Worst Types of Thots

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1 E-Girls

E-girl fashion is basically a darker version of Japanese street style with some lofi and retro elements I used to love that style until E-girls ruined it for me.

There are good E-girls like Bianca Devins (RIP) but they can be irritating.

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2 Tik Tok Thots

The type that sells their bathwater.

3 Twitch Thots

Why did admin delete my comment about twitch thot examples?

4 Intsagram Thots

To be fair a lot of people who use Insta are thots themselves

90% percent of the "influencers" there

5 Rapper Thots

Cardi B and Iggy Azalea are examples of this and their fanbase does consist of thots too.

Cardi B(ad) is a prime example of this.

Iggy Azalea.

Example: cardi B.

6 YouTube Thots

Tana mongoose and Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas aka Trash-a Paytas.

7 Cosplay Thots

Aka the bathwater ones...

*cough cough* Belle Delphine *cough cough*

Every weeb girl be like

8 Highschool Thots

That one group of girls in your school who wear revealing clothes and hit on all the boys.

9 Vine Thots
10 Hoes

Too many to count.

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11 Goth Thots

Big tiddy Goth girlfriend

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