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41 Tingle (Zelda) Haters

So many haters in the west and are the reason why the trope "Americans Hate Tingle" exist. Also the reason why games such as Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland never made it to America. They hate him for various reasons, such as being a rupee hog, for instance. Really, people. Tingle is just another NPC in the Zelda games and is not something to be all freaked out over for silly reasons.

42 Karel (Fire Emblem) Haters

Seriously, man. Karel haters are such butts; They portray him as an antagonist or villainous character in their fanfics, art and fancomics, when he was never a villain in any of the games he's in. (Being an enemy in Awakening's DLC or Heroes is a different story since the same would apply to the three lords; Eliwood, Lyn and Hector, as well). Even as the Sword Demon, he never shown any sign of villainy and was, at worst, an anti-hero. Being bloodthirsty, psychotic and battle-crazed doesn't make him evil, he was just possessed by the spirit of the sword. This is why I stopped looking at fanart and such of Karel these days because of the haters and whiners who demonize him for no reason, and even if a good piece of art or fiction is made where Karel develops character, becomes a saint or is part of Eliwood's group in general, some narrow-minded snob will come in and complain how woobie-fying or out of character he is, which is wrong. Haters hate him because he's violent, bloodthirsty ...more

His haters suck and it's even worse that they demonize/vilify him in their fanworks. KAREL WAS NEVER A BAD GUY, DOGGONE IT.

43 Big the Cat (Sonic) Haters

Seriously, people. He's just like Blaze (a purple cat in the Sonic series). Don't know why you hate him so much.

44 Rareware Haters

These brats hate Rare's Microsoft work and want them to go back to Nintendo again for no reason. Yes, Rare's Nintendo efforts were good, but please give their Microsoft work of 2002-today a chance. They're not as bad as you think.

45 Tricky (Star Fox Adventures) Haters

He's not annoying at all and grows up to be the responsible ruler of Sauria. Small annoying creature? My butt.

46 Marcus (Fire Emblem) Haters
47 Eliwood (Fire Emblem) Haters
48 Bubsy Haters

What can possibly go wrong?

I really don't see anything wrong with Bubsy. Sure, Bubsy 3D was a big stinker, we can all agree on that. But the older games, namely the first one, was nostalgic to me and therefore is not as bad as everyone claims it to be.

49 Star Fox Command Haters

Sure, the game may had flaws (such as Krystal's role/characterization and the lack of a true ending), but it is still not worth the hate. I actually liked the gameplay and character designs in this, very much so.

50 Fanart

That's Not A Game - JPK

51 Wakfu Haters
52 Splatoon Fans

Say one thing bad about Splatoon, and they'll hate on you like there's no tomorrow! - ExxonWireless

Hey. Splatoon is a good game. Not my fault that either:
A) You're bad at it.
B) You've ranked down.
or C) You had bad teammates.
Unless you have an actually good reason, I'm going to say you're just salted squid.
Listen, I get it. Everyone has a bad match once in a while, which is why I take breaks. - mattstat716

53 Haters of Microtransactions

I get it, it is harmful for multiplayer games but why complain about microtransactions in singleplayer games? If you buy in to it, good job ruining your expierence - YourWaifuSucks

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