Top 10 Worst U.S. Amazing Race Winners

The Amazing Race is among one of the greatest reality competitions to air on TV, and has showcased some really great and hardworking teams battle it out for 1M. Sadly some of the winners have been just plain awful, and did very little to deserve their prize.

The Top Ten

1 Brooke and Scott

I could not STAND either of them. Brooke was constantly crying over everything, they would have been eliminated if people didn't help her, they should have gone out first because I'm pretty sure that the long hair team would have been better than those 2.

They were the worst players..she is a despicable human being

She complained and cried to get help from other teams and then ended up winning

Ugh...these two both annoyed me to the death. Brooke was very impatient and kept looking at things negatively. Scott also got on my nerves, considering he did very little to help Brooke. These two road coattails to get to the end, and lied directly to another team for very little reason.

2 Flo and Zach

Might as well get the obvious out the way. These two were just plain awful. Well, mainly Flo, considering she constantly whined about...pretty much everything. Zach had to do all the heavy lifting and I almost felt bad for him having to put up with Flo's annoying behavior. Almost..

3 Eric and Danielle

First off, this team was formed from members of two different teams, and somehow, even though neither were great, they end up on the All-Star season. Now, onto their game. They were both awful at challenges, and were lucky enough that the others got tired so they could advance. Their social game was pretty pathetic, and they were overall just plain annoying.

4 Freddy and Kendra

Despicable racist entitled undeserving...the list goes on and on...How does the Amazing race production company pick these people? Yes,they were models and of course "gag" that is so important, but this couple made all Americans look bad. When other countries watch these shows they assume all Americans are similar. This evil couple epitomizes "The Ugly American," they even made Jonathan and Victoria look good in my opinion. What Kendra said about the African people she observed was disgusting and unforgivable. I am sure she said much more when the cameras weren't rolling. I wish I could watch a season with a great team I could get behind. I have now watched all 30 seasons and am on 31 now. I must say though,in most every season the team I like the most doesn't win. I would love to see a truly deserving team win and one where the money would really be needed. I am so tired of seeing entitled well off couples winning.

Yes, yes, yes, Kendra was racist. It was pretty clear. As for Freddy, he was just as annoying. I remember watching TAR 6, and I remember when a gate came down onto a group of teams, and Freddy lashed out at another innocent team. Heck, of all people, JONATHAN (the same guy who shoved his wife over 2nd place) was telling him to calm down. Awful team in an awful season, would've definitely preferred to see Kris and Jon win.

5 Cody and Jessica
6 Dana and Matt

Really annoying team. Constantly bickering, and could almost never agree. They didn't suck at racing, they were okay there, but wow! How exactly can a team argue so often yet still make it to the end?

7 Dan and Jordan

They were just weak, and did barely anything good. Only barely squeezed trough several times over, and could not communicate well at all. It was really upsetting seeing Jet and Cord lose to them, but I'll live with it.

8 Tammy and Victor

They were socially awful. Very distant from all the other teams, and while they were good at challenges, their disagreements almost cost them. Not the most annoying team, but wow, were they just bad!

9 Kisha and Jen

They were annoying for the sake of being annoying, made quite a number of bad calls, and had a lot of bad blood with others. On the other hand, they did improve, so they weren't all that terrible.

10 Amy and Maya

Yes, yes, the final four twist was a bad call, and the season could've been better without it, and considering their pitiful performances before the finale, they definitely weren't the best winners. Hey, they were better than Misti and Jim, so that's something.

The Contenders

11 Bates and Anthony

I don't know what it was about them but I just didn't like them. They really weren't my favorite team that season. Still not too bad of winners.

12 Kelsey and Joey
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