Worst Types of YouTube Videos

The Top Ten Worst Types of YouTube Videos

1 Click Bait

They are just lying to you so you can watch there half an hour video especially in some of fortnight

It's super annoying, same with click bait titles or thumbnails - trains45

Obviously the worst. Why does everybody have the urge to click on a video that has a misleading thumbnail? - Target

The problem with YouTube is that it has encouraged users to use CLICK BAIT to get more views and money. IT EVEN BENEFIT YOUTUBE TOO. Because of this, click bait is EVERYWHERE, and I almost never get to see a great honest video anymore.

2 Unboxing

What would you rather do? Feel the satisfaction from opening something yourself, or watching do it? Yeah, I though so. - VenomousCrow

Sometimes I watch them and they are not bad, I like Banana's Mom because she does Lalaloopsy unboxing videos. - andrewteel

"Oh wow, I wonder what it's gonna be! "

Why do they act surprised when they bought it 99% of the time?

Honestly theirs only one way to make a good unboxing video if it's a mystery box of randoms items and the person who makes the video doesn't know whats inside - christangrant

3 Minecraft videos

Seriously, no one wants to watch a boring 15 minute video of someone playing Minecraft, Minecraft isn't even that cool, also the people that make these videos are mostly annoying 9 year olds with terrible audio and ear bleeding voices, who scream every time they die. also why do the people who make these videos think they're so cool? Just because you built an automatic door or something isn't that big of a deal, to all the people who make videos of them playing Call of Duty, Minecraft or any game, no one wants to hear you constantly call yourself a badass, cause anyone can do what you just did, I really wish videos of people playing video games would just disappear from YouTube

Yeah, automatic doors only require very little knowledge and if they find a diamond while mining, earplugs ready - MChkflaguard_Yt

Worse than virus links, death pranks, and bully videos combined. All videos that feature minecrapt at all should be deleted and their makers should be sent to the moon, leaving them to reflect for eternity on how their crimes were sins upon humanity and disgraces to their very souls. Minecraft is responsible for over 20,000 diseases, of which 3,500 are terminal. Minecraft pollutes every part of the internet it touches, and is responsible for over half of today's global warming. Minecraft was responsible for 90% of all crime plots since 1824. And Minecraft players never leave the toilet seat down and drive alone in the carpool lane.

Woah dude calm down
You are the most toxic hater I've ever seen
Even Justin Bieber doesn't deserve so much hate - NickVog

These videos are for 6 year old kids who think minecraft is the best game ever. Well, they don't know what The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is.

Not to be racist or anything, but what's with this sudden rise of British Minecraft YouTubers? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Reactions

Some people are working hard to learn a song on an instrument and upload a cover or even a tutorial. Others remaster songs themselves and fix bad production. Who does not have talent/time for either can still help a lot of people by making a video with lyrics on screen. The last group of people can get away with wiggling eyebrows and nodding. - Alkadikce

They depend on what people are reacting to. I like Troom Troom and Share my Story reactions, but others are just... cringy.

Some are good, but most of them don't have anything interesting to say. - RogerMcBaloney

All these guys do is just sit on their butts and watch a video. The worst part is that they get thousands of views from it. They literally just decide that watching someone watching a viral video is way better than watching it yourself. In fact, most reactionists say things that aren't even funny and sometimes they say absolutely nothing the whole time and just make some weird face expressions on occasions.

5 Spiderman and Elsa

How are these popular? And why isn't this higher on the list?

Probably cause the most popular character for young girls is Elsa and for young boys spiderman - Tyoshi

The most harmful out of all the things on the list. Should be number 1.

Yep some of it people actually put work into to make it nice for kids but others are just time wasting garbage

They give Elsa and Spider Man a bad name! Should be number 1. - RavenclawGeekGirl

6 Toy Collectors

I seriously hate these videos. They give Disney and Marvel bad names and they trash their reputations.

These videos suck I hate the channels like Disney car toys and Disney collector here's why these channels suck Disney car toys does skits with Barbie dolls and owns like 5000 dolls and most of their videos are about frozen. Disney collector is obsessed with peppa pig and this is her intro for surprise egg videos with frozen eggs " Hey guys Disney collector here with 25 toy surprises including 3 egg surprises from the movie frozen and 5 play doh egg surprises SUCH CRAP

YT: Ryanstoyrewievs is getting his own nickelodeon show!
I will never see Youtube the same way again... - mcdonalds_sucks

The worst of these things is the surprise egg videos. I swear, they're EVERYWHERE. Like, "Spider-Man Play Doh Mega Egg Surprise! " or "Elsa surprise eggs with Frozen fun toys! " It never ends. - SmashPrincess

7 Make-up tutorials

Make up is boring. I want to see a gaming video!

I am no beauty expert, but I know from experience that just because your'e a female doesn't mean people should take makeup tips from you. Hell, some videos will make your friends think you got a job at the circus rather than going to prom.

Only Plan's videos are good sucks that she left. - XxembermasterxX

Boring, I want to watch videos about cartoons and animes.

8 Anime Reviewers
9 Feminist Videos

Some are good its just that most seem so sexest at times and they usually don't give actual examples

Those stupid women think were not important! I swear they're so annoying

Yeah I hate these because they think we are some separate species.

Xaxaxaxaxa! Thanks so much for anyone eho added this to the list! (I am talking about the man hating, bad feminism, not the true, good feminism). They deserve that for hating man. Sorry if I carried away a little. - BorisRule

I think of Riley (or is it Justin? ) Dennis when I think about man hating, bad feminism. - aj2005

10 Mundane tasks

Do I need to explain - VenomousCrow

How to pick up a controller:
1. Pick it up with your feet
2. Handstand towards the window.
3. Put it down.
4. Throw it out the window with your hands.

3 words: HOW TO BASIC

The Newcomers

? Game Comparison Videos

99.999% of these videos always end up with one game “wins” over another because the “winner” has the most cancerous fanbase among the two who spam garbage comments, blindly like these comments and trash talk on their “opponent” everywhere in the comment section.

The Contenders

11 Prank Videos

Bro it's a prank see I pretended to kill him so it's a funny joke

Should be in the top 10 - christangrant

In the words of SpongeBob: "They're actors." - UnlawfulMatron

They are so fake and unoriginal - tatumsmiley

12 GoAnimate

Every type GoAnimate video ever:

Grounded Videos: Some random person (Usually a made up character or a little kids show character) saying what they are going to do. (It can be something really bad or something really stupid) Then, the laugh for 2 seconds the do the thing they said they were going to do. Then their parents find out what they have been doing and the ground them for some time.(The parent usually says they are grounded for something like 1304897... years and it takes 3 minutes just for the parent to say that number) Then the character who did that thing cries while running to their room.

Rants: Some GoAnimate user saying that some show or video game sucks and doesn't come up with any actual reasons for it being bad. They usually go like this: This more like poopy this. This show/video game sucks. Do you know who likes this, (A character that they hate) Do you know who hates this (Themselves or a character that they like) End or rant.

Dead meat videos: ...more

Goanimate isn't that bad. It's actually pretty funny. It is only the stupid people for making unoriginal ideas. The life without parents thing is actually a thriller. Stop being so biased if you never seen goAnimate.

Caillou pulls the fire alarm and gets grounded, Caillou fails school and gets grounded...that's about it. Oh, and to all you GoAnimate kids, please for the love of God learn to animate properly while you're thinking of a more original story. - Entranced98

Go animate is the definition of lazy. - BigTree

13 Music videos

Unlike a lot of these on here, you CAN make these right. Biggest issue is that you'll see the worst songs on your recommended list for no reason!

It depends on the artist who makes it - christangrant

What? I love Music Videos! - Neonco31


14 Vlogs

Seriously, all you do is film your daily schedule and what goes on in your life. That's not entertainment, that's called wasting 30 minutes of your life

Come on, I don't want to see people get 1000 views just from showing us every second they are awake.

Hey guys heres 10 minutes of what I did today! I ate a sandwich and played minecraft! - BigTree

Emma Chamberlain sucks. - Luckys

15 Nightcore

Setting the track speed to 1.25, a feature made readily available by YouTube at the push of a button, is considered 'amazing' by thousands. It's clickbait, low-effort and over-glorified. In many cases, the Nightcore version of a song will receive more praise than the original. You heard right, in many cases, the person who set the track speed to 1.25, again, a feature made readily available by YouTube at the push of a button, is credited more than the actual original artists. Imagine how they must feel. Then there are the fans who blindly follow this trend, regarding it as amazing and treating like trash anyone who would think otherwise.

How to make a Nightcore video:
1. Speed up a song unnecessarily
2. Slap a picture of an anime girl on it
3. Profit

Nightcore channels usually don't monetize their videos due to fear of copyright infringement. - styLIShT

Basically just watching a sped up song, with an anime character, need I say much?

There's nightcore backyardigans videos. There's one with an actual picture of what the backyardigans would look like if they were humans. - Ilovestephanie

16 Trend Videos

The videos that make it under YouTube's "Trending" tab are almost always garbage.

The cancer of youtube - TheLegend28

These videos are some of the worst cheap attempts to get views - christangrant

17 You Laugh You Lose Videos

Rename it to "Try not to get bored" then it will be an actual challenge. - UnlawfulMatron

Just laugh anyway, they're outdated - PancakePoyoPoyo

18 Fanrage

Let's face it: These kids are dumb. - VenomousCrow

19 Scary Pop-Ups/Screamers

I hate screamers not because I'm scared of them but because they are a cheap attempt to scare someone and even worse now big budget movies use them - christangrant

These guys need to be at the top rather than Spot 12.

They are misleading, pranks, and rely on clickbait. The only reason these are done is for reactions.

What is a screamer, you ask? A screamer is a video with a clickbait title such as 'Where's Waldo? ', 'What's wrong with this picture? ' or 'talking puppy! ' Often, they have low volume at first, causing you to turn up your volume, and/or small text to make you go fullscreen. They also try to get you to focus on the screen. Around the midway point in the video, or around the end, after all the soothing music and the aforementioned tactics, an EAR-SPLITTING SCREAM will suddenly play, often accompanied with a scary picture, such as a zombie or a possessed woman.

There are literally WikiHow tutorials on how to identify and avoid screamers. All they are is cheap jumpscares designed to frighten you. If you have certain conditions or are easily scared, these can have LASTING EFFECT on you.

In short, look up the ...more

Oh yes. Look, a car video- OHLAWDNO

I think their funny

20 Drama Videos

Verlisify in a nutshell

Pimpnite, Shofu, and Poketips in a nutshell.

21 Call of Duty videos

Oh hi exility - B1ueNew

22 Plush Videos
23 Challenge Videos
24 Vine Compilations

Vine is dead.


Vine is never dead
And disco is never ever EVER dead!
Vhs is never dead
Betamax is never dead
And laserdisc is never dead
And 80s pop is never dead either

25 Clash Royale Videos

It’s literally just clickbait

10 minute clickbaited videos on people just opening chests and playing the game. - Moorefamval

26 Fetish Videos

These videos are disgusting - ElSherlock

27 News shows

If you want to watch the news, WATCH THE NEWS! - VenomousCrow

Oh god yes - christangrant


28 Trollbait

The kind of stuff Coppercab does - VenomousCrow

29 Roblox Videos

Roblox youtubers are terrible. EXAMPLE: AhmetAga (a Turkish Roblox Youtuber) he steals thumbnails from; gamingwithkev, dantdm, denis, pals and almost EVERY SINGLE ROBLOX YOUTUBER. plus (if you are turkish you will understand) he makes clickbait videos like: ROBLOXUN SONU MU GELİYOR? (IS ROBLOX GOING TO END? ) title is this but the hole video is just him playing games and that's it. LOL.

30 Inaccurate Videos
31 Countries rant video

Why are toy collectors above country rant videos? Toy collector videos are supposed to appeal to younger audience or people who still like toys and these videos are just plain racist and they're a lot of japan rant videos. Mostly because of anime (and no I don't hate japan or any country)

The people who do this don't put forth reasonable arguments at all. Horrible - styLIShT

These video are offensive and rasict. I found a woman on youtube and her name bananashark72. She was rasict and a hypocrites. She hates on japan. Seriously people hating on a country. Were all the same. Doesn't matter if were black, whit or the skin color. Were all the same.

32 Kids that try to make music videos but can't

These kids all think they can make music videos but what turns out is a seizure enduring video with crappy music and quality.

Misha, Jojo, MattyB, and Jacob all need to stop making music. - Popsicles

Sydney McGee's "Lit Right Now"... - Qryzx

Or adults like jake paul

33 Click n The description for "free Hd videos

Don't do it. It's a virus.

34 Weeaboos
35 Grounded Videos

I used to find these videos entertaining, but now I don't know why. All the video's about is some kid getting grounded, usually a baby show character. They are nauseatingly predictable and either the character gets grounded for something as futile and unimportant like farting in the store, or something completely illegal and outlandish like destroying a city. The punishments are basically abuse and don't get me started with behavior card day videos or punishment day videos! - SmashPrincess

"I love watching Caillou and Dora get grounded which they are hilarious"


I love watching Caillou and Dora get grounded which they are hilarious - andrewteel

I do them, but I don't make people cringe - DoroExploro13

36 Gaming

Yeah, What’s the point of watching somebody else playing a game when you can just play the game yourself - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

All you do is watch someone playing a game for 10 minutes and listening to someone saying random things. You can't react to him or learn something from these videos SO WHAT IS THE POINT? - MChkflaguard_Yt

Watching someone play a video game is kind of like watching sports. You do it for entertainment. - imnothere

When you can play a game, why watch someone else play it and hear their ear-bleeding voices? You will not even learn stuff(even those related to the game)from these videos. - MChkflaguard_Yt

37 Disturbing Videos
38 People With Go Pros

So basically you guys think that people with GoPros suck? I mean I have a GoPro.

39 Cringe Compilations

Basically bullying.

40 Fortnite Videos

I'm tired of you the top tens users keep nagging and complaining all the time

(I like fortnite and mario don't judge me)

I am so tired of everyone making Fortnite videos. I hate that game so much.

Go to number one. If I ever see a damn loot llama again I will die.
- TheDuttyGyal

Ali-A - B1ueNew

41 Dank Meme Compilations

Never watched that trash but for what I believe is they are unoriginal.

They're old. Let them die.

They are stale.

Boring and old - wrests

42 Stupid Challenges

Why the hell are they this stupid?!

They want to go to heaven or hell.

43 AMV's

Most of them are just pointless, dull and creative.

I like AMVs but I hate when they make them by picking a random song and just add it with some clips that don't go with the lyrics - Iamcool

This has turned some of my favourite electronic tracks into a bunch of cringey bullcrap. - MChkflaguard_Yt

44 Nerds

So your saying the Angry Video Game Nerd is bad? Well your wrong - christangrant

45 Toys in Japan Videos

They're better than any of these videos on this list sadly. - UnlawfulMatron

46 Story Time

Some are funny, like Scrubs for example, but aside from that, pretty boring. - RogerMcBaloney

47 ASMR Videos

So. Tonight is the return, of the beloved, Lip Smacking *pop pop pop*
Basically ASMR Videos
Bonus points if you can guess who that is - BigTree

48 Sparta Remixes

Whoever put this is on here doesn't realize the meme has been dead for over half a decade.

49 Sponsored Videos

No I don't want to buy any controllers with skins. I want to watch a video.

50 Fortnite Short films

I'm sorry but I don't like DumbScapeNoob or Idiotic lizard - B1ueNew

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