Top Ten Worst Types of "vs Debaters"

I'm talking about the fan fights, like guy vs guy and who should win, it always explod e on a flame war

The Top Ten

1 Sans Debaters

Burn it with fire! These debaters are the worst, on an AnimationRewind video called Mario and Luigi vs Sans and Papyrus rematch have reached 6.027 dislikes! Just because Mario and Luigi won, and the comment section is pure cringe, full of comments like:
''Sans should one shot them because they die on three hits''

non to mention:
they use fanstories as facts
they use the concept of ''sans his hard to beat'' as proof

One time I see one say: "sans would kick Asriel's ass because he can dodge''
I said all. - FrancescoBertini

2 Sonic Debaters

One last thing, every youtuber makes sonic win, and obviously the comments section is full od AIDS, this proves how much the fanboysm is strong. - FrancescoBertini

I am on war whit these ones. They use the '' Sonic is too fast for Mario'' to proves sonic won the DeathBattle, They always says that everything Mario does is a gag/ game mechanics/ non canon things ( like lift a castle ), expecially the ''escaping by a black hole'' thing because '' the black hole push the carachters in and every Mario charachters can do and it's a minigame so is not canon ''
Not to mention they disproves the Mario's feats whitout giving any proof and say that us Mario fans are hypocrites... then why you sonic fanboys always mention the Archie comics to prove Sonic can beat Mario? LOL

A last thing they always say: ''the white tanooky/racoon can still die in lava and poisoning and you should die five times to have it so is non canon XDD''... ever hear of the word '' game mechanic ''? - FrancescoBertini

3 Goku Debaters

I'm just gonna say the goku fanboys think that goku is the most powerful fictional charachter when in reality most of other charachters can defeat him. like sonic, mario ( I'm not joking) and many others. - FrancescoBertini

4 Asriel and Chara Debaters

The Asriel wankers think he is unbeatable and he can stop TOAA, this is really out of the discussion

The Chara wankers are even worse because They think he can beat everyone because he can reset

1. Chara himself say that only frisk can use reset power, so whitout the Frisk soul Chara is nothing

2. On the game whe have only see her talking and nothing more - FrancescoBertini

5 Broly Debaters

1.No he have not destroyed a galaxy, that was an translate error

2.he can not beat doomsday, since doomsday can reborn from the death and became unbeatable - FrancescoBertini

6 Superman Debaters

Nice try to use the golden age superman to proves that superman is unkillable. - FrancescoBertini

7 Shadow the Hedgehog Debaters
8 Majin Buu Debaters
9 Kratos Debaters
10 Dante Debaters

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11 Matpat Debaters
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