Worst United States Presidential Elections

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1 2016 Election

Not because Donald Trump won, but because this is perhaps the most controversial election to date. So much political drama (and chaos) ensued throughout this election in a flurry of character attacks on both candidates and violent protests. Hopefully, the next election will be much more peaceful. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Donald Trump did not 'win fair and square'. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Trump won the electoral vote. The electoral vote is an archaic compromise from the early days, when a faction felt that only Congress should vote for President. The Electoral College should have been abolished long ago. Only the popular vote truly reflects the will of the people. - Crwth

The electoral college guaranties all people have a say with voting. How is it fair to less populated and smaller states if there was no electoral college? Trump won the electoral college by 74. - Therandom

This election was bad mainly not because of Trump winning, but rather because both candidates were terrible, which was why the election was dominated by attacks on the candidates. Hopefully in 2020 the Democrats find a better candidate with much less baggage than Clinton who can beat Trump. - allamassal

Hillary and Trump are both idiots who should drink bleach.Also Bernie should have won and no he is not a communist.He is a Social Democrat - DarkBoi-X

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2 2000 Election

Afghanistan was necessary. Iraq, questionable. But everyone seems to forget that ALL the intelligence from ALL the major powers AGREED Saddam had a chemical weapons stockpile. Probably did, and hid them in Syria where Assad's been using them on his own people. It's clear you're not a big fan of facts, yet they remain.

3 2008 Election

McCain should of won of instead. - B1ueNew

4 1972 Election
5 2004 Election

W is NOT the reason "ISIS started."

6 2012 Election

Both candidates were terrible this election. - B1ueNew

7 1988 Election
8 1968 Election
9 1868 Election
10 1796 Election

Yes the guy who started the Navy, one of our best forms of military as well as keeping the country togheter after the first time it had to deal with a switch in leader is bad... - ProPanda

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11 1980 Election

What do you know about the Reagan years? The economy thrived, the military was brought in line with existing threats, the Soviet Union was brought down, he won two landslide elections... If that's not "great, what is?

On SJW's hate Reagan. Even Obama admitted Reagan is good. He practically said Reagan is better than bill(which he is). - Therandom

12 1928 Election
13 1984 Election

You're kdding right Reagen was the best! - ProPanda

14 1976 Election

Indeed. Carter was and is not just an incompetent, but a vocal anti-Semite, and a gutless wonder who let Iran walk all over the U.S.. And, he's never met a foreign dictator he didn't love.

15 1856 Election
16 1860 Election

The Civil War started because the southern states hated Lincoln. Lincoln was the greatest president in my eyes and thankfully the north won the civil war. Good riddance to Dixie.

17 1852 Election
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