Top Ten Worst Types of Teenagers


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1 Bullies

Bullies made me hate middle school

Ruined music class for me - blackflower

Okay they are worst types but where are think they are best in all.This list is great but this is missing.

2 Teenagers that don't listen to their parents

Teens nowadays are very rebellious! For example, a teenager reported child abuse to the police because his mom spanked him - MChkflaguard_Yt

Teenagers are very rebellious! THIS GENERATION SUCKS! - ChalkZone777

I’m a teen and I hate this generation.

Teens these day we can’t change them. 😐

3 Teenage girls who like Justin Bieber

Teen pop is not really music anyway, just a quickly disposable product manufactured by media.

It's just their opinion. Life would get boring if we all shared the same opinion.

Of course, there can't be a TopTens list without mentioning Justin Bieber at least once.

To be honest I don't like pop music I mostly like trap,dubstep, edm or even a little bit of rap but to me justin bieber sucks no wonder why hatsune miku is above him and many other amazing singers...if his songs weren't crappy and if he didn't have obnoxious fangirls back then maybe people would like him more

4 Teenagers who think they're hard
5 Teenage girls who are scared of balls

This could have more than one meaning.

Yeah I hate it when they you try to show a girl your balls and they get scared. oh wait...

IKR! I hate it when you try to play catch with a girl and they dodge the ball - DoroExploro13


6 Teenagers who imitate gangsters

Annoying, disgusting people, and potentially bullies. Worst type of wannabes. - MChkflaguard_Yt

So true - RoleplayerR

There’s nothing cool about gangsters - blackflower

7 Bronies Bronies

The majority of Bronies are grown men actually, not teenagers.

8 Teenagers who don't like rock music

*Heavy* metal? Why not Power, Folk, Pirate, or Symphonic metal? Are you trying to tell me something? How rude. Very biased opinion is very biased. - Merilille

If a teenager doesn't like rock music but is a nice person and is easy to get along with, I wouldn't mind. But if they don't like rock music and bring down other people who do like rock music/ constantly insult it, then I will start to draw a line. - Gg2000

Really biased, rock is not always good, IT IS JUST RUDE. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I never liked it - blackflower

9 Mean girls

Hey! I'm one of these, although I hate feminism and I'm only mean towards someone on the internet if its revenge or I really hate them.

Please don’t do what anything mean.

10 Emos

Why with the Emo hate, bro? - EliHbk

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? Snobs

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11 Goths

Goths are awesome.

I would’ve been one if my parents let me - blackflower

12 Teenage girls who get pregnant
13 Teenagers who think rock and metal are satanic
14 Posers
15 SJWs

Why the stigma - blackflower

16 Teenagers who 3rd wheel
17 Fangirls who equate One Direction and Justin Bieber with actual music

What's wrong with that they are singers.

18 Sexy Teenagers

Those big fat dainty whiny brats!
why do people like these fox-heads so much!
plus, I really dislike when they dress up with their skin showing ( blech) Also It makes me really mad when they are laying around in the sun trying to get someone to feel bad for have a crush on them. Even some I did not now hurt my feelings once, they were talking about holly wood stars (... heck yeah) wearing-pants-that-look-like " UNDERWEAR" ( I was about to throw up) Some of them were calling me " selfish" and wanted to hurt me if I came close! those prissy kids did not stop being sassy! this is why I want peace, freedom, treating people the same... this is why I wish the internet was not real ( I might have a fight with a brony or furry for saying this) I do not like the internet whom ruined some people ( he he) ALSO...those teens would not be that way if the internet was not real

19 Teenagers who lie about their age
20 Teenagers who idolize Kylie Jenner
21 Teenage guys that change their favorite sports team
22 Teenagers that wear shirts of bands they don't even listen to

Does anyone actually do this?

23 Teenagers who follow stupid trends
24 Arrogant
25 Scene Kids
26 Teenagers that bully children to feel better about themselves
27 Teenagers that throw rocks at places
28 Teenagers who complain about life

Yep, I hate these guys. They think they are dumb but seriously what made you think of that?

29 Teenagers who think they are too cool for you
30 Modern teenagers
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1. Teenagers that don't listen to their parents
2. Bullies
3. Teenagers who imitate gangsters
1. Teenagers that don't listen to their parents
2. Teenagers who don't like rock music
3. Teenage girls who like Justin Bieber
1. Teenage girls who like Justin Bieber
2. Teenagers that don't listen to their parents
3. Bullies

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