Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson was an American statesman who served as the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837 . He was born near the end of the colonial era, somewhere near the then-unmarked border between North and South Carolina, into a recently immigrated Scots-Irish farming family of relatively more.


Under Andrew Jackson, the Indian Removal Act was passed. It forced thousands of Creek, Cherokee, Seminole, and other tribes to walk the Teail of Tears to Oklahoma, where the land was considerably less fertile. Thousands died on the walk. Keep in mind many of these tribes were extremely developed, like the Cherokee made a Constitution modeled after the US Constitution in an attempt to stay in their home land and live in harmony with the Americans, which is exactly what they wanted. Instead, Jackson sent them away just so the settlers could have more land. How greedy!

Many other things made him my least favorite president. Sure, he created the Democrat party and wanted to cater to the ordinary person, but that doesn't make him exempt from being a bad president. - Turkeyasylum

Now, putting aside his horrible racism, because of course he was an awful tyrant and a racist. He really wasn't very good in many facets. He was a very poor administrator. Anyone else know of the Petticoat Affair? Well, his Secretary of War, John Eaton's wife, Peggy Eaton, was accused of being very sexually active before marriage, even being a prostitute. His VP's wife, Floride Calhoun, turned the wives of all of the cabinet members against her. Jackson was sympathetic, as he had faced somewhat similar accusations, and he tried to prevent the discrimination against her, but was completely useless, and just asked his cabinet to resign after two years! He could not lead. On top of that, he may have eliminated debt for a period of time, but he was later partially responsible for an economic depression. His campaign was built on making horrible lies up about his rival, John Quincy Adams. He was not only a despicable man, but an altogether poor President. - FuzzySlippers

Just so everyone knows-- Jackson didn't hate Indians, as a matter of fact he adopted an orphaned Indian child named Lyncoya. His reasoning for the signing of the Indian Removal Act was because they were endangering the lives of citizens. It could have been handled better, but he was under party pressure in signing it. And yes, I read the quote- he didn't hate them, he thought that they were inferior, which was the belief of the time. Washington and Jefferson held slaves and are widely considered two of the best presidents. Give Jackson a break. He took down the bank because it was a threat to individual liberty.

I honestly think that the whole "Indian Removal Act" was a blackmail from the bankers, I mean come on!
-JFK was blackmailed for going after the bankers, he was said to had an affair with his spouse, and the whole "Monroe" scandal. Not to mention he got killed by the bankers.
-Abraham Lincoln went after the bankers, got killed.

Andrew Jackson won against the bankers, and you guessed it, he got blackmailed... with the whole removal act against the Indians.

A horrible president. Much worse than Obama. He came up with the Indian Removal Act which made 5 Native American tribes give up their good farm land for white Americans and travel from Georgia to Oklahoma. Thousands of natives died in the process which is why it was called the "Trail Of Tears." That's not all though. He also destroyed the national bank and threatened to hang his own Vice President.

How is this idiot not higher? His whole government system was completely crooked and he nearly got kicked out of office for trying to fire his secretary of war. Really, is there anything this guy is known for other than being impeached? At least Obama is imaginative and full of determination. He even caught Osama Bin Laden! Plus half of his mistakes aren't his fault because of a partly democratic partly republican congress. And what did Andrew Jackson do. ABSOLUTELY damn NOTHING! - DaRealXgen

Obama did NOTHING to catch osama, except say go do it. Seal Team 6 did, never EVER give that dumbass the credit - DeltaDragon

The original Donald Trump. He forced an "inferior race" to leave their home, and it resulted in thousands of members of that said race dying. And why did he do this, you ask? To get more land for whites. I can't wait until he's removed from the 20 dollar bill.

Andrew Jackson. I have only one thing to say about him and I'm going to cut to the chase. I'm going to flat out tell you people that he was one of the worst presidents this country ever had. If you people don't believe me, then fine be that way, I don't care, just don't rub it in face! There is no need to start an argument like those stupid people on YouTube

He should be fifth or fourth not twelfth. He allied himself with native Americans and then became president and betrayed them be telling them they have to move. Some people do not use 20s because he was so bad. He was against the national back and actually shut it down then it was reopened after his term was over

Look please understand it was the Republicans who demolished slavery. The democrats pushed for slavery. Just because a half black president is democratic doesn't mean that republicans are racist. Ben Carson is a black republican. And Andrew Jackson from what I hear was seeing a black slave and had children with her.

With good or okay Presidents on here, I'm starting to question your knowledge of politics... Anyways, Jackson might have signed the Indian Removal Act, but he also did loads of good. He was the only President to rid the nation of National Dept. He also killed the Second Bank of America which favored politicians over the common man. He also kept South Carolina in line after it tried to secede from the Union. This man was not that much of a role model, but he was a great President.

He's the worst president ever in my opinion. Kicked thousands of native Americans out of their homes, forced them to go down the Trail of Tears, and confine them to "Indian reservations", which were mostly desert. - Turkeyasylum

I am related to this maniac. No seriously, if you go far enough back into my family tree you'll find his aunt or something.

He wasn't all bad. although he stretched his powers as president, he represented the PEOPLE he did what the people wanted. To him, that was his job. Although he may have taken this to an extreme, He did what the people wanted whether he liked it or not. Even when the Peoples views were wrong and foiled the country the people still loved him due to his loyalty to them.

The Indian Removal Act, the rejection of the American System, the abuse of his veto power...He was an awful president who cared more about himself than the country and treated his position more like the monarchy. - Elric-san

Actually, Andrew Jackson shouldn't even be on this list, he was the only president to date who actually succeeded in getting rid of the national debt

He caused the Trail of Tears and had sexual relations female slaves (Like Bill Clinton). He's what Trump is not. Trump isn't "racist." His wife is from Mexico, an immigrant. Andrew Jackson is the 2nd worst president of all time (Obama is first).

This guy started slavery. He should be #1 worst and he is the founder of the Democratic Party. So when you think the Republican Party is racist we'll the Republican Party was made to stop slavery and the Democratic Party was made to keep slavery

To think that jackson is even on this list, is an insult to modern democracy in its finest. In fact the removal of Indians was to complete manifest destiny and make America what it is today. He was forced to fight in 2 wars against the Indians too, which probably is why he didn't mind their removal. by the way van Buren was the president who forced Indians on the trail of tears. LEARN YOUR HISTORY BEFORE HATING AT AN AMAZING PRESIDENT.

Jackson should be in the top ten. He was way worse than George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

This guy was racist towards Indians and made an Indian Removal Act. He basically kicked Native Americans away from their homes and moved them away. This guy needs to be much higher.

He literally destroyed an entire nation of people and the results are still seen today. He had some good policies, but he was a border line tyrant with his record number of vetoes.

I kinda have to agree to this because Andrew Jackson did many thing wrong when he was president. Fist of all he triggered an economic depression by refusing to renew the charter of the Second Bank of the United States and then instituting inflation-control policies that triggered a panic, but that was primarily blamed on his successor, Martin Van Buren. He also continued to establish slavery to the United States and was a slave owner himself. To be honest I just read a whole article about. :P

You think Trump banning CERTAIN Muslim countries is so terrible? How about an act REMOVING Indians? - DCfnaf

He literally committed genocide. Also ruined the economy. And ignored every check and balance in the government. Completely ignored Supreme Court rulings. So really he was an awful dictator.