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21 Spiderman and Elsa

How are these popular? And why isn't this higher on the list?

Probably cause the most popular character for young girls is Elsa and for young boys spiderman - Tyoshi

Some of these can be inappropriate - imnothere

These are weird... - Entranced98

These videos are annoying and they are also included in search results about superhero movie clips... sooo pointless

22 Vine Compilations
23 Kids that try to make music videos but can't

These kids all think they can make music videos but what turns out is a seizure enduring video with crappy music and quality.

Jojo Siwa: Like a kid in a candy... Me : SHUT UP!

Oh hai matty - Puga


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24 People With Go Pros
25 GoAnimate

Caillou pulls the fire alarm and gets grounded, Caillou fails school and gets grounded...that's about it. Oh, and to all you GoAnimate kids, please for the love of God learn to animate properly while you're thinking of a more original story. - Entranced98

Go animate is the definition of lazy. - BigTree

26 Stupid challenges

Why the hell are they this stupid?!

27 Toys in Japan Videos
28 Nerds

So your saying the Angry Video Game Nerd is bad? Well your wrong - christangrant

29 Feminist Videos
30 Loom Band Videos

Blah blah blah so heres how you make the bracelet

But what if it's a parody of a Loom Band video?

Stupid loom bands.

31 ASMR Videos

So. Tonight is the return, of the beloved, Lip Smacking *pop pop pop*
Basically ASMR Videos
Bonus points if you can guess who that is - BigTree

32 Eating Food

THESE GUYS ARE ANNOYING AND DISGUSTING! (Except for Daym Drops, Epic Mealtime, and KBDProductionsTV) - GamingGoku757

33 Coming Out Videos

I'm bisexual. I'm not going to whine in front of a camera for 6 minutes because I know people will hate me. Stop acting vulnerable to hate and own up to your sexuality. - naFrovivuS

34 Dank Meme Compilations

They're old. Let them die. - naFrovivuS

They are stale.

Boring and old - wrests

35 AMV's

Most of them are just pointless, dull and creative.

I like AMVs but I hate when they make them by picking a random song and just add it with some clips that don't go with the lyrics - Iamcool

36 YouTube Poop Videos

They would be higher if this was 2007. Most of them are bad, but some are okay.

If you get the reference below I'm proud of you

Nah these are funny - christangrant

Some YTPs are really good. Others are terrible. - SmashPrincess

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37 Goats Screaming

Do you like goats going "AGH" every 5 - 30 seconds? This video is just for you! - BigTree

38 Hate Groups
39 Onision Videos

But panda god

Ha his videos are trash - christangrant

40 W2s

He thinks FIFA is funny if you break chairs!

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