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61 Tyler and Korey

They're like Colin and Christine, not that likable, but at least they are strong and consistent

I can't stand them

I actually enjoyed their appearance. They were just a have-fun team. - naFrovivuS

Their 3rd place was so satisfying.

62 Joe and Bill

They were the first team ever on the show to be the dirty and evil type. Which pretty much sets an example for future teams that would act like that

They were better in all stars, so I guess they kinda redeemed themselves

I just think these people set a bad example of future teams

Scumbags in the truest sense of the word.

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63 Hayley and Blair

They have argued in every leg thus far. No wonder why they can't win a leg. Probably the worst of the blind date teams, even behind Jelani and Jenny - Turkeyasylum

I thought them as a team, were good together I rooted for them the entire way

They did argue a lot.

The reason why Hayley likes William a lot is because William says he is better than Elliott on MK8 Time Trials.

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