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41 FGTEEV Vids

Dear god no - BigTree

Iiits F THESE PEO-PLE! *insert "funny" sounds* - UnlawfulMatron

42 Sparta Remixes

Whoever put this is on here doesn't realize the meme has been dead for over half a decade.

43 Sponsored Videos
44 Diss Tracks

Modern YouTube music is already terrible with songs that're basically about big YouTubers saying "I'm better than you" to the audience. However, diss tracks are much worse. It's just someone singing about someone else being bad. The worst part is, it takes up most of 2017's music videos. - izackak

45 Click n The description for "free Hd videos

Don't do it. It's a virus.

46 Wrong Heads

These videos are creepy

47 Hauls
48 Ultimate Cartoon Fighting

It's basically death battle if the winner was 100% based on who the creator likes more, you know what's the biggest example of that fact, Goku vs Everybody, these battles clearly show that the creator favors Goku over every other possible character, even If you don't always agree with the winner, you should a least appreciate that death battle does the proper research to find out which character would be the victor, with these he just puts random characters in a fight and asks himself "which character do I like more? " and that's who the victor always is, people saying death battle is bias clearly haven't seen these videos, watch these and you'll know the meaning of bias

Some of them are just so dumb. Actually, most of them. - RaccoonCartoon

What? These are the best types of videos.

Death Battle: *research research typing typing* Oh! I now know who will win with some complex math from my calculator and brain... *produces highly edited and amazing video* There we go!
Ultimate Cartoon Fighting: *randomly selects 2 characters* Who do I like more... This character! So he should win! *produces a normal video* There we go!
Death Battle actually does research to determine which character would win.
UCF on the other hand. The creators favorite character wins. ALL. THE. TIME.
If you want my recommendation... Watch Death Battle. Not only is it better but they ACTUALLY DO RESEARCH. - UnlawfulMatron

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49 YouTube Poop Videos

They would be higher if this was 2007. Most of them are bad, but some are okay.

If you get the reference below I'm proud of you

Below I got "Nah these are funny" and I don't know what this is supposed to reference... - UnlawfulMatron

Nah these are funny - christangrant

Some YTPs are really good. Others are terrible. - SmashPrincess

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50 Inaccurate Videos
51 Music Video Mashups

You're not making a bad song look good. You're only making music look worse.

52 Anime Reviewers
53 Weeaboos
54 People With Go Pros
55 Nerds

So your saying the Angry Video Game Nerd is bad? Well your wrong - christangrant

56 Hate Groups
57 Reviews
58 Cute kittens

Yeah...I really don't want to say a lot of things about these types of videos. They are just BAD!

Step 1. Buy cute kitten.
Step 2. Record cute kitten.
Step 3. 10 Minutes.
Step 4. PROFIT! - UnlawfulMatron

59 Top 10 Lists

Most of them have stolen or incorrect info. - RaccoonCartoon

No I like these, only some though

Some are good but most are bad. WatchMojo is bad. - UnlawfulMatron

Literally, type in "Top 10" and you'll find so many videos. There's nothing wrong with making these type of videos UNLESS you never experience it or actually know anything about it before! Here's a typical step on how to make them:
1. Find a topic.
2. Copy and paste information from Wikipedia or Google. Doesn't have to be credible source.
3. Slab some images stolen from other websites.
5. Profit!

60 Countries rant video

I remember someone ranting about how she hates Australia because we have tomato sauce instead of ketchup. Some places do sell ketchup anyway, and they're both basically the same. - RaccoonCartoon

These video are offensive and rasict. I found a woman on youtube and her name bananashark72. She was rasict and a hypocrites. She hates on japan. Seriously people hating on a country. Were all the same. Doesn't matter if were black, whit or the skin color. Were all the same.

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