Top 10 Worst Types of Video Game Haters

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1 Mainstream Media

These people make me lose brain cells. They are some of the most idiotic people on Earth.
They act like video games are the worst things ever, they're not!

Dude stop hating on Roblox my only problems are boting games and su tart and censored but I like the game I just like going on fnas rp and role playing

Did you know that video games are actually the perpetrators of all school shootings? I don't mean that video games influenced school shootings. No, the video games themselves bought guns and shot up schools.

ROBLOX had to put censored chat because they think it has sexual predators that are kids going thru puberty that need to OD, to have a wife and make sure humans don't go extinct

2 Nintendo Haters

I'm sick of these preteen Nintendo haters, who think Nintendo games are for babies and losers and have bad graphics. Both of their statements are WRONG. On the other hand, they think games like Call of Duty, Minecraft and FIFA are SUPER COOL and are literally the best games ever made.

People think Nintendo is for kids. I say that's not true. Call of duty isn't for kids because kids shouldn't even play shooting games. Nintendo is awesome & those call of duty fanboys don't even know that Nintendo saved the video game industry

Oh god I hate these people. They are always bringing it up if you bring up that you like nintendo, saying how the games are always the same, the graphics suck, and it's for kids.

I do not like Nintendo games however the haters think that they are a worse company than SEGA. Thse people also do not acknowledge Nintendo's role in saving the American Gaming Industry

3 Undertale Haters

Undertale isn't BAD, but I get so many people mad just for not saying it's the game of the century. I like the game, it's a solid game, but is it the best game? No, far from it. The problem comes when people judge a game by its community. You shouldn't judge a game by the people who play it. You should judge a game by the qualities that it possesses.

Many of the haters have probably never even played Undertale. I bet they only think it's a bad game because of the fandom being cancerous. I can kinda see why someone may be put off a game due to its annoying fans ruining the reputation, but overall you should judge a game by the game itself, not its fans.

To be honest I used to hate undertale my friend Maggie had introduced me to saying how much she loved it but I think I first started hating it when she showed me fan art weird videos of it and unpleasant music I would always tell her I didn't like but one day she told me to go watch someone play it so watched ihazcupquake do it and after watching her do it all I started to think hay this game is fine it's just the fandom and weird youtube videos that are bad so I learned not to judge a game by its cover and one tip if your interested in this game DO NOT look at the fandom or fan made videos unless you want to be scared

I enjoyed deltarune so I will enjoy this but the fan base is just cringe and the sans fan base it’s ok if you just like him I mean the meme fan base

4 Social Justice Warriors

These people are always triggered by something nonsensical and also these people also are destroying the creativity of game devs everywhere. Remember that time Ubisoft but a transgender in Assasin's Creed: Syndicate for nothing. Yeah, these people are the cause of it

Do not let them destroy Grand Theft Auto 6!

Lest we forget, Video game characters given a realistic makeover

Hate these guys!

5 Retro Game Haters

Stop like hating on graphics I enjoy cuphead and sonic games and Mario games and Kirby games but just hating on graphics

Hating games just because of their age is not a good reason - they might not have HD 1080p graphics, but the developers did a great job at making do with what technology was available back then. All the qualities of good gameplay are still there; for that reason many of them, such as the original Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Metroid, Streets of Rage 2, Darius Gaiden, Puzzle Bobble and early Mega Man games never seem to lose their shine.

These people are even less intelligent than insects. They judge retro games by their graphics, which can actually look nice.

Retro games can be as good as modern games. Haters need to just chill and stop hating 24/7/365.

A lot of retro games are actually better than many of today's games.

6 Five Nights at Freddy's Haters

At least they do not start the damage first like the Fandom does.

YES. I get it, FNAF was the thing in 2014, and now it's getting old to people. If you done with the game, great! Just move on and leave it alone, but don't hate on the people who still like it and follow the lore because you think it's old.

To Be Fair, this game is bad anyways. The hate it gets is a little extreme but it's all because this is an overrated game that isn't even average.

This game is old and overrated but was remotely fun, I would play it but I'm not getting it is its not free

7 Pokemon Haters

These people hate on Pokemon for the things these games did not do. PETA complained this game is about hunting animals and using them in cockpits against other trainers. Why do you care about virtual animals? This is a video game. There is also one who claims Pokemon is "satanic" as if that is really in the game.

Pokemon haters are awful. Plus, it kind of ruins the series' purpose of catching them all, since this is what Pokemon is about. Sure, you don't have to like every one of the 700 and counting Pokemon, but hating any of them is just downright immature and insane.

They're about as hateful as the anime haters.

There are still many Poketubers out there, and they're not getting hate! People who say "ugh, Pokemon is just for kids! Grow up already". And while fine getting into older games, I can't not stop playing Pokemon. It's part of my childhood and will likely stay that way for a long time.

8 Sonic Haters

Oh boy these are crappy. People they just hate him other being a rival to Mario sonic fan base is good in my opinion and ign shut up about flipping sega making classic sonic games and I remember this video called I hate sonic and this guy made a part where he crushed sonic no joke I hate that

Sonic 2006 haters are the worst. Sure, the game wasn't a hit, but still does not deserve the negativity it gets. Heck, it's not even the worst game of all time. (I heard Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is worse)

I'm sure a lot of this is thanks to the mediocre newer Sonic games and Sonic Boom. If we just turned back the clock and enjoyed the Mega Drive classics I bet a lot of Sonic hate wouldn't exist.

Yeah! People should stop being defensive towards Sonic '06. It may have a reputation as one of the worst games of all time, but its fanbase is very demanding to the point where they furiously act like it's the best game in the world.

9 Mario Haters

His haters hate him because he's not Sonic, or because he has a mustache, or they think he steals Peach from Bowser/Link/Marth/Roy/whoever they ship her with/etc (which is a silly reason because Mario is Peach's OFFICIAL love interest. Enough said. So sick of shipping wars), or simply because they like one of the other Mario series characters better. Sure, I may like Yoshi better but I don't hate Mario because of that. Mario is Nintendo's mascot, and may have kept the video game industry alive since the 1980's. If it weren't for Mario, then there would be no Sonic.

Mario's haters hate him because of the awful Mario Is Mental theory.

I Never Knew Mario Had Haters

Mario haters are idiots! They are stupid enough to believe in Game Theory (Mario is Mental) as set in stone fact even though it's very flawed and it could be debunked in a matter of seconds! And this is the ONE theory MatPat treats as fact!

10 Konami Haters

Although I will applaude some haters, espeically Jim Sterling for coining the funny phrase which I will speak no evil. However, it is getting repetitive already. Konami is now nothing but a dead horse. I also hate it when looking up technical details on a pachinko machine all these idiots will complain about Konami, that is not even the topic of the video. I myself, does not like Konami but please shut up, You say the same crap everyone said already

The only reason I hate Konami is because they cancelled Silent Hills. That game would've been AMAZING.

People who say Yugioh is worse than Pokemon are idiots!

Konami is awesome

The Contenders

11 PC Haters

Personally, I always thought of 'PCMasterRace' kind of stuff as a joke, but if people take it seriously, that's just sad.

It's kinda hard to play games on there

Yes I added all media platforms because fighting over what console you play games on is stupid

12 Big the Cat (Sonic) Haters

Seriously, people. He's just like Blaze (a purple cat in the Sonic series). Don't know why you hate him so much.

Yep I don’t hate him but I laugh at him just froggy

13 Bubsy Haters

I never played Bubsy but he is just a flipping bob cat and the games look fun except for bubsy 3D but it’s just a rival to Mario and other games kinda

What can possibly go wrong?

I really don't see anything wrong with Bubsy. Sure, Bubsy 3D was a big stinker, we can all agree on that. But the older games, namely the first one, was nostalgic to me and therefore is not as bad as everyone claims it to be.

14 Capcom Haters
15 PlayStation Haters

Metal Gear Solid (franchise), the Uncharted (franchise), Pac-Man World (trilogy), Crash Bandicoot (original trilogy) and Spyro the Dragon (original trilogy) are all PlayStation games I extremely love for their complexity, depth, imaginative aspects, very sharp presentations and pure gameplay. - The Ultimate Daredevil

I really liked PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and the franchises that were represented in it. (Huge fan of Ratchet & Clank, by the way) What bugs me is that haters hate PSASBR for stupid reasons and mistaken it as a Super Smash Bros. ripoff, when the fact is that PSASBR is a good game like SSB is, and there are plenty of differences to distinguish it from the SSB games.

16 Krystal (Star Fox) Haters

I hate the Falco haters (Especially my 3rd oldest brother)Even though I do respect their opinion) and people who don't like him even more for calling him overrated especially for extremely dumb reasons and they say he is not relevant especially in Smash and they made him look irrelevant for smash during smash 4 and (Some of them) Star fox and they say he doesn't deserve more praise than panning with a lot of fans of star fox and one of the star fox fans says he doesn't know why Falco is the 2nd most popular Character, When he A.Deserved more love and praise from a lot of the Star Fox fans in the fanbase B.Falco being in Super Smash bros makes sense C.He is Underrated not overrated and D.Falco being popular among the Star Fox Fanbase is very Understandable.

Although she may have a bad furry fanbase, her haters are worse, and they may be the reason why she didn't appear as a playable character in the latest Super Smash Bros. even though she was one of the most requested characters.

I pray that Krystal appears in a future game in the Star Fox or Super Smash Bros. series.

17 Spyro the Dragon Haters
18 Rosalina (Mario) Haters

People complain about other girls having more hatred yet overlook Rosalina's haters. To me, every female Mario character gets a lot of hate. More so with Pauline and Birdo

She's just a new addition to the Mario cast. She didn't replace anyone.

The worst hatedom in Mario. Those people are worse than her fandom. They're not the type of people you don't want to be around

There's at least SOME reason Rosalina exists. She at least has a backstory, so she's not gonna receive hate from me. Daisy, on the other hand...

19 Call of Duty Haters

The haters are just as bad as the fanbase

Evelynw234 and I love the fact he has the best husband ever I have no doubt I have can he just is the best and best I have had for years and a half hour before work but it doesn't even work out how I feel like it has been a good night at work and I'm still not sure if it has a better chance of r the best and worst app that is the only thing that is not working at this point of the game has to do so much

We get it Call of Duty is repetitive, samey and stuff however, stop using horrible arguements like "Call of Duty IS ONLY FOR 10 YEAR OLDS" as a reason to hate it. I don't care wether or not a certain age group plays a game or not but these people hate a game because someone else ruined their expierence for them

Even though I'm really not a fan of Call of Duty, it's plain unfair that haters are going out of their way to bash the series with reasons that are not justifiable. All the time and effort they waste by mindlessly blabbering negativity about it could instead be used to give love to a series of video games they enjoy - a more diverse selection of video game genres could rocket in popularity while the Call of Duty fans don't lose out, making the gaming community a happier place for everyone. - Entranced98

20 People Who Make Fan Art

Yep these people are cancer like the home to cringe like undertale fnaf

Yeah, I gotta disagree. There's a whole lot of amazing fanart. People just focus about the bad ones too much, oddly enough. Most of the fanart I've seen were between good to outstanding. DOn't listen to CatsOMG.

Especially Undertale fans. I'm a fan of Undertale myself but there's so much fan art now that it's almost impossible to find an image on the real game. And most of them are cringey and cancerous.

On one hand, I know it's not polite to kinkshame, and I shouldn't get so upset about what other people like to draw, since it doesn't really affect me. On the other hand, I am tired of seeing vore and inflation fetish art from every video game fandom on DeviantArt.

21 Mobile Gaming Haters
22 Casual Haters

These people are those idiots that complain about a game let's say Dark Souls having a easy mode. Now I understand for Dark Souls why it can break the game but also understand that some people can not play a game because of it being too hard. Nioh is a game I dropped because the difficulty was unfair, not like Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

Have everyone a good expierence, do not be selfish

Not everyone is gonna be your "nxtgen graphics sweg killz guns mods medieval story boss slaying heroes cars Grand Theft Auto Call of Duty youtube fame subs money whores" gamer. Let those casual players have fun without being in-depth in games. Casual haters are annoying.

23 Halo Haters

It is an awesome franchise. Screw the haters.

Boring games

24 Haters of M-Rated Video Games

Call of Duty gets M-Rated for a cancerous community, more than anything else.

My parents let me play m rated games ( well not Grand Theft Auto or hitman)

They're not even the most "adult" of all games, yet whiny soccer moms never let their children, even adult age children, play them. -_-

25 Persona 5 Haters

To hell with those who hate the Persona haters! They have right to exist and express their hatred of that series all they want. If you can't stand them, just leave them alone and get on with your life. Besides, those haters are entitled to their opinions. And I bet that they have good reason to be against Persona.

If I say "I hate Persona 5 because the dub is crap and even more awful than the SAO dub" how would you react? - YourWaifuSucks

I love Persona 5 and even though it may look fanboyish and hypocritical of me to put this item on this list but I can't stand these racists. These are so ignorant of Japanese culture and constantly complains about it online about how awful the dub of Persona 5 is even though LITTERALLY no one has a problem. These people once complained about get this, A teacher teaching your MC in-game about shogi, JUST STAB ME!

26 Sonic Lost World Haters

I know, but I can't believe that this first comment on Sonic Lost World got thumbs up. I thought the commentator criticized others for having opinions. For the most part, I think Sonic Lost World is not horrible. But it is weaker than the average Sonic game, especially the 3DS version. - The Ultimate Daredevil to mattstat716

I really liked this Sonic game. Too bad it is hated by a lot of people, but it doesn't deserve the hate it gets. Heck, Windy Hill is a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, plus the DLC content is awesome.

27 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Haters

These haters are annoying. The most used reason I hear from them as for why they hate the game is because of the tripping. Like, seriously? THAT's the best reason you have? That reason, to me, pales in comparison to all of Brawl's positives, such as Subspace Emissary.

I listed Brawl because I feel that it is the most underrated and overlooked game in the SSB series of today. It seems it has been getting unwanted hate it does not deserve. People favor Melee due to the lack of third party characters or something, they favor the N64 original because of nostalgia and they favor the recent Wii U/3DS game which they consider to be the best in the series. Brawl doesn't get that favor as much as it used to and I don't know why. I enjoyed Brawl as much as the others and I wish more people would feel the same.

28 Microsoft Haters

Xbox is as good as Nintendo, PlayStation and others. Not as bad as the haters make it out to be.

29 Pikachu Haters (Pokemon)

Why isn't yokai watch haters on this list?! Their 2x as annoying as pokemon haters

Pikachu is overrated to be honest. Raichu deserves a bit more love.

30 Cuphead Haters

I remember finding people who hated the game because of the fanbase.

31 Hearthstone Haters
32 Final Fantasy VII Haters
33 Grand Theft Auto Haters
34 Princess Daisy (Mario) Haters
35 Xbox Haters

Xbox is as good as Nintendo, PlayStation and whatever else you can think of. Not worth the hate.

Xbox is worst than PlayStation, I think if one side has dozens of exclusives and a touchscreen controller it's better

I know.All these Nintendo fanboys/fangirls need to respect Xbox and Playstation.I like Nintendo but Xbox and Playstation are better for me.-LitSavage

36 Angry Birds Haters

Yeah, these haters suck. Big time.

It's... it's an okay game, I guess?

37 Princess Peach (Mario) Haters

Their reasons to hate her are full of lies and contradictions. Peach is not bossy or mean.

Their reasons to hate her are full of lies and contradictions

They Get Annoying

Tell me how is Peach bossy, violent, or mean?

38 Tails Haters

Tails is an awesome Sonic character. Screw his haters.

Not to mention Tails is also better than Shadow.

IKR! He is so much better than other Sonic characters like Modern Amy Rose, Modern Charmy Bee, Princess Elise III, Antoine D'Coolette, Modern Sally Acorn, Sara and Omochao. >8(

39 Princess Elise Haters (Sonic 2006)

People think that Elise was into bestiality because she kissed Sonic for romantic/sexual reasons. However, they're wrong; she kissed Sonic only to RESURRECT HIM. Plus, there pretty much was no hint that Elise was in any way in love with Sonic.

You know how Pigma Dengar is my most hated Nintendo character for how Fawful's Minion furiously described Fawful's Minion?! Princess Elise deserves to top every list of worst video game characters. And she also appears in Sonic Rivals 2 as someone in a card and is the only reason why Sonic Rivals 2 is worse (in fact, it's mostly on par with) its predecessor.

Elise being on a card is why you think Sonic Rivals 2 is bad? Are you even listening to yourself? - Jasmine21064

Often hated because she's a human instead of a hedgehog, and comes from everyone else's most hated Sonic game. I mean, she only kissed Sonic to BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE. That wasn't sexual at all. Haters just need to chill out, man.

Besides, chances are, Sonic 2006's story never happened. You don't even have to worry no more.

40 E.T. the Video Game Haters

I'd rather play Theme Park ds by Ea and this over Fortnite any day.

Everybody says it's the "worst game of all time" even though none of us ever PLAYED it. Maybe it is bad but it was a movie-based game on the Atari. How much do you expect?

Like food fight it's overhated

Almost none of the haters even played the game.

41 Eeveelution Fans

This isn't a hatedom.

I really like Eeveelutions, though. :(

If anything, the haters are worse than the fans.

Eeveelution fans don't do anything, sorry to tell you, and nobody really hates on em enough for this to matter

42 Splatoon Fans

I thought this was about Haters

This is only for hatedoms

Splatoon was good. And Dj Octavio was awesome.

Hey. Splatoon is a good game. Not my fault that either:
A) You're bad at it.
B) You've ranked down.
or C) You had bad teammates.
Unless you have an actually good reason, I'm going to say you're just salted squid.
Listen, I get it. Everyone has a bad match once in a while, which is why I take breaks.

43 Harken (Fire Emblem) Haters

Karel > Harken

Some stupid troll added this as a response of me adding Karel's haters to this list.

Just... STOP... Cut it out already and start respecting opinions. Here is a deal, respect my opinion and then I'll respect yours. Stop adding a certain character just because I added a certain character to a list just to spite me. I will let you have your opinion, I'll have mine.

Seriously, man. Too many fanbrats hate Karel and praise Harken. If anything, Karel's haters are worse, like I said before. And I'm not saying this to offend anybody here.

44 Slippy Toad (Star Fox) Haters

Is a very helpful ally to Fox and analyzes enemy shields.

He's Tolerable In My Opinion

45 Marcus (Fire Emblem) Haters
46 EA Haters

They hate EA because they're greedy, even though a bunch of other companies, even including some the haters like, are also greedy.

Everyone hates EA for being greedy:/

47 Legend of Spyro Haters
48 Grand Theft Auto V Haters

Grande Theft Auto has the traditional charm of the Grand Theft Auto, but I think that because of its pointless missions at times, I find Grand Theft Auto V to be one of the weakest Grand Theft Auto games. - The Ultimate Daredevil

49 Tingle (Zelda) Haters

I find the hatedom ridiculous. And it's not just because I actually like the guy.

So many haters in the west and are the reason why the trope "Americans Hate Tingle" exist. Also the reason why games such as Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland never made it to America. They hate him for various reasons, such as being a rupee hog, for instance. Really, people. Tingle is just another NPC in the Zelda games and is not something to be all freaked out over for silly reasons.

50 Karel (Fire Emblem) Haters

Seriously, man. Karel haters are such butts; They portray him as an antagonist or villainous character in their fanfics, art and fancomics, when he was never a villain in any of the games he's in. (Being an enemy in Awakening's DLC or Heroes is a different story since the same would apply to the three lords; Eliwood, Lyn and Hector, as well). Even as the Sword Demon, he never shown any sign of villainy and was, at worst, an anti-hero. Being bloodthirsty, psychotic and battle-crazed doesn't make him evil, he was just possessed by the spirit of the sword. This is why I stopped looking at fanart and such of Karel these days because of the haters and whiners who demonize him for no reason, and even if a good piece of art or fiction is made where Karel develops character, becomes a saint or is part of Eliwood's group in general, some narrow-minded snob will come in and complain how woobie-fying or out of character he is, which is wrong. Haters hate him because he's violent, bloodthirsty ...more

His haters suck and it's even worse that they demonize/vilify him in their fanworks. KAREL WAS NEVER A BAD GUY, DOGGONE IT.

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