict computer usage

While all teachers restrict the content that students are allowed to go on, my high school special ed teacher took it up to eleven. She banned us from going on every single website that ever existed while we were in her classroom except for coolmathgames and 6abc.com. Once I got in trouble for looking up images of Disney’s Hercules on Google Images!

50 Teachers who demand money from students

Once a kid in my high school special ed class forgot their notebook and the teacher made the kid pay her $5 in cash for it.

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