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41 Mona and Beth

So unfair

42 Rob and Amber
43 David and Mary
44 Marshall and Lance
45 Joe and Bill

They were the first team ever on the show to be the dirty and evil type. Which pretty much sets an example for future teams that would act like that

They were better in all stars, so I guess they kinda redeemed themselves

I just think these people set a bad example of future teams

Scumbags in the truest sense of the word.

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46 Miley and Billy

That would be a complete nightmare if that became a reality

47 Charles and Norms Munchkin
48 Louie and Michael

These two try to act like the fatherly figures on the race, but we all know they were a bunch of scumbags

49 Dan and Jordan

I hate these two, they were a very weak team and nearly every leg squeezed thru the race and they definitely didn't deserve to finish ahead of jet and cord they stole their victory

50 Chuck and Wynona

They were just the team of season 22 that made it decently far but was fumbling in the back of the pack

Wynona was a fat old biddy that wouldn't do anything

They slid through, and only made it as far as they did because Jessica and John didn't use the Express Pass. - Turkeyasylum

51 Andrew and Dan

These two guys barely made it through the entire race they are probably rewarded the luckiest team in race history

52 Mark and Michael

Clearly you could tell that when they went on the amazing race they didn't know what they were doing because they go 5 hours worth the penalties within 2 legs

53 Hayley and Blair

They have argued in every leg thus far. No wonder why they can't win a leg. Probably the worst of the blind date teams, even behind Jelani and Jenny - Turkeyasylum

I thought them as a team, were good together I rooted for them the entire way

They did argue a lot.

The reason why Hayley likes William a lot is because William says he is better than Elliott on MK8 Time Trials.

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54 Jeremy and Sandy

For these two there was nothing really interesting about them. They were kind of an up and down team, half their legs are at least 3rd place rate, and the other half they are fighting for their lives. I had no idea how they survived Leg 8.

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55 Bergen and Kurt

I sort of like Bergen for not complaining and not wanting to give up, but Kurt was the exact opposite. He complained about those noodles in Japan and quit on the stick shift driving challenge, take a 2 hour penalty, and they did not just get eliminated it wasn't even close they didn't even make it to the detour

Kurt gave up. Bergen got a bad teammate that gave up. I mean if your gonna go on the Amazing Race you need to at least to try and not give up unless you have to like Dave and Connor.

Kirt was awful I feel bad for Bergen

56 Matt and Ashley
57 Meredith and Maria

They were last for the majority of both of the legs they were in. The only reason why they weren't eliminated first was because a clue in the first leg had them stay overnight. Oh, and they couldn't drive or navigate to save their lives!

58 Meredith and Gretchen

The way Gretchen just threw her hands up in the air and said "ohh" all the time in that annoying voice just drives me bonkers...They kind of just bumble-effed their way through every leg, depending on others to mess it up worse than they did. At the beginning I didn't mind them too much, and admittedly they have some lovable underdog old people stuff going for them, but the second Gretchen gets frustrated and opens her mouth I want to put a gun in mine.

They were old I admit, but they were kicking robs & almost everyone's ass for some legs

Why are they on the worst list? They kicked ass

59 Tyler and Korey

They're like Colin and Christine, not that likable, but at least they are strong and consistent

I can't stand them

I actually enjoyed their appearance. They were just a have-fun team. - naFrovivuS

Their 3rd place was so satisfying.

60 Hayden and Aaron
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