Top 10 Worst Types of YouTube Usernames

The Top Ten

1 [Adjective]Game[r/s][Number]

I use to go by "superdude74" in 2015. - PeeledBanana

Used by 190,733,542 minecraft little kids and counting
They are about as original as PewDie Pie/PixlNetwork/justinbieber vevo - MChkflaguard_Yt

Examples: SuperGamer97, InsaneGames450, WildGame033
They're about as original as Justin Bieber.

2 Anything related to Twenty One Pilots

Basically anything with ø.

3 Really long sentence

Example: As he crossed toward the pharmacy at the corner he involuntarily turned his head because of a burst of light that had ricocheted from his temple, and saw, with that quick smile with which we greet a rainbow or a rose, a blindingly white parallelogram of sky being unloaded from the van�"a dresser with mirrors across which, as across a cinema screen, passed a flawlessly clear reflection of boughs sliding and swaying not arboreally, but with a human vacillation, produced by the nature of those who were carrying this sky, these boughs, this gliding façade

4 Random Celebrity

It's even more annoying when silly little girls use their real name, but replace their surname with that of their celebrity crush of one day. - Entranced98

5 Fictional Character
7 *Named after other famous YouTuber*

Linkin Park.

Mainly PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, or Vanoss.

8 Meme related
9 Anything Related To Minecraft

Minecraft is overHATED - PeeledBanana

10 [Adjective] Bros

Random, Awesome, Crazy, Wild, Radical, etc.

The Contenders

11 I (blank) cake/Cupcake

The you - 766925

12 anything related to Fnaf
13 Don't Read My Username

What - PeeledBanana

14 (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) or Other Copy and Pastes
15 [Literally anything] Lover
16 MLG related
17 Anything Related to GoAnimate Police
18 [Good Show]FTW[Bad Show]FTL

Yes, TheTopTenners do this as well. [This]YES[That]NO. Very original.

19 [Insert Something Here] Fan
20 [Real Name]
21 [Good Show]Yes[Bad Show]No
22 [Insert Name Here] The Object Thingy
23 I Feel Sad
24 Depressed
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