Worst Types of YouTube Videos


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41 Anime Reviewers
42 Weeaboos
43 FGTEEV Vids V 1 Comment
44 Cute kittens

Yeah...I really don't want to say a lot of things about these types of videos. They are just BAD!

45 Countries rant video

These video are offensive and rasict. I found a woman on youtube and her name bananashark72. She was rasict and a hypocrites. She hates on japan. Seriously people hating on a country. Were all the same. Doesn't matter if were black, whit or the skin color. Were all the same.

46 Illuminati Confirmed Videos

They are sure funny. But it usually is the same thing, use coincidences.

47 Sparta Remixes
48 Death to False Metal Videos
49 Challenge Videos
50 Videos with Misleading Titles
51 Videos of a Concert Where You Can Hear Everything Except the Music
52 Top 10 Worst Lists
53 Fred Videos
54 Commercials
55 Story Time
56 People With Go Pros
57 Nerds

So your saying the Angry Video Game Nerd is bad? Well your wrong - christangrant

58 Hate Groups
59 Reviews
60 Top 10 lists

No I like these, only some though

Literally, type in "Top 10" and you'll find so many videos. There's nothing wrong with making these type of videos UNLESS you never experience it or actually know anything about it before! Here's a typical step on how to make them:
1. Find a topic.
2. Copy and paste information from Wikipedia or Google. Doesn't have to be credible source.
3. Slab some images stolen from other websites.
5. Profit!

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