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21 Roblox Videos
22 Feminist Videos

Xaxaxaxaxa! Thanks so much for anyone eho added this to the list! (I am talking about the man hating, bad feminism, not the true, good feminism). They deserve that for hating man. Sorry if I carried away a little. - BorisRule

23 Toy Collectors

These videos suck I hate the channels like Disney car toys and Disney collector here's why these channels suck Disney car toys does skits with Barbie dolls and owns like 5000 dolls and most of their videos are about frozen. Disney collector is obsessed with peppa pig and this is her intro for surprise egg videos with frozen eggs " Hey guys Disney collector here with 25 toy surprises including 3 egg surprises from the movie frozen and 5 play doh egg surprises SUCH CRAP

The worst of these things is the surprise egg videos. I swear, they're EVERYWHERE. Like, "Spider-Man Play Doh Mega Egg Surprise! " or "Elsa surprise eggs with Frozen fun toys! " It never ends. - SmashPrincess

These videos are annoying. Some of them are about weird play doh eggs. But here's where it gets weird.. Fetish videos. There are so many Spiderman XXX Elsa videos which are sort of sexual at times. - RaccoonCartoon

It puzzles me how these channels get million of subscribers - wrests

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24 Grounded Videos

I used to find these videos entertaining, but now I don't know why. All the video's about is some kid getting grounded, usually a baby show character. They are nauseatingly predictable and either the character gets grounded for something as futile and unimportant like farting in the store, or something completely illegal and outlandish like destroying a city. The punishments are basically abuse and don't get me started with behavior card day videos or punishment day videos! - SmashPrincess

I don't hate GoAnimate as a whole, but grounded videos are lazy as hell. The worst part is that the same narratives keep getting copied over and over again. - NiktheWiz

I do them, but I don't make people cringe - DoroExploro13

These videos suck why do people use goanimate for these make normal videos

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25 Kids that try to make music videos but can't

These kids all think they can make music videos but what turns out is a seizure enduring video with crappy music and quality.

Misha, Jojo, MattyB, and Jacob all need to stop making music. - Popsicles

Oh hai matty - Puga

Okay, if they're composing they're own music then I'll appreciate it in some extent, but if it's something like Musical.ly, then no. - naFrovivuS

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26 Stupid Challenges

Why the hell are they this stupid?!

27 Gaming

All you do is watch someone playing a game for 10 minutes and listening to someone saying random things. You can't react to him or learn something from these videos SO WHAT IS THE POINT? - MChkflaguard_Yt

Watching someone play a video game is kind of like watching sports. You do it for entertainment. - imnothere

When you can play a game, why watch someone else play it and hear their ear-bleeding voices? You will not even learn stuff(even those related to the game)from these videos. - MChkflaguard_Yt

28 ASMR Videos

ASMR Video:
Hello, today I am doing another poop toilet splash ASMR video. Here we go! *Throws poop in toilet and it makes a splash sound* - RaccoonCartoon

So. Tonight is the return, of the beloved, Lip Smacking *pop pop pop*
Basically ASMR Videos
Bonus points if you can guess who that is - BigTree

29 Eating Food

Why is it a thing? - RaccoonCartoon

THESE GUYS ARE ANNOYING AND DISGUSTING! (Except for Daym Drops, Epic Mealtime, and KBDProductionsTV) - GamingGoku757

30 Coming Out Videos

I'm bisexual. I'm not going to whine in front of a camera for 6 minutes because I know people will hate me. Stop acting vulnerable to hate and own up to your sexuality. - naFrovivuS

I don't give a crap about sexualities or genders. Quit telling it to me over and over! - RaccoonCartoon

31 Toys in Japan Videos

They're better than any of these videos on this list sadly. - UnlawfulMatron

32 Story Time
33 Loom Band Videos

Blah blah blah so heres how you make the bracelet

But what if it's a parody of a Loom Band video?

Stupid loom bands.

34 Dank Meme Compilations

They're old. Let them die. - naFrovivuS

They are stale.

Boring and old - wrests

35 Rant Videos

Cough cough Nicole Arbor cough cough - Popsicles

36 AMV's

Most of them are just pointless, dull and creative.

I like AMVs but I hate when they make them by picking a random song and just add it with some clips that don't go with the lyrics - Iamcool

37 Goats Screaming

Do you like goats going "AGH" every 5 - 30 seconds? This video is just for you! - BigTree

38 Onision Videos

Ha his videos are trash - christangrant

But panda god

39 W2s

He thinks FIFA is funny if you break chairs!

40 FGTEEV Vids

Dear god no - BigTree

Iiits F THESE PEO-PLE! *insert "funny" sounds* - UnlawfulMatron

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