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21 Mobile Gaming Haters
22 Capcom Haters
23 Pikachu Haters (Pokemon)

Pikachu is overrated to be honest. Raichu deserves a bit more love. - mattstat716

24 Mario Haters

His haters hate him because he's not Sonic, or because he has a mustache, or they think he steals Peach from Bowser/Link/Marth/Roy/whoever they ship her with/etc (which is a silly reason because Mario is Peach's OFFICIAL love interest. Enough said. So sick of shipping wars), or simply because they like one of the other Mario series characters better. Sure, I may like Yoshi better but I don't hate Mario because of that. Mario is Nintendo's mascot, and may have kept the video game industry alive since the 1980's. If it weren't for Mario, then there would be no Sonic.

Mario's haters hate him because of the awful Mario Is Mental theory. - Cartoonfan202

I Never Knew Mario Had Haters - JPK

Rapid Sonic Fanboys!

25 Hearthstone Haters
26 Grand Theft Auto Haters
27 Xbox Haters

Xbox is as good as Nintendo, PlayStation and whatever else you can think of. Not worth the hate.

Xbox is worst than PlayStation, I think if one side has dozens of exclusives and a touchscreen controller it's better - EliHbk

28 Microsoft Haters

Xbox is as good as Nintendo, PlayStation and others. Not as bad as the haters make it out to be.

29 Angry Birds Haters

Yeah, these haters suck. Big time.

It's... it's an okay game, I guess? - mattstat716

30 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Haters

I listed Brawl because I feel that it is the most underrated and overlooked game in the SSB series of today. It seems it has been getting unwanted hate it does not deserve. People favor Melee due to the lack of third party characters or something, they favor the N64 original because of nostalgia and they favor the recent Wii U/3DS game which they consider to be the best in the series. Brawl doesn't get that favor as much as it used to and I don't know why. I enjoyed Brawl as much as the others and I wish more people would feel the same.

31 Princess Peach (Mario) haters

Their reasons to hate her are full of lies and contradictions. Peach is not bossy or mean. - Cartoonfan202

Their reasons to hate her are full of lies and contradictions - Cartoonfan202

They Get Annoying - JPK

I don't care if she has haters

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32 Halo Haters

It is an awesome franchise. Screw the haters.

33 Princess Elise Haters (Sonic 2006)

You know how Pigma Dengar is my most hated Nintendo character for how Fawful's Minion furiously described Fawful's Minion?! Princess Elise deserves to top every list of worst video game characters. And she also appears in Sonic Rivals 2 as someone in a card and is the only reason why Sonic Rivals 2 is worse (in fact, it's mostly on par with) its predecessor.

Often hated because she's a human instead of a hedgehog, and comes from everyone else's most hated Sonic game. I mean, she only kissed Sonic to BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE. That wasn't sexual at all. Haters just need to chill out, man.

Besides, chances are, Sonic 2006's story never happened. You don't even have to worry no more.

34 Eeveelution Fans

I really like Eeveelutions, though. :(

If anything, the haters are worse than the fans.

Eeveelution fans don't do anything, sorry to tell you, and nobody really hates on em enough for this to matter - EliHbk

35 Tails Haters

Tails is an awesome Sonic character. Screw his haters.

Not to mention Tails is also better than Shadow.

IKR! He is so much better than other Sonic characters like Modern Amy Rose, Modern Charmy Bee, Princess Elise III, Antoine D'Coolette, Modern Sally Acorn, Sara and Omochao. >8(

36 Slippy Toad (Star Fox) Haters

Is a very helpful ally to Fox and analyzes enemy shields.

He's Tolerable In My Opinion - JPK

37 EA Haters

Everyone hates EA for being greedy:/

38 E.T. the Video Game Haters

Everybody says it's the "worst game of all time" even though none of us ever PLAYED it. Maybe it is bad but it was a movie-based game on the Atari. How much do you expect? - Garythesnail

Like food fight it's overhated - Tyoshi

39 Legend of Spyro Haters
40 Grand Theft Auto V Haters

Grande Theft Auto has the traditional charm of the Grand Theft Auto, but I think that because of its pointless missions at times, I find Grand Theft Auto V to be one of the weakest Grand Theft Auto games. - The Ultimate Daredevil

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