Top Ten Worst Uncle Grandpa Characters


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1 Pizza Steve Pizza Steve

LOL! All the characters on Uncle Grandpa suck! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He's an uncool Pizza which brags all the time about himself "hey, I'm Pizza Steve! " He is really weak in many ways

This guy should die. Someone eat him! He's a jerk. - Goatworlds

Idiot who makes uncle Gus look like a useless background character

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2 Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa is retarded and annoying and not even funny. He should die. - TwilightKitsune

Uncle Grandpa is a moron, and SUPER ANNOYING! Only PIzza Steve is worse. - Goatworlds

Please vote for this dumb man. He is SO ANNOYING, especially when he says "Good Morning" constantly. - Powerfulgirl10

Uncle grandpa is so gross and has so many fart gags in it eeeww - TwilightKitsune

3 Mr. Gus Mr. Gus

What? He, Belly Bag, and the Tiger are the only good characters! - 445956

Squidward Ripoff - Goatworlds

4 Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

Put more detail of her instead of her being a picture of a tiger. The artwork of her is super lazy

Um.. EXCUSE ME? Giant Realistic Flying Tiger? Wow she can fly. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH A FLYING TIGER? Does everyone hate flying tigers? Come on!

No personality WHATSOEVER! - toptenzen

She's an idiot. She's ALSO A NYAN CAT RIPOFF! - Goatworlds

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5 Mr. Hamburger V 1 Comment
7 Belly Bros Kid V 2 Comments
8 Cupcake
9 Giant Realistic Flying Dolphin
10 Belly Bag

The Contenders

11 Uncle Grandpa's Funny Face V 1 Comment
12 Tiny Miracle V 1 Comment
13 Beary Nice

I am confused of him being a sadist towards Hot Dog Man, but despite it, I don't consider him like that.

14 Buzz Osborne

What the hell was going through Buzz's head when he agreed to appear on this crappy show?

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