Worst UK and Us Users On MovieStarPlanet

The Top Ten

1 Pumpchkin (US)
2 Candired (UK)

She always accusing people for little stuff, She doesn't care for fame, well why is she on this game anyway? Soon she'll make a blog post of this laugh out loud

3 Burgicon (UK)
4 Hollyrenee (UK)

Her and Candired are best friends, and always bash people for fame, the whole website is about fame so why don't you stupid angelings shut up and go somewhere? And you are not funny

5 Raxtar (UK)
6 Vivi Giovanni (US)
7 Littlea (UK)
8 Cutestuff (US)
9 Snugglemuffens (US)
10 The Angelings (UK)

It's not a user it's a msp team, the most annoying team on the MSP server they always say they stand for the truth and they always complain about one of ishacool's friends being "fame seekers" first of all this whole website is about fame, and you say you don't care about fame? How are you even popular on here if you don't give a crap about fame anyway? And isha has done so much for you and you just back stab her and accuse her of fame again first of all it's a game second of all ishacool is just a pixel get over it you big baby.

The Contenders

11 Kayler121 (UK)

She's locked forever now. GOOD.

12 Princess770 (UK)
13 Mybeau (US)
14 Coolprettygirl011

She's always trying to attention seek (jk she's the nicest girl on msp)

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