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Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney.


Where to begin? 1. How has his lack of experience shown? 2. It's completely hyperbolic to say every foreign leader sees him as a weakling. Just because he hasn't rushed into two wars, completely ill prepared, doesn't make him a weakling. 3. Unemployment is way down from what it was under W. There's no evidence that poverty is on the rise under Obama. Bush inherited a surplus and because of his disastrous economic policies, the national debt increased by 89%. This led to the great recession and most economist's agree. 4. The A.C.A. was not made law by executive order. The legislative branch passed it and the supreme court ruled it constitutional. Despite the disastrous way in which signing up was nearly impossible, the A.C. A has been incredibly successful. And the numbers show it. 5. The Benghazi "scandal" is nothing more than political showmanship and selective outrage. Where were the congressional hearings when 11 embassies and consulates were attacked under Bush? Why don't those ...more - Jdub2119

How is Obama the worst president? Obama should not even in the top ten worst. How does whoever voted for this actually think that Obama is worse than James Buchanan, Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon! Even Bush makes him look like a saint! Obama has had lots of experience as a politician. He was a governor for several years before he was elected and was involved in local government long before that. Here are some counterpoints to some of the arguements on here that I believe are inaccurate and biased.

1) George Bush and his stupid bank inflating policies are what lead the country into the ecconomic crisis of 2008. Obama was simply inaugurated at the time when the crisis reached it's peak, and the ecconomy is improving. It is doing so slowly, but it is improving.

2) Obama succeded in ending the war in Afghanistan by bumping off the monster who got us into this war in the first place. Nowadays US involvement in Afghanistan is limited and while there is some corruption left ...more

All you people who voted this man as the worst president are utter fools. I'm writing this on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016. On Tuesday of this week ten sailors veered into Iranian waters and were detained by Iran. Your shrill Obama critics immediately went crazy. New Jersey governor Chris Christie, apparently no longer grateful for the help Obama gave him during hurricane Sandy, was among the harshest critics. Several Republican presidential candidates, seizing a golden opportunity to play to their fearful, xenophobic base, called on Obama to cancel his State of the Union message that night to deal with this crisis. They also renewed their lambasting of the Iran nuclear deal that we reached along with Germany, England, France, Russia, and China. Like most Republicans who criticize Obama they ended up with egg on their faces when the sailors were released the next morning unharmed. What magic negotiating tactic did Secretary of State Kerry use to bring this about? He asked them. It's really ...more

Getting along. Not demonizing. Yeah. Maybe you should take your own advice before calling all reps xenophobic and fearful. And the west tried to get along, or Obama has. Let's see how well that turned out. And when a country that hates you randomly detains American sailors, its smart to be worried. Those are your people, and the fact that the Obama administration didn't show strength there tells Iran that we are weak and there are no repercussions for doing that stuff. - Bosco500

I understand that our country has been much more complex than at the time of any other president, and it is extremely hard to "git good" as a president now. Technically, James Buchanon/Warren Harding are the worst presidents ever. Obama, on the other hand, doesn't know how to run a country. For example, we are allies of Israel, and we are suppose to help our allies against their enemies. It's a very old concept. It's a way we keep friendships. This guy spoke to Israel and said, "I am going to give you more money than you need, with no ideas on what to spend it on, and I will run our country underground to be neutral about your war. Kudos, losers! " Our national debt was at $4 trillion when Obama took office. Now, it is $17 trillion. Most of that was spent toward other countries that Obama said, "Oh we don't need this. Throw it away, I'm not here for your cause because the situation you are about to go through is unpreventable." Sure enough, almost every ...more - RazorBaby

Obviously the only President that doesn't have any love for this nation. The only President to do more harm than good to her, and doing it knowingly and purposefully. The only President to bow down to the leadership of other nations. The only President to speak of our nation in a way of disgust and regret. The only President to weigh in on matters that have nothing to do with him, or the nation. The only President to side with a thug, and refer to this thug as if he could be his own son, yet let's a Christian Pastor rot in a prison in Iran, and never even entertain getting him freed. The only President that a nation will never know for sure if he is actually qualified to even be the President. The only President to spend more tax payers money on family outings and vacations than all the previous Presidents combined. The one President who could have prevented racism more, but instead hecaused more racism than unification. The worst budget in history under this fraud. The most lies out ...more

Most Anti-American President in the history of the United States. Has put this country in more debt than the combined total of all Presidents. Only concern is giving away our jobs and money to those who have not put one penny into this country. Putting Americans in harms way allowing illegals from all over the world into our country and then wanting us to pay them for coming in while millions of Americans are without work. Puts illegals ahead of veterans who have put their lives and limbs on the line allowing him and those who continue to support him to do and say the ridiculous things they do. Has caused more racial tension during his term than any President since Lincoln. Has absolutely no military experience and gets rid of those that do have it if they disagree with him. Has hired more tax evaders than any other leader. Apologizes to terrorists for America. (UNBELIEVABLE). Criticizes Christians during a speech on National Day of Pray. Wants American dependent upon foreign ...more

Wow! Did the staff of Fox News take a day off just to make entries on this list? There are 796 comments on this website and I will grant that 700 of them are probably negative. Seeing as how his approval rating is generally around 50 percent, your comments are certainly not representative of the American people. Most of them contain no specifics, no facts, hateful lies, and none of you give him credit for any of the many good things he's done. If truth were nourishing food and lies were garbage, this web page would be declared a contaminated waste site.

It's not just the way he has thrown gasoline onto the fire as far as the economy is concerned. I mean every policy he has enacted seems designed to make the economy worse. But the way he lies and divides this country every time he gets up and speaks, it makes me sick to even hear his voice. The way he speaks with his scolding tone us when he is talking to a general audience vs. his base really pisses me off too. His total lack of accountability is shocking. He either claims he doesn't know what is going on, or he has some appointee take the blame, but then keeps them or promotes them for taking the heat. (Hillary did this with Susan Rice, by the way. She is equally awful and incompetent. )

Lastly, there is his 180 degree change on almost every issue within the past 5-7 years--or sooner! Sure, all politicians flip flop, but not like this guy! Where do we start? He has flip-flopped on gay marriage, individual mandate requirement for health care, raising the debt ceiling, campaign ...more

Besides JFK, who almost got us into a nuclear war with the Soviets and proved to a pretty poor president who was acclaimed only during his assassination, unlike his opponent Richard Nixon, I cannot think of a more overrated president than Obama in my opinion.

Unlike his predecessor, Bush, who inherited 9-11, cut taxes, and wanted to show our inner strength to terrorism through the use of our military, Obama has done NOTHING that has contributed for the good of the country so far.

1. Getting Obamacare running was such a joke that it still is not even functioning properly, and not showing its true benefits. Private healthcare is better for individuals than a universal, run-down system like the one Obama has in his name. With Obamacare nothing medical-related can be private now.

2. Allowing illegal immigrants to come across the border with amnesty is resulting in more violent crimes at the border, and more jobs being taken away from citizens who have worked hard for ...more

Bush didn't inherit 9/11. You inherit something when it is passed down to you. He did use it however to start a war based on a lie. - Amathea

While Bush was not good president, Obama is a downright traitor. He gives billions of dollars to countries that are trying to kill us, he signed a law making it legal to kill America citizens on US soil, his healthcare plan is going to destroy the economy, he's worsened the recession, let 4 Americans die in Benghazi, gave guns to Mexican drug cartels SPECIFICALLY to have Americans killed, wiretapped on all of America, (I will say Bush started it but Obama could have ended it which he didn't) and gas prices are rising because he shut down all the federal oil reserves. This is the first president I can say is NOT trying to help us. Even Carter made an attempt. This guy is NOT - mikeisawesome44

You guys are bashing Obama because he's black. Now before you turn away, just hear me out. You hate him because you're afraid of black people. You're afraid of black people because white people enslaved black people and are prejudiced against everyone but themselves, the minority will overpower the white man and oppress you. You do not want to be oppressed just like everyone. You hate him because you think Obama will be the one that starts oppressing white people. Did it happen? No. Will it happen? No. Subconsciously, you are still bashing him because of those thoughts. That's also why you voted for Trump because you needed a racist white person to balance out the black. So stop being racist and think about others over yourself. - 9713524179

Everything you said here is complete nonsense and is the ultimate straw man of the left. - Bosco500

Obama is communist he says everyone has the right to housing the socialists and communist say the same his welfare programs encourage dependency and gives birth to crony capitalism he spends more than bush there are billions of taxpayer money money being spent on paying for horrible education provided by public schools even people in Belgium are better than us he says. He created jobs but they're low wage and low skill also the minimal wage destroy jobs for low skill blacks, teens, and also destroys first jobs. Also GM now out sources 70 percent of its workers look at Hong Kong it's doing great while Greece is in hell! Criminals are more afraid of people with guns instead of the police and still government doesn't want it! The reason is government wants unarmed citizens and already there are 40 states who don't obey! If there were libertarians in charge you would have. Government protecting you allowing you to have a society like Hong Kong where all you have to do to start a business ...more

Obama should not be on this list. What has he accomplished?
1. In 2009 Obama rescued a dying economy by introducing a well thought out "Stimulus plan" that encouraged consumers!

2. Single-handedly saved the Auto industry buy giving the near bankrupt Ford Motor Company low interest government loans, saving thousands of jobs!

3. Over 20 Million formally uninsured americans received healthcare with Obama's Affordable Care Act which the incoming administration is trying to repeal without any viable replacement plan!

4. Reduced the unemployment rate from the Bush era 16% to below 6%

5. Accomplished what the three presidents before him could not, removing Osama Bin Laden from this world.

Obama did all these things despite having to deal with an incredibly obstructionist government! He may not have been the best President we have had but to say he was the worst you would have to be disingenuous at best or hateful at worst! - Terrax

1) a liar 2) lacks all the morals, values, and standards any American should have, especially a president 3) has no backbone 4) has no idea what he's doing 5) he's using his seat to do what he wants to do to our country, not what's best for our country. He has managed to divide this country directly in half and the half that he cares about is the half that free loads off of the other half. The question isn't "Is he the worst president ever? " Cause that answer is way too obvious. The question is "Why is he our president? " And the answer to that is that there are enough free loaders, air headed liberals, and idiots that don't have a clue what they're voting for, why they're voting, don't care enough to know what they're voting for to put him in there.

A complete and utter idiot. Obama will be known and remembered as the 'non-communicator' and 'coward in chief'(for hiding and lying about Bengazi particularly). Plaguing the country with his only measurable legislation.. (Obamacare) he has single handedly placed the heaviest tax ever levied on the people of our country and the nightmares are just starting to become apparent. With his unlead whimsical and dancing Marionettes of liberal democratic persuasion, GLBT's, Mexicans wanting legal illegal status, his dubious voting cheating, and his inability to communicate with foreign or domestic leadership he is in the position of the absolute worst stink hole of a president ever conceived. He's so bad that he has no concept of the trouble he has caused or the repercussions yet to come. He has also created the worst racial unrest ever in the country by continuously prejudging social and criminal cases in an attempt to please Negros in the country who feed off racial hatred for a living. He's ...more

No action Benghazi but wants to act on Syria. Worst economic recovery, plus spent billions that did not do anything to improve the economy. Distracted with obsession for golf. A blamer of others can't accept the responsibility. A divider of people not a uniter. A liar from Chicago training in politics. Managed to be the first president to get this country in a lower debt rating. Worst foreign policy ever. Managed to support the Brotherhood of Muslims financially who stole the election and started a dictatorship towards sharia law. Thank god Egyptian people took back their country in the name of democracy. Obamacare, going forward higher costs, less service fewer doctors to handle more patients. IRS involvement in healthcare is almost unbelievable not to mention their liberal bias. Unions voting America into the dums by allowing economic damage to occur from state level abuse of pensions and 20 year retirements to giving people an excuse to live off government via explosion f welfare ...more

Opening the boarders to seemingly everyone and anyone, as long as they are likely to vote Democratic. Putting his "legacy" and the Democratic party ahead of doing what's right and best for America. Giving away money to everyone and anyone regardless of their ability to work and produce. Pitting everyone against everyone else. Running up the deficit and not giving it a moment's notice. Expanding government and regulations to the point of killing business and opportunity to succeed. The list is virtually endless. It has come to a point where I truly believe the man has a grudge against America itself, and is intent on punishing us or even destroying the country. He sure acts like he wants to give it away to illegals and to flood the country with non-whites so as to dilute the white vote so much as to make it insignificant henceforth.

I agree that Bush did some stupid mistakes. But Obama destroyed what was once the most powerful nation on Earth; He brought the debt to 15 trillion dollars, (for now) possibly the worst situation a country has ever been in. The Republicans are bad? Oh no, because Obama is a saint.

Just embarrasing! Don't even know where to start. He is a liar. Has us on an apology tour around the world. He forced through his crappy unaffordable health care act. This is really brutal for Americans. The costs have gone up hockey stick style and has no sign of coming down. He comes forward and gets involved in matters that he should not and is silent or on vacation when he should be working. He has wasted our money and increased the national debt by more than all the other presidents combined. He has made us less safe on the world stage by not naming our enemy, Extreme Islamic Terrorism, and not having a plan to defeat them. After 2 years of ISIS chopping off people's heads Obama said that he doesn't have a plan yet ironed out of how to defeat them. Get a backbone! People's heads are literally rolling while you play golf at Martha's Vinyard. Now in his last 2 years in office he spends all of his time trying to protect his Legacy. The great thing is that he will be #1 in something. ...more

He was the first African American president in history and it was a milestone. It would of been if he were a honorable and realistic president, instead Mr Obama let's American safety become a everyday worry and fear for the world to see by ignoring terrorist threats that led to death of our journalist,innocent American and our allies captured on live video feeds broadcasting to world. On top of calling them the JV team of terrorist and not calling them radical Islam and butting some blame on Christians. Now in our homeland racism tension has become at an all-time high since the 60s. How he has erased 50 years of American process by allowing our cops to be killed and assisted by angry protesting African Americans. Not telling the facts is what will be President Obama's downfall and his legacy will be forever tarnished with his dictation, and ignorance that has left the united states become the Divided states of America. It's really sad that his only worthy highlight is that he was the ...more

Obama has consistently implemented policies that are bad for this country. He is asserting government control over a significant portion of the economy when he should be allowing free markets to work. He and his administration are ignorant of the history of socialism and communism and continue to move in the direction of repeating the mistakes of these philosophies. Obama continues to lead the country down the road to ultimate failure. The lack of fiscal responsibility by this administration is abysmal. His policies have caused this economic recovery to remain anemic since 2008. This president has repeatedly lied to the public in order to sell his misguided policies. He has my vote as the worst president.

President Obama is the most inept, inexperienced, incompetent and unqualified U.S. president ever to hold the office. He has ballooned the national debt by 39% in less than a single term in office, has overseen one of the worst economies and has appointed totally unqualified people to high offices. I am astonished that some people are still considering a second term for him.

Nice job Obama. You really made America a better country. (Jackass) - JWesty

Obama has no consideration for American citizens, he is trying to destroy American freedom by trampling on the bill of rights and the constitution. Obama is trying to brainwash the media into believing guns are the problem, is a gun going to get off a table and shoot someone? NO! If Obama tried to take away our guns it would be mass chaos, its all part of his liberal agenda to take power away from the people and create a government where the people can't have a voice. And NO WE ARE NOT BECOMING NUMB TO MASS SHOOTINGS, in fact they can deeply affect our lives and our friends lives. Taking away the guns is not the answer, criminals by definition do not follow the law, so what's to stop a criminal from buying a gun? Honestly, he should never have been elected in the first place.

He's the "Emperor Nero" of US Presidents.

While our country is in fear of terrorist attacks, government spending is insane, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer, he's been relaxing with rappers, playing golf, and dressing his family in clothes that are more expensive than a year's worth of my rent! Don't even get me started on Obamacare. Why in the world is the government in healthcare?! It's a private industry, stop mandating everything businesses and companies can and must do.

Also, the way he abuses executive order is outrageous. I mean, you're the POTUS. Not the King of the United States.

Sure, gas prices and unemployment have gone down, but that may not even be his doing. Probably just in the right place at the right time.

Let me also take this time to address the constant disputes and petty feuds. between political parties. I'm sick of Republicans and Democrats bashing everything that the other party does. To Republicans: Obama ...more