Worst Types of Vines

The 6 second video system can offer pointless crap you know. #GiveMeMy6SecondsBack (random hashtag thingy)

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1 Twerking Vines

Oh my lord no

These are literally pathetic. Don't waste your time, world. - PositronWildhawk

Literally just someone shaking their arse for 6 seconds. Enough said. - ArpstaAmy333

Its just disgusting

2 Black People vs White People Vines

We do not want to see stupid comparisons of 2 different races. They make white people look stupid and black people look cool. A white person is a white person and a black person is a black person, so make yourself useful and stop being racist and stereotypical. These are normally done by black people. I'm not being racist, I'm just saying. Avoid these like AIDS and cancer. It makes the world a better place. - ArpstaAmy333

I agree man. Why can't people just agree we're equal and move along? I'm on vine, so this appears often in the new uploads section a lot. It drives me nuts. Am I right? - Scorpio

That does sound racist and I agree that it's stupid to share vines of comparisons of 2 different races but they're not always making the black people cool and the white people bad. It is sometimes the other way around

These vines are extremely racist, and I feel as if, white people are trying to make themselves seem superior to black people... these vines are really racist

They’re just not funny

3 Cover Song Vines

We do not want to hear 6 seconds of someone singing their favourite song. If you want to post covers of your favourite songs, use YouTube, not Vine. I don't care if you have a beautiful voice, just don't post covers on Vine, OK?! Well, unless it's an original song like Gummy Money then yes, post that. - ArpstaAmy333

These are cliche you're not going to get famous over six seconds of singing

Vines are supposed to be funny.
This types of vines should be number 1 because who wants to listen to a singer as bad af ruining a great song? - BubbleBear01

4 What Are Those Vines

Just a stupid person who isn't socially responsible enough to not make public comments about others is celebrated because- he's funny- nope- he's black- true enough- black people being offensive is funny- (10 year old) OF COURSE SUCKA!

Here we have 6 seconds of people asking questions about what are things.

Terrible and boring

5 Do It for the Vine Vines

Just a stupid way of getting your friend to do something funny for the Vine while chanting do it for the Vine at them. Do this to your family (nope, just kidding! ) - ArpstaAmy333

I ain't going to do it for Vine, whether you like it or not.

Go kill that guy. DO IT FOR THE VINE! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Do it for the vine! NO I HATE THEESE

6 "21" vines

OH. MY. GOD. This has to end. This child needs know that 9 + 10 is 19!

This crap is overrated everyone in my class said 21. Most people wrote 21 on their tests. And I'm probably the only one who wrote the right answers. And not to mention some kid in lunch yelled WHAT'S 9 + 10?! everyone yelled 21. I was the only one who did not. I said it was 19. Everyone said YOU STUPID! I got in trouble after punching the kid who yelled the vine. Luckily after everyone saw that the eventually shut up with that.

Same it's not even funny. It's just a dumb kid saying that 9+10=21. Chill out people.

It's a kid who needs help with math so what's funny about that? My friend had a math helper for math class and he shouted once that 13+17 equaled 500 and no one laughed or found it funny so why is this any different?

7 Vines That Uses Only One Person Acting for Two People

It's just absolutely idiotic, just invite your friend over!

This pisses me off so bad

AKA all of Aaron Doh's bull vines that aren't funny in the slightest.

8 Lip Syncing Vines

If you want to post content, please don't do it by lip syncing to a song- you're stealing the song to get an optimal four likes- and stealing the people's admiration for the song. So please- especially if you are a ten-year-old girl.

They make me cringe :(

We heard the Happy song. We can look it up. And we don't want to hear it!

Isn't that musically and dubsmash?

9 Kids On Vine

Annoying 7-8 year olds who think they are funny but aren't. I really hate it when they do that. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

We all heard kid humor. Poop, toilet, piss, swears, dildos. We've all heard how terrible it is, so do us a favour and put this all the way in number 1.

Aand the lip syncing rich brats.


10 Dab

Dabs are so annoying!

How ridiculous can these Vines get? You're just putting your hands in the air either slowly or really quick.

Back in my day, dabbing meant damaging paintbrushes!

Everyone dabs these days. AS IN... DANCES THAT THING! And when I learnt what dab meant, it meant smudging paint and killing the brush.

The Contenders

11 Smoke Circles Vines

I find these very disgusting. Done by smokers who die at a very young age in future. - ArpstaAmy333

There was a guy who did this kind of vine with Cheerios!

Don't smoke! It's not healthy!

1 smoke hoop closer too death

12 Clips of Youtube Videos Vines

It's just a way being humorous without the humorous part

Still used by noobie Vine users. Commonly asdf movie clips. - ArpstaAmy333

13 Damn Daniel Vines

These want to make me shoot myself

I don't think there is anything more pathetic of a trend as this... Why do people think this is cool?

My name is Deniel and I am constantly getting TEASED at school because of this worthless, unfunny vine. What is so funny about saying someone's name in public? How did this vine make it to Ellen?

This guy lives in the city right next to me

14 Racist Vines

This explains itself we don't more racism

15 Cartoon Dub Vines

And than they say bad words! Dude, little kids watch these cartoons, so if they see them on the Internet, the click on them and then they learn a new curse word.

So simple anyone, including me, can do this crap. Get a camera, film your T.V. , make the characters say "ghetto" things by speaking at the T.V. and voila, crappy cartoon dub normally titled "ghetto (insert cartoon name here)" - ArpstaAmy333

16 Vines Where the Maker Asks for Likes

Grandpa always said earned not given, this is the exact opposite

Those vines just make me want to dislike them. I think vine needs an eye roll button.

The makers wants to get more attention.


17 Screaming In Public Vines

Look at me screaming in Tesco's, wow smart idea, you big smart Alec. - ArpstaAmy333

Someone should scream something funny out loud.

18 Remakes of a Vine Vines

Normally done by poor non famous Vine users just to get fame. It won't work. - ArpstaAmy333

Ugh I can relate to this so much because there's a vine by Skylynn ( Nash's sister ) and she's talking about girls doing duck faces in selfies. So many people remade it and they were so unoriginal, plus it was a literal fail.

19 Sexy Vines

People try to make you jerk off in 6 seconds.

20 Unexpected John Cena

Pretty much. You have to be careful nowadays, or the John Cena theme will be blasted through your head at glass breaking volume - Haumea

At my school they tell me it's old. Much funnier than the whole thing itself

Thanks to these vines, whenever I open a video on Vine, Instagram, Facebooknor whatever social network I'm using, I always turn my volume low and check the comments first. Basically, these vines are just a clip of a movie, show, song or anything and out of nowhere... "John CenaAA! " And his theme is blasted right into your ears.

These vines are awesome!

21 9/11 Vines
22 The Vines that Show People Dabbing/Whipping in Public.

Mostly these vines just contain people dabbing in public. I don't even get why trends like this find their way on the Internet.

This is honestly a dumb trend. What do you get from dabbing in public? Nothing but humiliation and embarrassment. Plus it makes you look like a douc** bag

I'm sorry, are my memes too sank for you? HIllary Clinton for Meme Queen 2016

23 "Relatable" Vines

These vines consist of some person saying something like, "Flirting with girls/boys like," and the cutting to a YouTube clip like that "I got a bucket of chicken" scene from Expiration Date - ArpstaAmy333

24 Deez Nuts

Like seriously you sound like a wanna be kid from the ghetto with braces. It's not funny as you think it is

It needs to be number 1. Parasites like creatures found at my middle school say this unholy phrase and shall deserve punishment.

It is so annoying and is popular at school

That is an extremely idiotic 7 second clip of an oversized deformed beaver with an IQ of -17 talking in the wrong direction to the phone randomly saying "Deez Nutz! " People in my school say it all the time! And I want to punch them in the face!

25 Stop the Video to See/Find the Secret ______

Extremely annoying. It's the worst when they appear on those monthly "best Vines" YouTube videos. Nobody really stops or pays attention. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

No one gives a crap about the hidden pocket flashlight with a illuminati symbol on it.

If I see one viner I would choke them to death.

26 Smack Cams

I absolutely hate these. it's extremely rude and mean.

27 Taking a Picture Prank Vines

Just absolutely boring. Silence for the first 3 seconds then the last 3 are just rage. - ArpstaAmy333

Oh my god! I hate those videos! They are idiots to think that's actually funny!

28 Vines Making Fun of Strangers

One of these vines happened to me once. Who was making the vine had to go to the hospital after I cracked him on the head with a bat.

That's Mean! First you don't even know the guy, and than you just walk up to him and film yourself making fun of him!

That is terrible ayye. Like what bro

29 Joke Vines

Funny vines with a joke.

30 Vines Saying Go Follow This Guy

I hate these vines sometinimes they'll say you better follow this guy or your cursed. Wow that's going to scare young kids

31 "My Name Is Jeff" Vines

I know! Thanks to these butt nuggets, there are all these idiots walking around school claiming to be called

People claim to be Jeff. Anyone who says "My name Jeff" I will punch, kick, punch more, kick more. Someone said "What if someone is introducing themself" I don't care.

32 Hurting Yourself Vines
33 That Was Legitness

Raf wa wa get wess is what he sounds like

34 Ice Bucket Challenges

I don't agree with this because sometimes, the ice bucket challenge help supports important things.

At least it's helping ALD

35 People Jumping Onto the Bandwagon
36 AD Vines

"Hey guys look at my Instagram! "

37 He Need Some Milk
38 The Vines From Westboro Baptist Church

Yes, they have one. - djpenquin999

39 Snapchat Vines

Anyone can take a camera and film someone doing a super man pose thingy

I think you have the wrong thread buddy 😊 ^*

40 I Am The One Vines
41 Watermalone vines
42 Thomas Sanders Vines
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