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1 Unboxing

What would you rather do? Feel the satisfaction from opening something yourself, or watching do it? Yeah, I though so. - VenomousCrow

Honestly theirs only one way to make a good unboxing video if it's a mystery box of randoms items and the person who makes the video doesn't know whats inside - christangrant

Is unboxing even a word? Anyway, its boring watching spoiled people getting free things and bragging about it.

Title- Unboxing Toy
Video- Hey I'm getting spoiled to get even more spoiled!

This especially sucks when it's the kids! DAMN CANCER

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2 Click Bait

Obviously the worst. Why does everybody have the urge to click on a video that has a misleading thumbnail? - Target

These are annoying - christangrant

I hate these types of videos so much... - wrests

Those videos with thumbnails/titles displaying the following:
-Large red arrow pointing at nothing in the background
-Women's butt or boobs circled/pointed at to attract male viewers
-Shock images
-Pics of controversial YouTuber at the time of creation
-Blurred out object
-Person gasping at above blurred-out object
-Words in all caps in the title
-Title says that well-respected person has some sort of career-ending "scandal"
-Guy with abs to attract female viewers
-Sexy fanart of fictional character
-Any video ending with the word 'Challenge'
-Popular image used around the internet
-Anime girls from hentai
-Popular YouTubers
-"I have something to say..." or some variation of "Serious Video" in the title
-Any video which ends in "(NOT CLICKBAIT)"
-Pics of controversial or popular celebrity
-Videos boasting an unpopular opinion just for views
-Pics/title with sob story to make viewers sympathetic of the YouTuber's ...more - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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3 Minecraft videos

Seriously, no one wants to watch a boring 15 minute video of someone playing Minecraft, Minecraft isn't even that cool, also the people that make these videos are mostly annoying 9 year olds with terrible audio and ear bleeding voices, who scream every time they die. also why do the people who make these videos think they're so cool? Just because you built an automatic door or something isn't that big of a deal, to all the people who make videos of them playing Call of Duty, Minecraft or any game, no one wants to hear you constantly call yourself a badass, cause anyone can do what you just did, I really wish videos of people playing video games would just disappear from YouTube

Yeah, automatic doors only require very little knowledge and if they find a diamond while mining, earplugs ready - MChkflaguard_Yt

Not to be racist or anything, but what's with this sudden rise of British Minecraft YouTubers? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

These videos are for 6 year old kids who think minecraft is the best game ever. Well, they don't know what The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is.

Nowadays the minecraft youtube e-metropolis is rotten. Youtubers are copying one another and are making unfunny click bait and boring game videos while speaking in their ear-piercing voices. Not to mention the 6-year old wannabe youtubers who scream into their mics every time they die.Why watch someone else play a video game, when you can play it yourself? - MChkflaguard_Yt

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4 Mundane tasks

How to pick up a controller:
1. Pick it up with your feet
2. Handstand towards the window.
3. Put it down.
4. Throw it out the window with your hands.

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5 Spiderman and Elsa

The worst part is that they're aimed towards 5 year olds. Some of these videos are innocent despite being weird, but others are downright gross, creepy, sexual or violent. - RaccoonCartoon

Yep some of it people actually put work into to make it nice for kids but others are just time wasting garbage

How are these popular? And why isn't this higher on the list?

Probably cause the most popular character for young girls is Elsa and for young boys spiderman - Tyoshi

These are weird... - Entranced98

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6 Reactions

All these guys do is just sit on their butts and watch a video. The worst part is that they get thousands of views from it. They literally just decide that watching someone watching a viral video is way better than watching it yourself. In fact, most reactionists say things that aren't even funny and sometimes they say absolutely nothing the whole time and just make some weird face expressions on occasions.

All they do is watch videos and steal original content from popular youtubers like Pewdiepie for example. The worst part is, this is what society has come to?! Some reaction channels like Reaction Time or Skyviewray, make a living off of watching videos and occasionally laugh or say something stupid every 2 minutes! More than half of the time they just silently watch videos with a stupid blank expression on their faces!

Yup. There's this one weirdo who reacts to Gravity Falls episodes (Great show, by the way). But all he ever does is sit there and stare at the screen. It's almost as if I am just watching the show, because sometimes I even forget this is a reaction video in the first place. - RaccoonCartoon

Basically they sit there and watch other videos and basically steal the video because moat of the time rhey just sit there with a blank expression through the whole time - christangrant

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7 Fanrage

Let's face it: These kids are dumb. - VenomousCrow

8 Vine Compilations

Vine is dead.

9 Music videos

Unlike a lot of these on here, you CAN make these right. Biggest issue is that you'll see the worst songs on your recommended list for no reason!

It depends on the artist who makes it - christangrant

What? I love Music Videos! - Neonco31

10 Make-up tutorials

Make up is boring. I want to see a gaming video!

I am no beauty expert, but I know from experience that just because your'e a female doesn't mean people should take makeup tips from you. Hell, some videos will make your friends think you got a job at the circus rather than going to prom.

Boring, I want to watch videos about cartoons and animes.

I hate these videos. - RaccoonCartoon

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The Newcomers

? Click n The description for "free Hd videos
? Diss Tracks

Modern YouTube music is already terrible with songs that're basically about big YouTubers saying "I'm better than you" to the audience. However, diss tracks are much worse. It's just someone singing about someone else being bad. The worst part is, it takes up most of 2017's music videos. - izackak

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11 You Laugh You Lose Videos

So outdated and unfunny. It's more of a challenge to LAUGH watching these. - RaccoonCartoon

12 Scary Pop-Ups/Screamers

I hate screamers not because I'm scared of them but because they are a cheap attempt to scare someone and even worse now big budget movies use them - christangrant

Oh yes. Look, a car video- OHLAWDNO

13 Prank Videos

Bro it's a prank see I pretended to kill him so it's a funny joke

They are so fake and unoriginal - tatumsmiley

Should be in the top 10 - christangrant

Sam Pepper (Or whatever his name is) made a ''prank'' video of him pretending to kill someone, and another when he TOUCHES PEOPLE'S BUTTS (Sexual harrasment)! And you know what his excuse is? ''It's just a joke, bro.'' - RaccoonCartoon

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14 Vlogs

Seriously, all you do is film your daily schedule and what goes on in your life. That's not entertainment, that's called wasting 30 minutes of your life

Come on, I don't want to see people get 1000 views just from showing us every second they are awake.

Hey guys heres 10 minutes of what I did today! I ate a sandwich and played minecraft! - BigTree

Here; NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR LIFE. now go do something else worth your life.

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15 GoAnimate

Caillou pulls the fire alarm and gets grounded, Caillou fails school and gets grounded...that's about it. Oh, and to all you GoAnimate kids, please for the love of God learn to animate properly while you're thinking of a more original story. - Entranced98

Please just use a real animating site! No, actually, don't. We don't need to see your garbage. - RaccoonCartoon

Go animate is the definition of lazy. - BigTree

16 News shows

If you want to watch the news, WATCH THE NEWS! - VenomousCrow

Oh god yes - christangrant

17 Trollbait
18 Trend Videos

These videos are some of the worst cheap attempts to get views - christangrant

The cancer of youtube - TheLegend28


Really, screw these videos. - RaccoonCartoon

19 Nightcore

Setting the track speed to 1.25, a feature made readily available by YouTube at the push of a button, is considered 'amazing' by thousands. It's clickbait, low-effort and over-glorified. In many cases, the Nightcore version of a song will receive more praise than the original. You heard right, in many cases, the person who set the track speed to 1.25, again, a feature made readily available by YouTube at the push of a button, is credited more than the actual original artists. Imagine how they must feel. Then there are the fans who blindly follow this trend, regarding it as amazing and treating like trash anyone who would think otherwise.

How to make a Nightcore video:
1. Speed up a song unnecessarily
2. Slap a picture of an anime girl on it
3. Profit

Probably the worst in my opinion. - Brobusky

My least favourite videos. Absolute least favourite. - RaccoonCartoon

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20 Drama Videos

Worst. 1 Word. - RaccoonCartoon

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