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21 Like or never get a girlfriend.

This explains my love life. - shawnmccaul22

22 "Please say god is the savior for your sin."

Seems like religious propaganda is trying hard on the internet. Though an atheist myself, I tend to not get into debates. Mines just more so comment and go, because I refuse to pander to a god I get haters and trolls. Heck I'm not even trying to argue, just starting my opinion and don't care what others thing. The last one on this list is true also, but then again, someone has got to get butthurt or annoyed.

But I'm atheist lol

Every brainwashed kid does - MChkflaguard_Yt


23 The "WTF did I just watch?" comment.

You know what you just watched, a YouTube video.

24 Death threats
25 Comments from someone from a country that's not the U.S. with their anti-USA sentiment hating America just for the sake of hating America
26 "They give me autism"

That is so offensive

27 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
28 "kys" comments

People who say "kys" is really stupid and irrelevant!

29 Best Anime

You see this annoying comment in a lot of non-anime videos.

30 Comments from atheists who are just trying to stir up controversy

When will Christians and Atheists realize that not everyone agrees with them. - doodie

31 Sandrude-Dastorm

Is just Darude - Sandstorm with the names swapped, How unoriginal. - GenoKenneth

32 "Anyone with an android device has to read this..." V 1 Comment
33 Copypasted Mario text artwork V 1 Comment
34 "I'm only 8 years old"
35 Kids in Africa

Really! Then why don't you donate your food to Africa. A meme common in HowToBasic's videos, started from this video How To End World Hunger.

36 Comments that spread false information
37 The Lion King is the best movie ever!

So sick of this opinion being shoved into everyone's face on every YT video I see. Not everyone is going to like that movie. Get over it, fandumb.

38 Go lions! Beat those nasty hyenas!

These kinds of comments have been a pet peeve of mine whenever I look for wildlife documentaries or videos of animals in general. It is all because of The Lion King influencing peoples' minds like they treat the movie like it is more important than life, which is wrong. If you studied the real animals; they're nothing like the characters seen in The Lion King movie and The Lion Guard show. (Especially concerning the topic of hyenas, which are, in fact, fascinating, intelligent and even beautiful creatures. Not evil henchmen at all) Fiction is not the same as reality.

39 Hey, this character reminds me of that character!

Something that bugs me whenever someone posts fan-videos (or AMVs, short for "animated music video") of the film Balto, which is filled with comments about how it's characters remind them of The Lion King's characters or how a ripoff of it it is. (That's so wrong)

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